Monday, 25 July 2016

You are different.

Many a times people will criticize you. Till the day you are doing things right, they will revere you but the day you commit even a single mistake they will denounce you. This is a cosmopolitan process and rather than calling it unfair, call it the way the world works. If you fail even one single time, you would pass into oblivion, people will even stop taking your name because we exist in the world till we are able to prove the world and yes we have something in us that surpass mediocrity. All the people around you would stop being with you when you start falling and that's the way life works. And hence life is a very peculiar game. At some point of time, you are going to face that moment when you will not be respected as you used to be, just like a singer who has lost his voice, just like a dancer who can't dance now, or like a speaker who can't speak. These things will happen to almost each one of us. But the question is "WHO' among us has to power to defeat these things? Who among us can prove all the predictions thrown at us, wrong and unfounded?  Who among is going to practice his craft rather than arguing with all those who challenge him?

Life is pretty short. You won't get much time arguing with people and hence its better proving them that you still deserves to be in the top. Almost everyone of us is destined to feel defeated; often there are bad days but you have to come out of them because you have been gifted with something that nobody has and if you let those unique dreams die with you, somebody else will come and develop his empire on your shoulders.  Somebody else will come and take away your dream and become successful and you would be made to continue living an unworthy life. Some say that success is not everything in life but happiness less; let me ask you one thing, will you be happy even after failing? Never. JK Rowling in her Harvard commencement address said, "only the fools can romanticize poverty" and she was utterly correct in her statement. 

You will never be happy if you don't achieve success in life, so whyn't do something that will make you happy! You will fail a lot of times, you will be dashed to the ground but never lose hope. You are a born winner. There could have been so many different combinations in your place but nature only chose you and nature does nothing in vain. So believe me, you have something different, just realize it. 


Sunday, 24 July 2016


In life most of us grumble about the brevity of time with which we have been bestowed. We all indulge in squabbles regarding the availability of 'just 24' hours in a day when we want to do so much in those moments. Why we have been given such a little time that we can't even practice multiple things in one day? For most of your life, you would be confronted with the same question in various different ways. We all complain about not being able to perform to the best of our senses because we don't have enough time in one day, we cavil so many unworthy excuses regarding the paucity of time and hence at last we are not able to do anything great and become an ambidextrous and intelligent person in life.

If you are among those people, just perform a small exercise now. Sit in a silent room where there is no one to disturb you for five minutes, where there is no music, TV or any sort of source of entertainment. Now take a clock and continue watching it for five minutes sans conducting any other work. Be in complete state of rest and sit upright on a chair while doing the exercise. 

The result would most probably be common for almost each one of you. You would become damn bored and restless in just two minutes while watching the clock and these five minutes would appear as five hours.  Let me give you one more example, when you are asked to talk with your best friend, you can carry on for hours without even noticing that so much time has passed but when you asked to speak on stage for two minutes; you would be completely dazzled and at a loss of words. 

These things happen with almost all of us. In life each and everything depends on a reference frame. Lets say you are sitting in a train, the person sitting next to you is in complete rest with respect to you but for a person sitting outside train , the person sitting next to you would be moving at the speed of the train and this ultimately proves that in life things depend on our reference frame. The day we change our perspective about things, each and everything changes instinctively.

Hence, the first and foremost thing is to change our perspective about time. Till the day we think that we don't have enough of time, we would always be short of time, till the day we think we can't do multiple things, we would always be confined in doing the mundane activities and hence first of all stop telling yourself that you don't have time to carry on your duties. Jordan Belfort ( Wolf of the Wall Street)  once said, " The only thing standing between you and your dream is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it. "

 We all have been given the same amount of time. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo and all other great people too had the same time. They too got only twenty 86,400 seconds in a day but unlike most of us they didn't waste time on trifles but practiced their skill; they stopped bemoaning about circumstances and rather than that actually used their resources in the right direction and hence they became better than others. Today, you too need to realize the same thing. Stop bothering about getting extra time and make a habit of doing things in the required time. The day you start doing that and the day you start abandoning trivial things out of life, you would start getting success. 

Just make list of all the things that you regularly do everyday. Believe me, you are indeed spending more than ten hours everyday in doing things which amount to nothing or in rude words are truly crap. Just do it once and you would know what I mean to say. 

Hence just stop wasting your time and the time you save would actually give you the life changing moments. Now, just sit down and first do that five minute thing and then make a list of all the things you do everyday and get ready to be embarrassed in front of yourself over how much time you waste everyday.

Bruce Lee once said, 

"If you love life, don't waste time; because time is what life is made up of."



Friday, 22 July 2016


Many a times life becomes too much convoluted to be handled up. The gravity in everything is lost and we become so much acclimatized and inured that no matter how many bad things are going on, we have hold back all our emotions and curb our heart for beating out in any manner for the megillah, we have been dashed to the ground so many times that now we have been accustomed to almost all the senses of tactile and hence pain and agony don't matter now. 

There always comes a times when so many bad things have happened that things can not go worse but till that time comes and we start tapping the opportunity to stand up again, most of us have had lost the confidence to get recuperate back again and hence embracing the ground  becomes much easier alternative than resisting the friction on the ground; till then we would have fallen so many times that lying down would be counted as the paramount choice; till then we would have shed so many tears that drowning would be preferred to swimming back to survival, till then we would have been bestowed with so many defeats, failures, stigmas and many other undesirable things that standing back up again would appear to be an illusion of time and ultimately we feel as if nothing is left, we don't want to fail that much again and that's why we don't ever wish to get back up again; we don't want to be duped again and that's why we don't want to confide in people again, life has become so much painful that death seems to be glorious then,

If you are among such people today and think the same, let me ask you just one question 

Why Are You Still Alive?

If you believe you have undergone all types of heartaches, headaches and pains then why are you still breathing in the world, if you believe your heart can no longer take any more pain, they why is it still pounding, if you believe your brain is left with no art, forte or creativity, why is it still managing your body and thinking out about the stuff I have written above? The main question is 


I don't know whether you are suffering from pain, duplicity, trickery, agony, heartache or are experiencing huge expressions of love and benevolence from the world; but one thing that I certainly know about you, is that we still have something left to be done in the world.

 Sometimes, we degrade our conditions ourselves so much that we start thinking that we are the worst, most incapable, most wry person available at something and life can't get any worse but the truth is that life has so many more colors to spring back at you again. If we would have got to know about the suspense of the life, life would have been a boring place to spend so much time and hence life is unpredictable, you can never connect the dots from behind because suspense keeps us all going and is conducive to all human actions. None of us know what the next moment can bring. If you think that you don't have the power and capacity to get back up again, if you think that your courage has yielded to the fear of failure; think again, what if your next move proves to be the winning move, what if the next question you attempt is the question that can make you top the test, what if the next moment, something new comes up and your life completely changes. 


Thousands of great minds went to the graveyard after quitting when they were just one step away from winning, when they were just one step away from creating history but they feared failure and hence history effaced them. You never know what then next moment might bring, so as long as you can breathe in air, keep pursing things in the pursuit of success, glory and passion. Fumbling in one exam or test doesn't mean that you have messed up your life, botching up one event doesn't mean you are a poor manager. You can do almost each and everything till the day you are alive. Now the ball is in your court.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Rahim Dohavali

क्षमा बड़न को चाहिये, छोटन को उत्पात। 
का रहीम हरी का घट्यो, जो भृगु मारी लात।।

Here commencing with one of the most remarkable lines from Abdur Rahim Khanekhana, Rahim takes us to a metaphorically provident adage which defines the true work of a learned, sophisticated soul. Here Rahim gives a piece of advice which actually resolves into a wonderful way in order live life in a better way.

Foolish people fight, the normal people get angry while the learned people ignore. In our day to day, we are destined to meet all kinds of people, people of almost every taste, genre, field will meet with you in a completely unprecedented rendezvous but unfortunately sometimes many things happen which we don’t like, and when things start going out of the level of being tractable, we fly into rage and lose all our consciousness to enter into the state of furiousness. Such kind of unwanted encounters can even take place with your loved ones, your family, friends etc. Now most of the time, we become so much engrossed with such small petty things that we lose all our placidity and composure and our anger as well as our ego becomes detrimental for ourselves only and at the end of the day, the work which we were doing gets completely annihilated and ultimately our anger and rage becomes detrimental to ourselves only. The work which we were pursuing is extirpated and only two emotions will govern you at last; the first being anger and the next being desperation.
No body of us would ever like to fall into this kind of a rattrap but unfortunately our egotistic as well as egoistic personality has subjugated and empowered us in toto which at last proves damaging for ourselves only.

Now here comes the true worth of the great aphorism by Rahim. Here Rahim advises us to be forgiving and also uses a beautifully embellished legend from our shastras. Once, when Rishi Bhrigu was just about to surpass all the levels of intelligence and power and was just about to become God with the inception of his third eye in his feet. Due to this he had become so much arrogant that God sought to do something. One day Rishi Bhrigu went to all three supreme powers of the world Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. When he approached lord Shiva, Lord Shiva was busy and hence didn’t pay heed to him, he cursed lord Shiva that he will never be worshipped in his true form; then he moved to lord Brahma and the same thing happened and he cursed lord Brahma in the same manner; now when at last he move to lord Vishnu; on finding lord Vishnu sleeping; he became so much resented that he kicked lord Vishnu and as soon as he kicked lord Vishnu in his chest, the almighty lord held his feet and rubbed off his growing third eye and moreover goddess Laxmi who was in the heart of Lord Vishnu too cursed Rishi Bhrigu of complete destitution till his seven generations.

Now at last the only person at the receiving end was Rishi Bhrigu. Despite of being so close to becoming God, he was misguided by his anger and resentment and everything was extirpated while on the other hand, Lord Vishnu used his senses and rather than minding any insult or something like that, he just got his work done. Lord Vishnu being more learned forgave Rishi Bhrigu and despite of becoming angry or letting his ego, overpower him, lord Vishnu efficaciously did his work.  The same thing we need to learn from Lord Vishnu. Rather than disturbing your work or making matters abstruse or convoluted just let the life flow, let your live flow like water and never mind trivial things. The one who forgives is much learned and sagacious than the one who continues to breed anger in himself, the one who forgives himself becomes the proprietor of acumen while the one who continues to burgeon anger is annihilating himself only and at last the choice remains yours.


Wednesday, 13 July 2016


 The South China seed has been an apple of discord for so long and the recent judgement in the issue has just again made the issue plunge back into popularity around the world's shores. Actually the history of South China sea dates back to a huge history (not certainly a Chinese history.) China's claim over the South China sea as being a historic part of China have always belied from verifying China's alleged historic claims over the South China sea waters.  For instance, China's claim that the name of South China Sea itself signifies Chinese authority over the water is worth derision because, if such things would have been there, India would have long taken up the whole of Indian ocean.

China's claims over the sea have been condemned strongly by almost all the nations around the world. China's use of active navy in the area and also its increasing military activity in the area have just been conducive to excessive tensions in the area pulling all the nations around the South China sea, near to the epoch of an Asian cold war over the sea's waters. 

The South China Sea is a party of pacific ocean spreading over a whopping 3,500,000 square kilometers. The area's important outshines that of any other nearby faction of water body as almost one-third of the ships sailing through water around the world pass through the South China sea and moreover exaggerating and incrementing the vitality of the area is its huge oil deposits beneath the ocean bed. 

The minute South China Sea Islands, collectively an archipelago, number in the hundreds. The sea and its mostly uninhabited islands are subject to competing claims of sovereignty by several countries. These claims are also reflected in the variety of names used for the islands and the sea.

Now due to the huge significance of this water body, various countries having their shore touching its water left no stone unturned in taking full advantage of the South China Sea's waters and hence this bone of contention got involved so many players including People's Republic of China, Republic of China, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. 

Now before long, the tussle between all these countries had no official existence in any registered international court of law  but after harassed by the continuous belligerent and antipathetic military actions by People's Republic of China owning to its superlative military power the Philippines moved to the International Court in Hague, backed by United Nations, in order to settle the dispute again China's fallacious ownership of around 85% South China Sea. 

Now an international tribunal in Hague has ruled in favor of the Philippines and have upbraided China's false assertions over the South China Sea and its bellicose attitude towards other nations. Though China had abjured the court panel from the very beginning and had boycotted the proceedings but still the decision in the court is a decisive victory for the Philippines and a huge backlash for China as this judgement has given wings to all other countries so as clip China's growing feather's in the territory.

The tribunal also ruled out any of China's right in order to construct artificial land in the territory (which China has already done, usurping upto 300 acres of land) and has also debarred China from militarizing the land. But China has rebuked the panel's integrity and has also questioned the tribunal's authority over China. 

China's Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, accused the tribunal of "professional incompetence" and "questionable integrity." Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, he accused the United States of engaging in military exercises that constituted "military coercion."

This move has also engendered huge confidence in other countries vying for rights in the territory because as the tribunal has quashed the existence of nine-dash Chinese line, other countries claim in the sea have also been emboldened giving a tough perspiration to China's false 'historic' claims over the territory.

Though the tribunal has given a landmark judgment but still as China has  officials renounced and denounced the trial, a lot more remains for further speculations. 


Sunday, 10 July 2016


जब गुण को गाहक मिले, तब गुण लाख बिकाई.
जब गुण को गाहक नहीं, तब कौड़ी बदले जाई.

The real talent of people is only and only assessed when the one who is worthy of mapping that talent does the work. The nature too vehemently gives this evidence. A diamond is just a futile black stone until and unless it's polished and cut correctly to become the worthiest and dearest gem in the world. The life too demands exact polishing and embellishing of your craft. 
Guru Kabir tries to focus on the same thing too and I believe that this is the true reason why Guru Kabir used to consider teachers as par excellence and above the omniscient and almighty God. In this world, all of us are born with talent but the prerequisite to use that talent, is that we must first polish it and garnish it in order to make the true champion come out of us and a true guru is indeed a virtuoso at this craft. 
That's why I always say that talent is not at all an esoteric quality. We all have it within us and we have all kinds of talents, what we need to do is to just evoke them up so that they could help us become great at any particular craft and evoking the talent includes sacrifices, passionate drilling of our skills and hours of futile attempts and then at last things would start changing. 

So continue learning from your guru and continue beating at your craft because it takes beating to be the best.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016


कबीर सो धन संचे, जो आगे को होय.
सीस चढ़ाए पोटली, ले जात न देख्यो कोय.
Here also Guru Kabir comes out with a wonderful and profound advice to guide us all through the life. Guru Kabir asks us all to ameliorate our forte at things which will help us in the long run and not only satiate our current desires. Kabir asks us to prepare ourselves for future and acquire the type of money that will assist us in the long run and will not vanish up in just a few days. He says that nobody would ever take up a pile of money on his head that will go on for forever. As nothing in this world lasts forever, so does the money. One day every single penny you have got will be dissipated, the things which will never be obliterated would be the skills you acquire in your lifetime. If you are rich, one day you might end up with almost nothing as the money that you have today will not be there next year, or the year after the next which eventually means one day it would end but the skills you acquire will continue to serve for you till the day of your demise and hence money is valuable but skills are priceless.
Here is an example of the guy who failed for around forty years of his life. His father died early, his mother had to remarry and unfortunately his relationship with his step-father was one of the worst relations of the life, he moved out of the town and became a bus conductor but was fired, he went ahead to work as a laborer but was soon fired, he went ahead to work in a railways network but soon the network crashed, after that he worked for an insurance selling company but was fired after getting into a brawl with his colleague, his wife left him away with their two daughters because he had no money, after that he studied law but his career ended soon after he got into a heated argument with his own client, after that he invested his whole life savings into a lamp making firm but after just a few days the whole technology changed and his business was completely destroyed. After so many failures, anyone of you would have ended up his/her life but then this guy realized that he had a potential of doing something which he has never taken up as a profession. He had a great art of making chicken fries and then he started this thing as his profession and what followed ahead was marvelous. This forty year old guy started his own company which we all call KFC and I don't think I need to say anything more about this company.
What I want to focus on here is, that when everything else forsook him, there was just one quality of his which was nonpareil and that thing never left him away. Just like Colonel Sanders (the man behind KFC, whom you also see on KFC's logo), develop one thing, one skill that will never leave you away because Bruce Lee has said
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.""