Wednesday, 3 September 2014

We will win.

When you lose,

This would full of fools,

Would try to get you consoled,

It would try to get your inner fire abated,

It would try to get your resentment faded,

It would try to make you believe,

That win or defeat never matter at all,

If you believe in this world, you will always remain apart from your goal,

Keep in mind that history is written through the hands of winners,

And those who chill after losing are the flawless sinners,

I acknowledge that defeat is requisite and teaches you how to win,

After you loss, God shows you two things,

The first thing being that you choose an easy way,

Get out of race and live a normal life,

Be indulged in your trifles and rife,

The second one is the toughest of all,

It asks you to thrive and strive in all the weathers of life,

This is for those who want to be unique,

It’s for those who want to be above caste, status and creed,

God asks these people to never listen to the world,

The world would try to block their path,

It would try to make them bath,

In its own problems and life,

But such people continue to fight,

They might lose once twice or thrice,

But the fire in them would continue to burn hard and rise,

The people are not afraid of dying,

These are perfect birds deserving to be flying,

A day will come when the world will salute them all,

Because only those rise who know how to fall.



Monday, 1 September 2014

Modi in Japan.

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, has again clearly portrayed why none other than him deserves to sit on the chair of the Prime Minister of India. With his shrewdness, wit, intelligence and the dedication to work for the nation, he has clearly shown that the mandate of the Indian people has not been futile and will surely bear fruition.

Just as Mr Modi took off from India to Japan, he was not alone, he was going there with the wishes as well as the expectation of thousands and lakhs of Indians who are eagerly waiting for him to fulfill all his promises made during the time of election, and people from his own constituency Varanasi, were the ones who were expecting the most from him including a healthy and well maintained city with the maintenance of its temples, ghats etc. and fortunately unlike others Mr. Modi didn’t dismay us.

Just as he reached Japan, he was greeted by a large mob of people which had congregated just to take a glimpse of this leader who is now eminent in the whole world and with his strong and robust personality Mr. Modi also left no stone unturned in winning the hearts of the people as well as the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. And sans wasting any time, he took the first crucial and prominent step of his visit to Japan by inking an agreement with the Japanese government in which Kyoto, a city in Japan which was also its capital for more than 1,000 years, will assist the Varanasi in India in become a smart city while preserving its own heritage. The partnership focuses on how to preserve heritage while building smart cities. It was signed between Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa and India's Ambassador to Japan Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa. Just like Varanasi, Kyoto has also been bequeathed with a plethora of heritage sites but still Kyoto has been able to overcome the dilemma and has maintained itself as a smart as well as a heritage city of Japan and soon we hope that Varanasi will also be able to walk on the path of Kyoto on overcoming the hindrances on all the aspects and will become an advanced as well as a pious city of India.

On day 3rd of Modi’s visit, the Indian Prime Minister wrote a new chapter of history by striking a partnership with Japan under which India and Japan will work collectively in order to roll out the project of Bullet Train India. During his Prime Ministerial campaign, Mr Modi talked at length about his dream project of fetching bullet train to India and now the Japanese government is ready to allocate India with technology to commence the bullet train corridor which will be started on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor.

One more notable achievement of the Modi government in Japan is that Mr. Modi has penned down an agreement with the government of Japan under which Japan will invest a sum total of 3.5 Trillion yen in PPP(Public Private Partnership) between the two nations which means that now Japan will double its number of companies as well as investment in India and with this Mr. Modi has again echoed his motto of making India a manufacturing hub of the world under his campaign “Make In India”.

Just in around 100 days of his becoming Indian Prime Minister, he has done so many excellent works, deflating the price of petrol and cylinder as well as other diplomatic agreements, so we can surely hope a much better term of this NDA than the UPA which has vexed the whole nation utterly.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

India will break the ice.

India being such a humongous nation,

Needs people’s leadership rather than the namesake elite’s imagination,

If India wants to rise above the bar,

And forget away the past scars,

And relive the glory that it once acquired,

And win the credit of being the best, from which it was ousted and fired,

India needs people’s creativity,

To be the best once again,

To break the past curses and banes,

And not live or wander in vain,

To once again relish the days that has gone past far,

To once again cross the excellence’s bar,

Rather than complaining about our facilities and amenities,

India needs Indians’ creativities,

Notwithstanding blaming our leaders,

Calling then slouch and cowards,

Rather than waiting for a messiah to come,

Rather than leaving on top only some,

Rather than sleeping in our house and blaming the policymakers,

Rather than calling our leaders tainted,

We need to move up, scramble up hard with utter open heart and resolution,

We again need to make India realize its past achievements,

Which changed the world for better,

And show the world that India is the only trendsetter,

Today India has more than a billion hands to irrigate its barren lands,

And rather than only bucks,

We need the courage to fly high,

One day there will be no milestone to be reached in the sky,

Indians will surely one day break the ice, break the ice.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014


As the by polls results in Bihar was announced, the whole of the nation was keen to get a glance of the result which would decide whether the adversaries, those saying that BJP has lost it is influence, were right or whether pro-BJP and pro-Modi supporters were right in their assumption that Modi tsunami continues to exist.
When the results came, both the adversaries as well as the Modi-supporters won and you can easily say that there was a tie between the both. The results were as follows:-

BJP won 4 seats out of the total of 10, while RJP of Lalu Prasad Yadav won 4 seats, JDU of Nitish Kumar clinched 3 seats and the Congress was again made to end up poorly at 1.

According to political pundits, this time BJP was made to lick the face of defeat which in the 2010 by polls won 6 out of 10 seats and the grand alliance of RJD, JDU and INC(Indian National Congress) remained successful with winning 6 seats in the by polls, but according to me still the BJP was triumphant in winning the by polls. Many pundits averred that now the Modi fervor among the denizens of nation has gone sour but I still believe that Mr. Modi still hold a large ground among the people’s heart.

First reason due to which I believe that Mr. Modi has still won the race is that after becoming the Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi has been very much busy in his work as the Prime Minister and has been engaged in his foreign policies as well as internal policy matters and due to this he has been unable to pay much attention towards the policy matters of the state of Bihar and due to this he was not able to clinch the victory.

The other thing is that no big party leader in the whole of BJP went to Bihar in order to campaign and still notwithstanding this fact, if BJP is able to win 40% of the total vote’s share then that is truly exemplary.

The other thing is that the game of election around the whole of the country has transformed into a BJP v/s rest game. Today all the parties in India are against the BJP because of the paradigm vote share that it was able to get in the recently concluded 2014 General Election. Due to this, currently all the parties in the nation have teamed up together in order to stop BJP from winning the state election with the same thumping vote share and to prevent this many parties has colluded with each other. Just like JDU and RJD despite of such great rivalries have come up together with the INC in order to take the anti-BJP campaign forward and certainly this has led to polarization of votes at many places due to which the BJP was stopped at 4 only. But still the vote share that BJP has got is good and truly wonderful and this clearly shows that Modi fervor has not vanished up.



Friday, 22 August 2014

ISIS- An impending danger.

Recently the whole of the world was shocked into doom by one of the biggest terrorist organisations in the universe- ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). The barbarity of the terrorist group has been in the news for a long time when reports came that the group was beheading children in Iraq and raping the women from other communities but now as this reprehensible group released the video of decapitation of American freelance journalist James Foley, the whole world couldn’t believe the cruelty with which the journalist was beheaded by a militant (suspected to be from Britain) and even Chuck Hagel, the American Defence Secretary, was forced into saying that the group’s funding, sophistication and military prowess was beyond anything seen.

ISIS group is at present one of the world’s most despicable and barbaric terrorist organization which has till now killed lakhs of people in Iraq and have taken cover of a large part of the Iraqi nation.  Today it would not be an inauthentic thing to note here that today majority of the area of Iraq is completely under control of the ISIS.
ISIS is a deadly terrorist organization which is working in the heart of the Middle East region and has the sole aim of turning the whole of the world into an Islamic world and introducing Caliphate, in all parts of the world. It proclaims that it has complete religious authority over all the Muslims around the world and it can do anything with the infidels (those who are not Muslims) and those who refuse to convert to Islam.

This group hold in toto animosity with the Shia Muslims around the world and hopes of converting the whole of the world to Islam. In Iraq also this group has raped thousands of women and has gunned down lakhs of men who belonged to the Shia ideology or were of some other religion. According to various international agencies this group has forced lakhs of Yazidis (a Kurdish ethno-religious community) to convert to Islam while on the other hand, those who rebutted to convert to Islam were mercilessly and brutally murdered.
Owning to all such disaster in the state of Iraq, United States of America, recently launched air strikes in order to kill the militants and to supply food and other necessary commodities to Yazidis and Christians hiding in order to save their lives. The air strikes by the US proved to be fruitful and therefore, a large number of ISIS militants were gunned down in the strikes and being angered by this step of the US government, ISIS beheaded an America’s captured journalist and has even threatened to slay down more of American if America doesn’t stop intimidating this group.

Today this group is a threat to the whole world and the pace at which this group is advancing is in itself the omen of the great disaster that could arise in front of us if this unpleasant group is not stopped from advancing forward. Due to internal pressure, big powers of the world are also not very much active on the matter and that’s why this group is gaining more and more momentum.

And if this group is not restrained from advancing forth, it can wreak huge havoc on the whole of the world.


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Showing the door to Pakistan.

Recently after so much endeavors in foreign countries (as compared to the time passed by Mr. Modi in the PMO), Mr. Modi has again, as expected by people around the nation, has taken a very stiff and welcomed stance against Pakistan owning to its reluctance and procrastination in taking the matters of peace forward.

It would not be a spurious thing to mention here the Pakistan from the very beginning has been a very vexing and dismaying partner for India. From partition till hitherto Pakistan has never been a good neighbor. First it tried to suppress the Indian state with direct wars and when it could not succeed, it resorted to proxy war and terrorism in order to annoy the state of India and still even 68 years after the partition of the two countries, Pakistan has not matured enough to stop trying intimidating a nation like India with some disdainful techniques and fortunately all have been futile.

Recently the Modi government took a very decisive step by canceling the scheduled visit of Sujatha Singh, Foreign Secretary of India to Pakistan. The decision in itself is a heavyweight one and there somehow shocked the political thinkers from both the countries.
Just as I wrote above Pakistan has been a menacing nation for India. Due to latent state of the previous government in handling the matters of Pakistan with delicacy and meticulousness, Pakistan has exacerbated its activity much more than before. Due to the reluctance of the Manmohan Singh’s government Pakistan took India just as a fragile neighbour and its army as well as its intelligence agency ISI left no stone unturned in conducting terrorists activities in India. From the very beginning Pakistan has been breaching all the agreements regarding the border issues and has been very active in activities against India. According to a report in the year 2013, Pakistan breached the ceasefire agreement 3 times on an average in 40 hours.

If we talk about the terrorists activities, then Pakistan is the first and foremost nation which has been allowing terrorism against India to breed on its ground. Terrorist organization like LeT and Indian Mujahideen have been active on Pakistani soil and are getting full cooperation of the Pakistani military as well as intelligence agencies in conducting operation against India. Terrorists from the region of Pakistan have conducted various attacks in India like the Parliament attack and the 26/11 attack. Assaults like the 26/11 assault on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai left 164 people dead and 308 wounded and the Indian Parliament attack of 2001 have been a stigma on the India security agencies. Such action by Pakistan have definitely aggravated the Indian state and the agenda of Pakistan on meeting the separatist groups in Kashmir (Abdul Basit from Pakistan met various Hurriyat leaders from the Kashmir) has definitely the work of adding insult to injury.

The Modi government has surely taken a stiff step in order to show Pakistan that India can transcend any limit in order to protect the integrity of the Indian state and the step is heartily welcomed by the whole of India.



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Indian healthcare system- a stigma.

India, today is a nation engulfed by thousands of prospects and incentives of growth while on the other hand at the same time is shrouded by innumerable catastrophes waiting it to fall into the ditch of poverty, corruption and lack of technology and many more harsh things.

Among these things stands Indian healthcare system, which even today continues to be marked as a blot on the image of this developing India. Health of the denizens of the nation means more than anything else in determining the further course of advancement of the nation. If the health of the nation is robust and appreciable then the nation is surely going to bear a deluge of assets which can truly help in the process of nation building while on the other hand if the health of the citizens is not satisfactorily good then the nation is sure to plunge to the nadir to be bound by the fetters of innumerable problems which in the long run hinder as well as sabotage the progress of the nation.

Today’s Indian healthcare system can’t be even called a healthcare system and the quality of health services being provided in the nation continue to stigmatize the nation. Here are some shocking truth revealing facts which can shock you completely to the hilt,
WHO (World Health Organisation) has claimed that India can be ranked as one of the lowest in the availability of beds in the nation. Currently there are 0.9 beds for 1000 citizens of the nation which is far worse than the global average of 2.9 beds and according to Indian’s national health profile there are around 0.5 beds for 1000 citizens of the nation.

The other thing is the lack of hospitals. As I just mentioned the lack of the number of beds in the whole of the nation, India continues to fare badly in the number of hospitals in the nation and also in the efficaciousness of the hospitals around the nation. In India there are only 11,613 government hospitals in India in which the poor can be treated but unfortunately out of these 11,613 only a few hospital (just like AIIMS) are able to be up to the mark. Due to various problems at the grass root level, like corruption in the government hospitals, lack of perfect and required machinery in order to operate the patients continue to shift the whole of the burden on the shoulders of the pauper citizens. In India a liver transplant costs more than Rs. 24 Laks per person and unfortunately except AIIMS, operation like liver transplants etc. are not being done in other government hospitals leading to demise of lakhs of poor around the nation.

 One more thing to note here is the declining standard of the AIIMS also. Today the salary of doctors at AIIMS start at Rs. 51,600 which is pretty dismal if we compare it to the hard work that the aspirants do in order to become doctors upto the standard of AIIMs and currently researchers doing their work at AIIMS are resigning from the institution in order to practice medicine outside India in nations like US and UK where medical practitioners are revered for their hard work and necessity.

Currently India spends a meager 4 per cent of the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) on the health care system of India which is far lower than many other nations. On the other hand People’s Republic of China spends around 5.4% of its GDP on the healthcare system and Unites States of America spends around 17.9% of its GDP on the healthcare system. If we talk about the healthcare then you would find out that there is not even a healthcare system in India. Nation like USA and UK prepared their whole of the healthcare with so many benefits to the ordinary citizen a long time ago but even today India is unable to take the benefits of medical advancement to the house of common Indian people and this has definitely exacerbated the whole of situation.

One more thing to mention here is that there is not equitable distribution of medical facilities around the nation also. In some rich posh areas there are lot of private institutions while at some places there is not even a government hospital for the people. According to a report, rural citizens of the nation have to travel around 30 km in order to reach the nearest hospital available for them.

All this shows the neglect through which our healthcare system is undergoing and this surely is something to detest. A nation with 33% of the population as youth is not even able to provide a good healthcare system to the citizens of the nation. Today if we want our citizens not to die of various diseases which are even curable we need to think, if we want to see our nation progressing, then we surely need to think in order to stop our nation from disintegrating into a land of epidemics and disasters.