Saturday, 23 January 2016

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

India, indeed a tolerant nation....

Yesterday only we talked about "the futile issue of intolerance" that the opposition as well as certain anti-social elements of the nation and recently only our nation pasted a humongous proof of being tolerance to all the religion, beliefs and minds. Dalai Lama gave a statement quoting that the results of elections in Bihar clearly show that Hindus still believe in peace. Not going much deeper into the obvious meaning of Dalai Lama's indirect criticism again the BJP but I would to focus more on the tolerance part. Just see the tolerance of our nation that even refuges who are barred from entering their own nation who have got shelter in India can freely and independently express their beliefs against the ruling party of the nation and the nation doesn't become intolerant. This is indeed a paradigm example of how tolerant we are not only to Indians but also to those who have taken shelter in our nation and I suppose nothing can be a bigger example of our tolerance.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Intolerance-A futile issue...

After some incidents regarding the beef ban etc. in the nation, a behemoth issue of “Intolerance” sprang up into prominence and that too for no reason. As the NDA government is moving ahead with its development policies and success agenda, various opposition parties are feeling the animosity towards the huge success that the NDA government has acquired and this fact is evident from all the recent activities in which the opposition has plunged.

Indian National Congress chief marched to President’s house to ask him to enforce the quintessential and necessary constitutional powers in order to manage the “intolerance” in the nation. Indeed, it looks like a joke, that the opposition without any reason is disturbing the President to enforce presidential rule type situation in the nation. Emergency in the nation is not a small thing which would be imposed in the nation without any cause or reason. It’s actually a matter of grave gravity which is not made just to satiate the envy and anger the opposition feel towards the grand success that NDA government has acquired on its internal as well as external policy.

The opposition also voiced various other unnecessary instances just to prove that Mr. Modi’s visit to United Kingdom was of no use to the nation and that Mr. Modi tries to show up his own significance in other nations rather than doing anything for the nation. All such claims are actually baseless and came out in vain because after such a huge welcome of an Indian Prime Minister in a nation who had clamped us all in the shackles of slavery for around 200 years is actually marvelous and actually the way Mr. Narendra Modi was welcomed by the British Queen Elizabeth II clearly signifies the position we hold in the world contemporarily and moreover the huge gathering of the mob at Wembley stadium just to get a glimpse of Mr. Modi is not just a matter of pride for Mr. Modi but its indeed a matter of pride for our whole nation.

Now coming back to the topic of intolerance towards other religion let me tell you all, that its just a tool that is being used against the development strategy of the nation. At a time when the whole nation must be united as we are all witnessing the foundation of programs like Make in India etc. which would further help us country get up to transform itself from a developing to a developed nation, some people are just trying to divert the nation towards some insignificant trifles which have always hampered the nation from moving ahead. India, from the very beginning has been a nation of all religions, castes and sects and that’s why there exists no Hindu India, no Muslim India, no Sikh India, no Christian India, but only one India which is the Republic of India, which stands as one of the biggest secular nations of the whole world. We stand up as world’s biggest democracy where everyone has the right to chose their rulers, here we have the best facilities for people from all the religion, no matter whether they are in majority or minority. Here only we had a Sikh Prime Minister and a Muslim President, so how can anyone even call our nation as an intolerant one.

In such a huge nation like India, there can be many small issues but that doesn’t mean that we would try to defame our nation. Basically the reason why we could never progress is not the policies of governments etc. but actually such a mindset of some anti-social elements who give rise to matters like “intolerance”. Our opposition is currently talking about the matter of intolerance, so who would answer about the Sikh Riots in which so many innocent Sikhs were slayed down and burnt to death just because they were Sikhs. Today when the whole nation must focus on moving ahead in terms of technology and industry, it’s a shame that our opposition as well as some conservative anti-social elements of our society are dragging us back to the same level from where we commenced our journey. Recently so many writers and artists gave back the honors which they had got from the national government. Isn’t that a ridiculous act? From when did the purest form of humanity i.e. art, started indulging in this dirty politics and if the artists and writers had actually felt something bad emerging out in the nation, they could have talked to the concerned government and could have voiced their concerns on the issue. What’s the matter to give back the honors we get publicly just to vandalize the image of our nation! Mahatma Gandhi didn’t give back his barrister degree in order to protest against the British rule in India and the people who had actually indulged in such activities must have thought about is gravely before doing anything like that because such things prove nothing but sabotaging and slandering the perception that the world has about India’s promising future and its diversity in various cultures etc.


Today India needs support of every Indian. Now, it depends on us whether we want to blindly become a sheep and follow the futile policy of conservatism and just defame each other, or we move ahead, crashing past each and every stigma and evil of our society moving beyond our weaknesses and carve out a new and powerful nation…….




Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Today the whole nation celebrates the much awaited festival of Diwali. The festival of lights and happiness, the festival which marks the inevitable win of truth and veracity over the falsehood. May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi shower you all with happiness, joy, merriment and love. May all the hindrances which continue to impede your progress vanish away from your life and may you always live a wealthy, robust and prosperous life. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali. May God bless you.


Monday, 26 October 2015

Exceptional or mundane.....

Whenever you go on to do something great, something that nobody has ever seen before, something that nobody has ever imagined before, you would face opposition. In life whenever you set out for a journey, you would find pebbles, rocks and even great hindrances on the road but my friend if your will is strong enough to win, to move past harder, to cut through any circumstance then only you are worthy of being called a winner. A boat which fear waves can never clear the ocean. So, if you just don't love what you do more than anything else, if you don't love what you do more than you love breathing, if you don't love what you do more than you love partying, dancing, watching movies, just leave the work because you are surely not made for that. If being exceptional would have been an easy affair, everybody would have managed to do that and then even being exceptional would have become mundane. To be exceptional you have to be different. 
 For example whenever wars are fought, there are millions of soldiers but only one king, and interesting each and every soldier is ready to sacrifice his life for the king and the kingdom. Do you know why? Because they know the kind has something in him which makes him different, if the king would have been of same mettle as that of the soldiers, the soldiers would have killed the king and would have usurped the whole of the kingdom. 
Now the choice is on you, whether you would like to be a simple soldier who can battle one opponent at his level best or the king who can cut through an army of opponent without bearing even a single wound.
And remember that in the end the posterity only remembers the king individually.
So the choice remains yours......