Friday, 12 December 2014

Making of a champion.

Champions are not made in day,

In thousands of defeats lay,

The relishing success’ way,

Pain and blood have to be flown,

When you learn from your losses, then you become fully grown,

You may have to abandon your loved ones,

You may have to face world’s scorn and hate,

But keep in mind, take those who hate as the people who motivate,

When the world may sleep,

When pain and sufferings are excessively deep,

You might say, “God why such a hard life”

Those who sweat more in peace, bleed less in war,

If today you sacrifice your desire to play, talk and sleep,

When your desire to succeed becomes humongously deep,

No matter how much painful in your life,

I know problems may be hugely rife,

But just keep one thing in mind,

Until and unless you give yourself throbbing pain,

Nothing much actually will be gained,

Pain is temporary if you continue to move up,

But pain of disrespect, pain of inferiority will defeat you in life’s bout,

If today you leave it all out,

It’s on you whether you choose to break down,

Or rather than being bound,

You continue to walk on and on,

If you choose to break down,

You might lead an easy life,

But you may never be happy,

Because you were definitely made for something great,

But if you choose to continue to chase your aim,

For some time, difficult could be the game,

But surely after pain, hardships and difficulties,

There will a knock on your door, of fame,

It’s on you whether you lead an easy life today,

And make your life a hell’s way,

Or you cry today, bear troubles,

And live your whole life like a champion,

The decision lies you,

Whether to be a great leader,

Or an unknown follower,

Because those who sweat more in peace bleed less in war,

You will taste nectar if today you are ready to bear pain’s scar…



Wednesday, 10 December 2014


When the hatred of losing exceeds the desire to succeed,

Then you start rising up this human’s creed,

Only then you start doing successful deeds,

Thousands may come and thousands may go,

But champions are made once in a century,

The ones who create history,

Everyone doesn’t become great,

Because it’s not easy for all to abate,

The desire to play, laugh and sleep,

And to pay heed,

 To do what makes them great,

Not everyone is able to overcome and win out of world’s hate,

Most will lose and say that unlucky was their fate,

But ask the real winners,

How they got prepared,

Ask yourself why only a few dared,

The answer lies in a simple thing,


Winning is not always necessary but the desire to win,

Is requisite,

To rise up and beat,

The lazy you in your heart,

Many problems may knock your door,

Many a time you might get bored,

When you rise up earlier than others,

Dark is the atmosphere all around,

Silence in what sky bounds,

There are two ways to go,

One to either practice and the other to sleep,

One may take you to success,

The other will make you bow,

99% will choose easy and 1% will choose the first,

Because only these great people have that exquisitely needed thirst,

Believe in me when you love your goal,

More than sleeping, playing with friends, partying out,

When your sole love becomes your aim,

You start to be the grandmaster of the game.



Monday, 8 December 2014


Barack Obama, the President of United States once quoted, “A nation that can’t control its energy sources can’t control its future” and today the same things applies in a much larger context to our own nation.
Our ancient history is in itself a proof of our great heritage of energy resources. India is indeed a mine of natural resources. Talking about coal, India is having one of the largest coal reserves around the world. With numerous coal mines in states of Jharkhand, Orrisa and Chattisgarh, India was slated to become the leader of the world in terms of coal exports but unfortunately today we are shrouded by an embarrassing crisis in which notwithstanding having world’s largest coal reserves, we face an alarming need to import coal from nations around the world. India is even poised to outshine China in terms of coal imports. Owning to all these fact, today there is a huge question mark on the efficaciousness of our efforts and schemes in dealing with extraction of coal and its allocation throughout the nation and today the time has come when we emend our redundant and futile policies in order to help India rise up as a significant coal exporters rather than being a huge coal importer.
The main problem that today we are facing is of the denationalization of coal. Previously the authorities as well as the governments were reluctant to carry out this procedure which ultimately led to a huge wastage of India’s money reserves and also led to huge degradation of our coal reserves.
The problem that today the whole nation faces is of management of our natural resources. India, despite of having such humongous natural resources reserve continues to be a laggard in terms of management of our resources. The concurrent policy is that Indian government continues to look for resources for decades. It spends million in the exploration of resources around the nation, in various states, spending money, using huge manpower and when finally the government comes to know about the resources, it allocates them to inefficient companies which leads to a significant loss of the national government as well as the national treasure and the allocation process too leads to various hindrances adding to the previously exacerbated situation and this is evident from the recent Coal block allocation scam unearthed during the last times of UPA regime. Such things eventually lead to huge loss of the government because of the inability of the companies to extract the resource to the correct amount needed without much damage to the site hence at last forcing the government to import coal from other nations.
Hence a major step towards the enhancement of the whole process and destruction of impediments could be denationalization of coal. If India is to exploit its coal reserves fully without sustaining any unwanted problems and if its wants to light up every home and every factory then the government must denationalize this important resource. The first and the foremost step would to open this important industry for international investors.
If foreign companies are allowed to come into India for this purpose, the companies could work really better though updated equipment leading to minimum wastage and maximum benefits of the resources.
The other things which can be induced into the system is rigorous competition among key players. Till now only some big corporate houses were given most of the contracts and tenders, but with the entry of big international heavyweights, new competition and zeal can be inculcated in this sector of cold competition and that can do much good to the current status of the Indian coal reserves and can help Indian transform from coal importer to coal exporter.

Today the government needs to take these stiff steps as soon as possible otherwise India would continue to waste a huge sum of natural reserve due to lack of ingenious planning in dealing with extraction of this important energy resource.


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Attacks in Kashmir.

The recent terrorist attacks on the geographical head of nation i.e. Kashmir has convulsed the whole nation. The deadly attacks by some nasty organization have left the whole nation in grief and have shown us our preparedness in combating with the terrorism.

The assaults have left the whole nation numb and the death of our brave army men have left us all shuddered.

Around 3am, Pak infiltrators attacked 32-field regiment in Uri sector of Baramulla district. Though all the six terrorists were mowed down but still our army personnel also suffered casualties. Around 8 army men including one Lt. Col was killed and 3 cops including an ASI were killed. 
In Shopian, at around 2.20pm, terrorists hurled grenades at police station and flee away. No casualties were there in this attack.

In Pulwana, terrorists hurled grenades near a bus stand in Tral killing 2 civilians and leaving 10 people injured.

In Soura sector, LeT (Lashkar- e-Taiba) commander and aide opened fire at police check post around 2pm, the duo were killed but police reporter that they were poised to carry out a major attack ahead of Modi’s rally on December 8.
Though it is expected that these deadly attacks were a measure to infuse fear in the people of state against the state’s election but it can also not be denied that this was a major attempt of terrorist organizations active in Pakistan to revive militancy in the state. The attacks are truly disdaining to the spirit of democracy and these attacks surely say much about the concurrent activities going on in Pakistan against India.

The first and foremost thing is that, it is utmost clear that Pakistan’s army was embroiled in the attacks. Such a huge militant insurgency cannot take place sans the permission of Pakistan’s army. Previously too, Pakistan’s army has been indulged in such activities. When Osama Bin Laden was residing in Abbottabad in Pakistan, Pakistan army was completely aware of the fact and even helped him in conducting various operations which were against the harmony of the world. Ceasefire violation on the border and many other insurgencies of its militants and army men in Kashmir clearly signal the army’s active involvement in carrying out such attacks and helping the illegitimate and nasty organizations which are working in order to disturb world’s brotherhood and peace. Today the whole world needs to question Pakistan on its involvement in terrorist activities going on inside its borders. It is completely illogical and impossible that all the terrorists around the world are operating from Pakistan, killing millions every year around the world and Pakistan’s government and army doesn’t even catch a whiff of it. Osama’s residence in Pakistan, reports of Dawood’s presence, Hafiz Saeed’s “seminars” in Pakistan, all show that all these terrorists are being backed excessively by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and its government. It’s shameful and disgusting to have a neighbor like Pakistan and I would say that Pakistan is a blot and stigma on the whole world. It’s the only nation which uses terrorism as an instrument of policy. It respects people who were the mastermind of 9/11 attacks, 26/11 attacks and many more. It accommodates hideouts to terrorists who are the main reason behind the destruction of the world.  Pakistan is not only a threat to India but to the whole world.

Today terrorists like Hafiz Saeed conduct their seminars in Pakistan and amusingly the government starts special passenger trains for people. Hafiz Saeed, the man behind the 26/11 attacks in there in Pakistan living like a king and conducting attacks in India. He even discarded the validity of the elections in the state of Kashmir and Pakistani army bows to him. This lunatic nation treats him as God.

These attacks also signify Pakistan’s regular illicit activities going on against Kashmir. Though Pakistan’s army has been rebutting the reports of its special camps to train militants against India, but these attacks are in themselves a lucid proof of what’s going on in Pakistan. Pakistani army is constantly preparing terrorists against India, giving them full space to enter into the Indian Territory and attack our democracy. These deadly attacks which killed so many of our brave army men and civilians clearly signify a huge involvement of Pakistani army. It has always been the sole aim of Pakistan to attack the integrity and security of India and that’s why from the very beginning, when it noticed it can do no harm to India directly it adopted terrorism as an instrument of its policies. This was also an attempt of Pakistani army to renovate the condition of terrorist militancy in the valley and to inculcate fear in the hearts of Kashmiri people.
One more thing that signifies Pakistani involvement in the attacks is that the rifles and ammunitions recovered from terrorists have Pakistani marking on them and such a huge amount of arms cannot be supplied to terrorists without the backing of Pakistani intelligence and army. The high-tech instruments which were used by the terrorists like night vision binoculars, GPS system etc. truly signify significant Pakistani involvement.

All such things are ample to clearly portray involvement of Pakistan in these attacks and today there is a need for India as well as the whole world to show Pakistan that hatred can never conquer peace. Kashmir is an integral part of India and whoever tries to disturb its integrity and security must be made to suffer with dire consequences. Today the whole world needs to come together to show Pakistan that no matter how much wide is terrorism, we can collectively dash it to the ground. Let’s tell these nasty terrorists around the world that their end is near and that one day harmony will slay them down. Let’s show them the power of unity.


Friday, 5 December 2014

Naxalism:India's biggest internal problem.

Currently naxalism is the biggest internal threat that India is facing all over the nation. This far-left radical communist group is currently the gravest trouble that the whole nation is experiencing. In 2006 Indian intelligence agency R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) estimated that 20,000 armed cadre Naxalites were operating in addition to 50,000 regular cadres and even pronounced it as the biggest internal threat India has ever faced. 

The states of Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh continue to struggle with this demon. This problem has led to only marginal development in these states especially Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. Due to naxalism, many attempts by the government as well as authorities to ameliorate the condition of tribesmen etc. have also been foiled by the naxalite groups. Despite of being completely democratic states, in some areas the fear of naxalites is so much that people don’t even step out to vote in the election and all this sums up to exasperate the already bad condition of many states.
According to some sources, the heart rending truth is that one fifth of the forests are now being controlled by naxalites and they are currently active in around 160 districts of country’s 604 administrative districts and the recent attacks in Sukma, more or less, prove the facts. Around 10-12 Kilometers far from Chintagufa in Sukma District of Chattisgarh, this notorious group killed 12 CRPF men and also 2 officers. The groups ruthlessness can be observed from the fact that on April6,2010, more than 1000 naxalites plotted an ambush and killed around 76 CRPF personnel while on May 17, the same year, they blew up a whole bus killing 15 policemen and 20 civilians on Dantewada-Sukma road.

In 2013, this group was behind the attack on rally of Indian National Congress, killing about 29 people. They even killed Mahendra Karma and Nand Kumar Patel, who were significant leaders of the nation.
Despite of being having this problem for so many years, we have not been able to look up for a perfect and optimum solution to this problem. Notwithstanding so many efforts, we still continue to be at the same place. Most of our programs and efforts have been futile and nugatory and therefore no big success has been attained in curbing naxalism. Innocuous people and army officials continue to be killed by these merciless people but still the government has not been able to come up with a stiff action plan, it can adhere to in order to put a halt on such activities. Today the condition in districts like Sukma, Dantewada condition is pathetic. People don’t even come out of houses fearing naxalites. Girls in the area are mostly fearful of these people and therefore never go out of house while on the other hands the boys are vulnerable to being kidnapped and then recruited in their groups, all this leading to zero development of the naxalite-hit state. These are only a few things that I have mentioned, the real story stands really excruciating.

Today, we need to rejuvenate our approach in order to tackle with this ghastly group. Today we need to make our policies go a complete redux in order to restrain these people from killing any more innocents. A change needs to be effected in the overall policy dealing with this problem otherwise, the benign people of the naxalite-affected areas would always live in fear and a large part of India’s population would remain undeveloped.



Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Attacking black money.

A few days back, the black money pandemonium was rife in the whole nation. When the government rebutted to disclose the name of the people whose name were included in the list of black money holders in safe tax haven outside Indian borders, the opposition just cracked down on the government over its refusal to reveal the names of the black money holders.

The opposition’s perspective can be challenged and must be condemned as it hurts the Indian government’s ties with other nations regarding the matter but rather than talking at length about it I would like to focus on a better alternative of stopping the outflow of money rather than taking it out because the former is much more pragmatic and easier.

Its pretty sure that the problem of black money is not vulnerable to easy solutions. The problem of this demon is susceptible to some formidable and stiff solutions which need to be applied to make things work or otherwise we would waste another fifty to sixty years looking up for the names of black money holders and then some more years probing them and then some more years to get them sentenced and such things will go on and on and nothing would ameliorate for better.

Here are some steps which if taken gravely and applied ingeniously can surely lead to huge success to the government in order to halt the process of outflow of Indian currency.

First and foremost thing is that it is not a covert fact that all the public departments amass huge sums of black money through tenders and contracts which are given to other private companies or businesses. The lack of transparency in such things leads to huge sums of illegitimate money flowing to the department being disbursed out the companies vying for the tender. Recently the case of the Chief Engineer in Noida who accumulated a whopping Rs. 1000 crores including diamonds worth Rs.100 crores. Such a huge sum of money would have been collected over a period of some decades but our whole system and investigative authorities are incapable of trapping such illicit transactions from being carried out, this clearly portrays our inefficaciousness in dealing with such huge grass root problems which eventually lead to this deadly problem of black money.

The second thing is that the investigatory skills of our intelligence agencies are also mediocre type. Till now humongous sums of money have passed on to different nations but still none of our intelligence agencies have got a sniff of it and this clearly portrays our inefficiency and unpreparedness in dealing with the issue of black money. Raghabendra Jha of Australian National University estimated that during 1998-2012 around $186 billion left our shores.
The third thing is the real estate sector and the donations to NGOs. In these two places, huge sums of money are invested or given as donations in order to hide the traces of black money and to escape out from the taxes. Property investments and made in order to escape out of paying the taxes to the government and such things also play a huge role in helping the culprits to get out of the problem thereby exacerbating the already complex labyrinth of black money in the nation.

All these things lead to huge problems for the government as well as the people of the nation because due to lack of money leads to dearth of better infrastructure, thereby exasperating it all. Hence I believe that we should assault at the grass root causes of generation of black money rather than beating about the bush.



Sunday, 30 November 2014

Coping up with problems.

In the course of becoming great,

Many people may turn to hate,

Many would like to create,

Hassles trying to detract you and make you late,

But remember those who hate,

Must motivate,

In fact, they are a crucial part of your life,

They are the ones who teach you how to withstand,

No matter how much problems are there up to the hilt,

To reach success' height,

You have to leave the ground and take the flight,

To climb the ladder of success,

Everyone has to pay a huge cess,

Because everything in itself is expensive,

And to attain success you have to be more determined and pensive,

But still the problems that appear in your way,

Are of great significance and have much to say,

These things must be regarded,

If you learn to handle them, one day you will be rewarded,

Your problems teach you how to thrive,

Your enemies teach you the way to strive,

So ask not for a life of ease,

Just say, "God, some more risks please."