Why banks are not the victims in NPA generation?

Stakes regarding NPA (Non-Performing assets) are at its record high and perspicuously if there is anything pivotal in the economy after G.S.T, that thing is NPA. In July this year, the government of India passed the Banking Regulation (amendment) bill which cued the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to direct all the banks to initiate stiff loan recovery processes against big loan defaulters in order to recover ‘bad loans’ from the NPAs. Further this month only Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely announced that the requisite proceeding against 12 big load defaulters has already kicked up.
As the processed commenced, the banks projected themselves as mere victims and are demanding their money relentlessly. But are banks really the actual victims? This needs a lot more clarification because it is not a hidden facts and banks do encourage risky industrial ventures to pump up their lending.
Bhushan Steel was once a very well known name in the steel industry of the nation. When India’s automobile in…

What your parents never told you about?

None, but a parent is the veracious preceptor of a child. Our parents are the inexplicable great beings who induce us into this world, introduce us with the characters of this stage, and then prepare us to become good characters ourselves. The core existence that we carry is definitive just because of our parents who forget each and everything after they see the countenance of their children, the ones who learn to sacrifice their needs so that the money could be spent on our toys, the ones who learn to forget about their own requirements so that we could be sent to a good school. They are the ones who forget that they used to have a life when we weren’t in this world, and hence there can be no one as much wonderful and incredible as our parents. Words fall short to describe their essence because, if we weren’t allocated with these two beautiful people, our life would carry no meaning at all. And hence these words are just abysmal in front of the grandeur of love our parents shower on …

Solving Hunger needs a Revolution

When around seventy years ago, our forefathers brought forth upon this continent our great nation, they knew that a time will come when we will be made to change- change not for change’s sake, but change to endure- and today that time has indubitably arrived. India has made unprecedented processes in the seventy years of its independence. After being left completely robbed of its charm in the hands of the Brits, our nation was thought to be nearing apocalypse. Moreover, our uncanny experiment with democratic ideals compelled the world that India doesn’t need any antagonist it will self-pulverize itself. However, the clairvoyance of great economic, social and political pundits was purged when India stamped on their prediction to appear into the limelight as the pioneer of this new epoch.
The nation has certainly exhibited a paradigm progress in its term as an independent country, but unfortunately, the societal chasm in our nation has also widened to a greater extent. Though our advancem…

Letting the cats out of the bag.

North Korea seems to be a perennial issue around the political lobbies of the political lobbies of the world. The dictator regime has always been an issue of concern for the Americans and the South Koreans but with its advent and rapid upgrading of the technologically advanced artillery, issues regarding the vision of the capricious regime of North Korea continue to be clad in a nebulous enigma.
Rocket men of Kim Jong Un are having hard days. With so many military exercises, artillery explosion and testing, the North Korean despot is incessantly striking the top headlines almost every day. The immense surge in the military activities of this secluded nation is of nightmarish concern to the think tanks around the world. According to the available numbers, the North Korean army launched eight missiles in the incipient two years of their contemporary tyrant, but since then there has been no looking back. Kim Jong Un has pressed the throttle hard and now the country launches more than 15 m…

How to be an inspiring leader.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more –You are a leader.” -JOHN QUINCY ADAM
A leader is indubitably the most pivotal link in any organization, the one who coalesces various discrete departments to collaborate together. Visions don’t beget leaders but leaders do create them. The part and parcel of any defined structure is the paramount vanguard which will lead the institution to accomplish victory and veritably there is no doubt that having no leader at all is better than having an insipid leader. Having no leadership will corroborate defeats but having a vapid leader summons catastrophes too. In this cut-throat competition, a strong leader is a sine qua non. Any institution that wants to conquer this competition ought to have a robust leadership and an inspiring leadership is hence, certainly indispensable.
So, how can you be an inspiring leader? Though the process is not that much of a cake walk; but, it is not impossible either. Here are two s…

How Leaders Can Push People Into Action.

The difference between a boss and a leader is that the former says “go” and the latter says “let’s go”.
There has been no eminent leader in this world that has not spearheaded his organization with his own example. A leader, in actuality, is not just an elected personality, but is someone who has proved himself; the one who has expounded to others that he knows how to govern. The first step that a leader must take to push his employees to give their best, rather than inducing them in torpor, is to encourage them to mull over his great vision.
It is a conspicuous fact that people can’t give their best in something they are not passionate about; hence if a leader wants to embark on a fling of  success, he must make sure that he invigorates an uncanny passion in all of his employees. He needs to make sure that they acknowledge his passion for his project. He can’t sit idle in his cabin doing nothing and expecting others to do the requisite work. The best would come only and only if each pe…

THE FAULTY LINES OF ICBR (India-China Border Roads).

The Indian subcontinent, these days, is fraught with several problems originating from the neighbor global states. While Pakistan has always been a peevish menace, the advent of the People’s Republic of China, the ginormous influx of people from Bangladesh and soaring bellicose presence of PRC in the Indian Ocean are becoming major causes of vexation. In such grave times, when the nation must be scrupulous in substantiating its strategically empowered presence on the border, a dismaying report came yesterday which must raise angst in every Indian’s heart.
The report published by the Indian Express hints at the dilatory attitude of various authorities regarding their duty of accommodating Indian army with good infrastructure support at the border. In the last 12 years, our nation could manage to make only 21 out of the planned 73 roads under the strategically pivotal project of ICBR (India-China Border Roads). The ICBR project was commenced in 2005 during the reign of UPA government and…