Monday, 30 May 2016


Success never comes handy. We all have to make sacrifices, we all have to shed blood, sweat and almost lose out everything we had in order to relish that great thing. Though its never easy, but its always worth it.
In a town, once came a very successful guru and everybody wanted to know how to become successful, so a small boy reached out to the guru and asked him how to become successful and great. The guru asked the boy to meet him at the beach very next day in the morning. Next day when the boy reached the beach, he found out that the guru was in the waters already and on seeing the boy the guru invited the boy into water. The boy, for one moment thought that this guy was somewhat mad as he didn't want to know how to swim, but he wanted to know how to be successful, but still erasing all the doubts from the mind, the boy reached out to guru into the waist deep water level. The guru at once took hold of guy's neck and thrusted him inside water. Feeling complete dearth of oxygen, the boy tried to get up but couldn't, after just a few second, the guru let hold of the guy's neck and let the boy came up, just as the boy came, he started cursing guru for what he had done. As he was cursing the guru, the guru interrupted and asked him, tell me one thing, when you were deep down into the water, what did you want the most? Did you want your family, food, parties, clothes, friends or oxygen? The answer was quite simple but the meaning is the actual secret of life. When the boy was under water he had forgotten almost everything and success too comes, when you just act for it like you were doing for oxygen when you were under water.
When you leave out everything in order to get successful, when you are ready to give up almost anything you have in order to get the thing for which you are even ready to die, then success would come. So keep working hard and want success as much bad as you want to breathe....


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Indian Education System:Reaching Nadir.....

A few days back watching Walter Lewin teaching basic physics (Kinematics etc.) in MIT, made me bear a gusty pride in the intelligence and ingeniousness of our Indian education system, propelling me to form a notion that our high school students study in advance what the MIT is going to teach in the first year course (I know it's a hard joke) and if you go on to look at the cutoffs of the prestigious Delhi University, shockingly they don't go down from 97%(Caution: This is for general category because here general category students are deemed to be the demigod, blessed with humongous talent and also facing no hurdle, even if a general category candidate is impoverished, then also, he would be deemed as someone who has got more privilege than the other categories candidates whose parents are truly millionaires, thanks to our wonderful sense of judgement). Taking a look at this years statistics on the class XII and X results, shockingly I believe that Einstein's genes have been embedded in all of the candidates seeking these exams. This year more than 90,000 12th graders scored whopping above 90% score and 1,68,541 students achieved a perfect 10 CGPA in our X board exams. Doesn't that seem the characteristic of an utopian society where every single child you meet is a prodigy, and Nobel Prize's, Field's medal's expected winners (to all the Indians reading it sorry for the poor joke). 

Our education system doesn't stop here. In every school there are on an average 150 students securing 95 marks in English exam,  I even encountered two guys who secured 50s in all other subjects but 95 in English (Caution: No budding JK Rowling or Thomas Hardy stuff, believe me they were as good in English as they were in all other subjects). In the year 2007 barely 400 students scored 95% in class XII boards but in the year 2013 7,231 scored 95% and this number in the present year has soared up by more than 20,000 (China, United States,UK and all other great nations must surely be jealous of us). According to CBSE, every paper securing more than 95% is checked by three head examiners, but still in our nation a score of 95 in English is pretty low (Not because Britishers ruled us, teaching us all high class English but because, even if you fail in the examination, you can never get a score less than 90 in English.That's by default. Britishers might repent one day for ruling us for more than 200 years). Our greatness doesn't end out here. In 2015,our overall pass percentage for class XII was 86.13%. Shockingly we are far ahead of USA which is still aiming at around 85-90% by the year 2020; which means we are four years ahead of US in terms of education. Now with all such things, you might be thinking that India is a pool of intelligence and greatness in academics and if I tell anybody these statistics, he would be forced to believe that all the world's scientific discoveries are made at the Indian soil because we are far better and ahead than any other nation on earth.

 Lets move on to that, US has 353 Nobel prize winners, Germany 105, UK 125, Sweden 30, Austria 21, European union 466, France 61, Netherlands 19, Canada 23; till now you would be thinking that owning to such wonderful pupils, we might be having around thousand Nobel prize winners, well actually you would be right if you divide thousand by hundred and check the result (sorry for the mathematical way of telling the number but you know every child in India is a prodigy, future Nobel prize winner as per the statistics). Talking about the Nobel Laureates in literature, where every student secures 95% in the English exam, we have so many Nobel Laureates that i don't want to disclose it in an outright manner, hence lets choose a mathematical way- you take any number, square it and them divide it two times by the same number and you would end up at the the exact answer (excluding Rudyard Kipling, because he was a British national and was just born in India and got all the education in Britain when we were under the British Rule).

My this article is surely not about defaming my great nation. I am an Indian and I love my country, but what's disheartening is how some people are playing with this great nation's future.

 Once we were, the education hub of the world and presently the system has become so much worse that even Indians don't want to study in India. Lets start from our school. Talking about the poor children, due to exorbitant fees of private schools , such students have to go to government school which are a paragon to death bed and hell to children. Though some brilliant students excel there too but unfortunately, number of such student can't even take up a double digit number. The condition out in such schools are pathetic. Unworthy teachers as well as principals who have permanent jobs, treat children as their slaves forcing them to do works that are not supposed to be theirs. When I first went to a government school in order to participate in a debate competition, I was shocked to see some horrendous things going on but as i went there more and more times for some other competitions, I realized, this was how these schools were working. I remember an incident when I had to participate in a speech competition in a rainy season, it was a season of diseases like malaria and dengue because, it was high time for mosquito breeding. Just as I entered into that government school, there were pits full of stagnant water where one could easily see the mosquito breeding, moreover the school children were made to serve water and snacks to the participants abandoning out their ongoing classes (which is surely not their work), the thing doesn't end here, after the competition the prize winners were taken to the school's principal's room to get their names registered. Shockingly, when the whole school was dying away, the principal was sitting in an air conditioned room and it seems that hell and heaven were meeting just at the principal's room entrance. There are no labs and equipment in such schools because the money that the government shells out for the benefit of children, is taken up by the teachers and other officers. To check all these things, the government even deploys special inspectors to inspect the government schools, but then again, these inspectors are easily bribed and hence the system carries on without any problem on kickbacks. The things don't end here, the same thing continues in even private school. Though the conditions there are much better but still, most of the teachers out there (I am addressing a common issue and am not talking about every teacher) are unworthy as the school's don't want to shell out money on hiring good teachers and hence unworthy individuals sneak into the system destroying children's curiosity and also their knowledge. 

Now  you would be tempted to ask, that if the case is so then how so many children excel in our board examination? 

The answer is simple, our board examination amount to nothing and they are truly the things that are debilitating the nation. Even today only, in a famous English Daily, I read a comment from the principal of a renowned DU(Delhi University) college saying that she has seen students securing 100 in political science in class XII fumbling in a test while those who secured 75 scored much better. There are two things about the education system of class XII. The first thing is they are actually false, even a stupid person can smell the rat watching so many children securing prestigious 95 marks. 

The next thing is about that every science stream students progressed ahead keeping in mind two things, whether he has to excel in boards or in IIT entrance. Unfortunately, normally they can't do the thing in both the exams because IIT on one side requires intelligence while boards on the other side require rote learning. If you just mug up previous year board papers, and sample papers without even knowing how to solve even the basic questions, you can get above 90 in science stream, but contrary to that if you are really good at problem solving but don't learn the basic definitions word by work, no matter how much good you are, you won't get a good percentage and this is the actual fact, that's why some students even securing about 95% in class XII don't even qualify for JEE Mains, what to say about JEE advanced.

The next things destroying us all is our reservation system. I have been to this nation for around 17 years(from birth) but still one thing that I am still not able to understand is why the person next door to me, whose parents earn more than a lakh  per month get benefits from the society while on the other hand, despite of being from a middle class family  I am not given any benefit. Recently while talking to a friend of mine who belongs to the same category and despite of being intelligent, unable to score high percentage, I actually came to know how so many people are facing this problem.

 If you go according to the DU cutoffs, the first cutoff for a general category students stood at 97 and the 12th the last stood at 96 (whopping -1% difference) while for the same course for a ST candidate, the first cutoff stood at 92% and the sixth cutoff only came to 84%. Actually in our nation, if you belong to general category, you would be bruised as much as you can be. Reservation was actually a great step taken by our forefathers, in order to enable the backward classes to come up to the nation's level and this was only deemed to be fit for around 20 years after making of the constitution, but what happened afterwards is an open story. All the political parties have a mutual understanding on the topic so as to secure vote banks, half of the political berths in our nations are reserved only on caste politics and this is the truth of our nation. If you belong to general category, even if your parents are damn poor you would be considered as a person having exceptionally gifted and unfair advantages over others and hence you would be made devoid of almost everything while on the other hand if you fall outside this sphere, no matter how much rich you are, you would be sympathized with excessive reservations in everything. Today the condition of general category is so much bad that some people even consider, being born in a general  category as a sin. In India, racism exists but more than that on religious basis,its of general and other categories. 

I am pro-reservation, when reservation is given on the basis of economic conditions. Through this, only the right person would be able to take the advantage. If you are poor, no matter from which caste you belong to, you are actually poor and you must get some special amenities but here the perception lies that only the general categories student can be rich and hence we all have to suffer and at last the nation suffers because see, a general category students securing 90% can't take admission in the college but the one who securing 65% from ST category can get the admission and then at last, the one who truly had the potential are wiped out and the ones who are not deserving, actually get everything.Talent doesn't belong to any particular caste and creed, the ones from other categories are as  equally talented as  those of general categories and hence give reservation either to everyone or on the basic of economic status. In a nation where we boast of being united, actually we all stand divided but not on the basis of religions but on the basis of our castes. Previously there was a dirty division among various castes because of unsophisticated thoughts, but today the division is being created by the politicians, the ones who want our nation to reach the nadir, because they know that this is the last barrier keeping the nation divided among itself. The day we achieve unity, every difference and every problem would be annihilated and what would come forward would be a great nation with greatness engineered into it. 

I don't care from which category you belong to, but for just one moment have a look at it, give it a dekko and then you would realize that I am right because in our heart we all know what's right and we can't hide things from ourselves.........

This is not an attempt to defame anybody, its just an attempt to help by nation grow and soar in happiness, prosperity and greatness.....


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Flowing like water

Sometimes when the life takes many unexpected turns and we are completely unaware how the future might unfold, whether things would go right or not, whether you would get the thing you want or not, all in all when we are in the whirlpool of doubt, just do one thing relax. 

              Let me tell nothing in this world can ever defeat your chances of become successful if you have truly worked hard. No matter, what happens, just keep on going and never feel afraid. We feel afraid in two types of situations, the one in which we have not prepared for anything at all and the second when we have prepared so much that insecurity has slipped into our mind whether we would make it to the top or not. Relaxation actually helps in both the cases. In the former case, nothing can change, if you have not prepared, it's simple that you don't deserve to be on the top and hence feeling pressurized for something that we have not prepared for, is worthless and futile. Hence, first of all, slip into relaxation and talk to yourself. In this world, we have stopped talking to our heart. We expect our friends, families to suggest us things and find the answers to our questions despite of having the biggest guru inside of us id est our heart. In our heart, we all know the truth. In Gita too, God has said, "man can run away from anybody in the world but not from himself." Stop for a moment and ask yourself, what needs to be done. Your heart will always guide you the right way. If you actually don't deserve to get the top spot, you better be unfazed by it because worrying about something which we can't change is like poisoning yourself and that is just harmful. 

Next come the latter people who are actually the ones who need to relax. As  I have already said that our heart knows everything; from our strength to our weakness; from our victories to our follies and many more. If your heart says that yes you truly deserve the things, you have done a great job, perspired a lot; when other were busy in daily trifles you were busy chasing mastery over your subject of concern; then believe me that the day is gonna be yours. All of us are connected to universe. Even a small thing we do would eventually have a deep impact in universe because, we are what universe in made up of. Our single step can actually change the shape of the universe. Hence whenever you set out to achieve a thing wholeheartedly and practice for it to the last breathe, the universe starts recognizing you and would provide you with everything you want, to be successful. Its true that sometimes you might fail, get disappointed but actually, you are in a test being conducted by the universe. If you fight one battle, you lose and you refuse to fight the another one, the universe would snub you out in the rest of 7.125 billion while if you fight battles, you lose, you try again and again and again; you always have a chance to get back up and the more you get back up collecting all your strengths to fight back again, to fight the way back to light, the more the universe starts mending itself the way you want it to do. You just have to prove to the universe that your will power is much greater than its and when you show it you are the champion, it bows down and bestows you everything.

So what you need to do now is to be like water. Flow passionately and without any breaks. Let your mind flow like a streamline vessel and enjoy the beauty of universe as well as your passion. Flowing like water means to carry on your work with as much rigor as you can rather than generating whirlpools in vain. Just flow calmly and enjoy the nature, its beauty, its strengths and carry on your work. And also remember that the water can flow or the water can crash. Presently continue flowing and when the actual time comes, crash the worldly fires and snatch away the victory as if victory was born to be yours..................


Monday, 23 May 2016

Fighting the way....

It might be possible that many a times you would be made devoid of things that you actually deserve in life. Many a times, people who don't deserve to get your position would take away almost everything leaving  you just like a failure. The world would start recognizing their intelligence which is in totality superficial and you would be counted among the best failures available out there. During  such times, its pretty difficult managing things,  you would feel beleaguered and everything else would  seem devastated. Hate or insecurity to take risks might creep in your heart and you would develop a grudge against the society and because you are indeed not able to mutate the society to even a single percent, hence that grudge would be combined with some more anxiety and hatred. Such things are truly expected from a person who tried hard, who  deserved things but couldn't get them due to many inevitable circumstances and positions. But you know, in this life everything happens for a reason. When you reach the correct maturity of knowing the reason behind various things you would be able to appreciate the beauty of how ingeniously our life has been arranged. Today you might not discover the true reason behind this thing but one day you would find the reason and would be able to connect the dots for why things happened the day they did.

Actually it's not always about failing in life. Many a times, some beloved ones might depart away, many a times we get punished for crimes we never committed, during these moments, we stop believing in nature or God (whatever you want to call it based on your spiritual understandings). Whenever we fall down, we always believe that life, God, our Karma etc. has been tremendously cruel towards us and its barbaric attitude would never change. Sometimes, we are so busy cursing the life that we even forget about our injury, but everything in this world happens for a reason. It's highly probable that when these  things take place you might stop believing in anything but believe me (just for your own sake) that things would become good. 

Actually, in life something exists which carries our name, something in this universe is reserved for all of us that nobody else in the world can even dare to take away. But we  won't get that thing until and unless we become eligible to get that thing. Most of the people who quit during such times only meet with their reserved thing when they go back their grave while those who carry on will  one day relish that thing.

Actually there is no reason to quit because if you have been doing something out of love, you would never quit , no matter how much bad circumstances are. Take for example a singer. If a singer truly loves music, then no matter how many times he gets rejected from studios, no matter how many times he fails in competition, he would never quit because music is his life while the one who just sings for money would quit after the first blow only. So the one who truly loves things by heart would eventually succeed while the one who just does  things for sake of money, people etc. would fall out of race. 

So now what you do when you fall down? You either get the shit kicked out of you or you fight your way back to life.  The choice is  always yours, whether you go to your graveyard with the unfulfilled great ideas that only struck your mind, or you go with your immortal greatness...


Saturday, 21 May 2016

A lesson for failures....

Some failures in life are inevitable. Sometimes, you might lose out and those who never deserved to win might take up the winning trophy. Sometimes it might happen that some might even take up what you deserved by deceit but still as everybody claims, winners govern the history. In such moments, we might end up crying and losing our heart, we might consider ourselves the worst failure, in some incidents it might feel as if there is no life ahead, your whole career has got wasted and you can't do anything ahead of that but let me tell you there is still hope. Whenever anyone of us set out to do anything great, we might fall into disasters, many a times defeats will engulf you and failure would shroud you. Life would be a miserable incident and you might even think of ending it. In such moments, we lose every hope and ambition ans we just start thinking why all these things are happening to us. Some failure in life is truly inevitable. There are two options, either you live a life filled with new experiments and adventures or you live a life so cautiously that you never fail, but the dilemma is that in the latter situation you fail by default. Many a times life would be unfair. No matter how much you do things, no matter how hard you wanted things, some people who never deserved them might end up taking them; while sometimes some horrendous incidents might strike upon and you would lose the battle.

Whenever we lose, nothing works because no matter how much we think about other things, our mind continuously goes back to striking hard at just one thing that we failed. Though all these things are habitual but keep in mind, your one failure at some thing can't define your life. Even the greats have to fail.  Henry Ford, the one who revolutionized the motor industry had faced a huge failure in life. His first two companies failed. Now most of the readers would think that he was Henry Ford and that's why he did so etc. but just for one second, imagine a person who is having no wealth, and his two companies have already failed. There is nothing to give you a motivation and you have to run your family and have to move ahead. For a moment try to sense the hardships of those times. At that times, Henry Ford was no different to all those people who had failed except in one beautiful thing, the never giving up attitude. Many of his counterparts at that time couldn't have started a third company because they would have envisages great risks or failures, but Ford knew that he was already in pain and if he stops today that pain would last forever, hence he started all over again and the rest is history.

Steve Jobs, the great visionary APPLE CEO, was ousted from his own company. Its easy to listen their story but pretty hard to imagine the conditions, when you are ousted from the company that you founded, most of your friends (whom you employed in your company) have become the company head and you are nobody in the company. Being jobless, penniless and also in complete despair, almost anybody else in the world would have thought of ending his/her life but Mr. Jobs didn't. He came back with a bang. He started NEXT, which gave world the best animation pictures and at last when APPLE's condition became miserable, they became forced to get back Jobs and what followed is known by everybody else.

Its very easy to think about great people and listen to their story but its pretty difficult to learn from their story. Failures will come and go if you embark on a great journey to check whether you are able to become great but what actually counts in life is your attitude towards life.....


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Striking up the balance....

Life is too hard to be lived easily. Indeed life is full of a deluge of surprises. Many a times, so many unexpected things would commence happening in a spree that the in toto life would change into a complete pandemonium, contrary to that sometimes life is such a latent state that it’s hard to live without any enthusiasm.  Many a time so much happiness sweeps in life while most of the times sadness shrouds us in an uneven mystery. Many a times you would feel as if life has defeated you or sometimes you may feel you have conquered the invincible life.

Actually, change is the language of nature. In life one day everything has to change, be it you, your style, your time and consequently your life and hence nothing stays much with us for a long time. Just in the same fashion, our time to will change and no matter what’s happening to us currently, this too shall pass. Change is the only constant thing in the world. If you are having a tough time, keep in mind that if your good times couldn’t last forever, how can your tough time be always there while on the other hand, if you are having a nice time then keep in mind that if your bad times couldn’t haunt you much, how would your good times let you relish them throughout the life.

The biggest problem with mankind is that we all forget our previous adventures as soon as we jump into the new one. Whenever anything good happens, we immerse ourselves so much into it, that we forget that we also used to have bad times while when we have a bad time, we plunge into depression so much that we stop looking for various good things that are still present around us. Only a balanced life is life lived good and hence we need to strike up a balance between everything. We need to strike the balance between our work, our things, our emotions and almost everything as far as possible. When you strike a balance between things and get neither too happy when something elating happens and nor too sad when something bad happens, serenity would take the place of panic and life would be much more tractable. What we need is just a simple balance that would eradicate all our sorrows by debilitating all the excessive expectations as well as depression and guilt and eventually after that life would soon transform into a wonderful place where you are neither too much attached to things nor alienated from them and this form of life is truly enjoyable.

Life is actually a pseudonym of balances. If on one side you put too much stress, it would let to recession in the other one while if the other one is unbalance, the first one might lose its charm. The balances are actually different aspects life and now the ball in your court. Either put it in middle to balance, or on the either side to recede away….



Tuesday, 17 May 2016


India houses many different kinds of people in terms of almost everything, be it according to religion, colour, thinking, mentality and a plethora of criterion can follow but one of the unique kind of people that our nation gives refuge to are those type of people who are constantly cursing the nation for all the things that the nation doesn't have or is presently weak in. You can find such kind of people everywhere, you can find them in your schools or colleges, cursing Indian education system for making them poor in their subjects, you can see them outside every entrance examination center citing that India now has nothing to do for youngsters and only nations like USA and UK are the best, many a times you can find them in your office rebuking the way various processes take place (e.g. corruption, slow and sluggish process and blah blah blah (because these kind of cheap people don't need any excuse in order to start their slandering conversation)). You can find them anywhere in the nation, but despite of their location throughout the nation, one things that's pretty common to them is that all of them are mere losers in their life and when they got no reason to blame anybody except our tolerant country.

Lately I went to a passport office for some work. While my mother and I were waiting for my turn, I started reading "The man who knew Infinity" by Robert Kanigel. I was sitting besides my mom, when suddenly my mother spotted an old lady who resides near my house. She was also there for the same purpose and started talking to my mom. Rather than beating about the bush, the lady soon came to the point advising me that I should get my passport in order as soon as possible because India has got nothing for youngsters and as I have passed my class XII I must find a way to move out to developed nation. Morever she commenced condemning the whole nation for everything with the gamut ranging from political scams to economic situation etc. Despite of the fact that almost none of her family members has till now gone outside of India and her whole lineage was brought up in India,studied in India and her sons are working in India but still she doesn't like India. Obviously she was not the only one out there among those people who were so tensed for their passports to go outside the nation and I could clearly hear many people pointing out errors in our country all through the time they were waiting in my room for their turns. What was more paradoxical to the situation was the dilemma that shrouded my because at once I was listening two voices; one of an american applauding the Indian genius in the highest terms and on the other hand worthless people (unfortunately Indians) applauding America in the biggest manner possible. On one hand Kanigel was calling South India as a place where in just a few minutes you can feel spiritual vibrations crossing you, on the other hand those who had the got the privilege to feel all such enigmatic things find it disgusting.

In India, most of the people are like this only. They just want to show that India is the worst nation ever possible, if these people are given a chance to speak then such people (though they are incapable of giving any strong or true claim) can prove that Afghanistan is much more at peace than India. Such things are truly demeaning for a nation like India. The nations that taught the world how to count is now the nation from where engineers want to go away. Thousands of IIT or IIM graduates settle away in countries like USA or UK but these people should be ashamed of themselves because actually India taught them everything, it gave them IITs and spent so much on their education (Indian government spends 28 lakh in four years on an IITian) and then they just go away claiming that India has no option of them. Let me remind you that Sir S. Ramanujan, the biggest mathematician the world has ever seen, the one who invented his Maths himself, loved India so much that when he came to know that his death was near, he came back to India because he wanted to die in the lap of his motherland. Who are these people in front of Ramanujan? A speck or less may be but still the biggest mathematician during 1900s (even when India was a British Colony) loved his country so much and these people who are nowhere even comparable to him call India a barren and foreign countries a fecund land. Let me tell you such people (I am referring to all technical analysts, doctors etc.) who go away to other nations just because they are getting a good job are a stigma for India. After some time when they get a citizenship out there, they are in a hurry and eagerness to prove to the world that they are not Indians, they were just born there, because they feel it to be a shameful thing to be called Indian. They claim that a nation which housed the world's first and biggest university; the nation that taught the world geometry and trigonometry doesn't have scope for science, but these in actuality these people don't have any scope to do something new because they a born to be foreign slaves rather than being part of the world's greatest civilization. I am actually referring to people who go outside the nation and all through their life criticize India for its shortcomings, and certainly not those who love their country but are working abroad for some other reasons.

Our motherland gave birth to all such people and today they feel that the nation has nothing to give to them. Now let me ask such people what they have given to the nation. They can't even count one thing which they have given to the nation. These people just know how to condemn the nation, rather than correcting things.A true person would be someone who would change the things if he doesn't like them the way they are but only cowards can sit in one corner and spend their life time condemning the whole nation. Let me tell you one thing ask not what India has done for you, ask what you can do for India. The nation, which gave world almost everything. Our Ayurveda is the oldest medicinal science and almost the whole world's medical science is based on its results, our mathematicians developed number theory and zero (the fundamental thing of all mathematics), we told the world that things are made up of atoms. Even Einstein and almost all other great scientists have approbated the fact. Even today we are on the top of most of the things and in things we are not particular exceptional, day by day we are progressing and one day, like we always used to be.

Today we need young people who are ready to strengthen the nation rather than condemning it. Today we need helping hands and not those who learn everything here and go out condemning the nation. The choice is yours which way you would want to go..