Friday, 14 August 2015

Love what you do...

Whenever you dedicate your life to something better or greater than what you have contemporarily, you are actually asking the forces of the world to combine up to fillip you up and help you go out and rock the world. 

Mark Twain once said," The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Its true that you only cling up to the things you really love, you actually never let such things go away out from you and you can only become great at something only when you are insane towards it, when you love it more than you love to be with your friends, your spouse, more than you love to play, sleep and laugh. Most of the people are not successful because they are actually slaying down their own dreams. See, its necessary to bear pain to be successful, if you don't actually like something and when you want to move ahead in that thing, there comes a time full of hardship and then you would just go away leaving all the things because you have never actually liked that thing and only those who cling on to things till their last breath are the actual ones who succeed. So let me give you a wonderful advice in life, if you don't like doing something, leave it up now, abandon it today because someday you have to leave it and why to waste your time doing a boring thing till reaching that day. All those great people are so much big because they actually love what they do and they continue to do the same for whole of their life, in fact they were actually made to do that only. Usain Bolt was just made to run, Michael Phelps to swim, Muhammad Ali to fight and these people have actually done the things they were destined to and that's why they are considered greats.

 So my friends, leave the things, you are forced to do in life, they will take you nowhere than committing a personal spiritual suicide and if you actually want to become great, find the thing which actually doesn't let you sleep, eat or play as you are so much indulged in it....

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Patience is a must..

Winning is not just a one factor shot. Numerous of factors must be set right to crush your opponents and snatch the victory out. 

Let me tell you a short story about the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal winning Ice Hockey Team's coach Herbert Paul Brooks, also known as Herb Brooks. Herb was himself an American hockey player who was even taken into the team of 1960 Olympics, but just one day before the team was to leave for the Olympics, the coach at that time ousted Brooks and included some other player. Brooks watched the whole tournament with his father and at last when the American team won the Gold Medal, Brook's father taunted him by saying, "I believe the coach send the right person out." This actually torn him into pieces, his heart was shattered from inside, but he never lost hope. In the year 1980, he was chosen as the national coach for the Olympic team. At that time too the Soviets and Americans were at a cold war in the game too but the only difference was that the American team consisted of just college studying students of average age of 21 and Soviets comprised of world's biggest players and had won Gold medals in consecutive four previous Olympics, but Brooks knew that this was high last chance. He had waited for 20 years and now he just can't accept defeat. The team, miraculously reached the final stage of the game and was to compete against the Soviet Union's team. Everybody was just thinking what would happen next, suddenly Brooks entered the dressing room and said, " I am tired of listening that the Soviets are the biggest hockey players in the world, they had their own time and now its your turn, and eventually the team went on to win the gold medal in the 1980 Olympics.

The thing on which I am trying to focus through Brooks example is his great patience. The man waited for around 20 years to prove to the nation that he loved hockey more than anybody else and even if he would have gone, the team would have won the medal in the 1960. Brooks waited for 20 years rather than losing his patience and cursing the world for being cruel to him. 

Blaming others is a pure work of cowards. You only get what you deserve. If today you are not a billionaire, its just because you don't deserve to be one now, but you can surely change the things, you are not a coward, you are better than that. Just go ahead and get what you want, the world will follow on its own...........

Monday, 10 August 2015

Desire to win is more important than winning itself.

In my previous blogs I have already written a couple of times that to win you must fail. But let me tell you something important besides this fact. It doesn't always matter whether you win or lose but what matters most is whether you have the desire to win. Nobody has nothing to do with your failure, what actually matters is whether you still have the desire to persevere. Remember the tough gets going when the going gets tough. 
In this life everything is difficult just so that only the greats could make it through, you might lose a couple of times, you might face crushing defeat, no matter how much  hard you prepare but you must lose.
 Let me tell you the story of a boy. The boy started swimming and got good at it. He was pretty good but one day around the age of ten, he took part in a championship and lost. The boy broke down crying really hard, a swimming coach approached him and asked him, "what's the matter boy?'. He answered while crying, "I wanted to win and I had prepared really hard but I lost". The coach asked,"Do you wanna run away or give it another try?'. The boy suddenly blurted out,"One day I would win" and after just five years the boy went to Sydney Olympics in 2000 and after that in 2004, created his own swimming records. The boy was none other than Micheal Phelps, the legendary American swimmer and the coach was none other than Barry Bowman, Micheal's coach who coached him after this incident. 
When years later, Bowman was asked, what quality of Phelps propelled him to come ahead and train him. Bowman said,"It never mattered to me whether he won the race or not but something that mattered was that the desire to win was always there in his eyes." 
You too need the same thing to be phenomenal. Once you lose that desire to win and be great, you stop winning, you stop being great , you actually commit spiritual and mental suicide because you have stopped living your life. 
Abraham Lincoln lost more than half of the election he ever fought, he was even rejected for the post of a land officer, but he always had a desire to win, to try and try and try until the goal is reached. Martin Luther King Jr. once said,"If I can't run, I will walk; if I can't walk, I will crawl but I will, one day reach my goal." Great people are not those who always win but the ones who never leave the desire to win.

At last I would like to sum up with some beautiful words from Abraham Lincoln that "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."

Friday, 7 August 2015

Connecting the dots..

In life, there are gonna be some times when bad things happen for no reason. You just say that, "I didn't do anything bad to someone else, why such things are only happening with me." But my friend let me tell you one single thing that you can't connect the dots looking forwards. Let me tell you about Steve Jobs. Being a stubborn child, he compelled his parents to send him to Reed College, which was one of the most expensive colleges in United States in the 1970s. But after just six months, Jobs dropped out citing that he didn't "enjoy" the course in which he was enrolled. His parents had, till then shelled out all of their savings on his tuition fees and he just blatantly dropped out. For many months he was homeless and had to sleep in the dorm rooms of his friends, he didn't even have money to buy food for himself and he was in complete despair. But at that time Reed College also offered one of the finest calligraphy courses in the whole of United States and Steve dropped in Calligraphy course. At that that he didn't know why he was doing all these stuff, but around a decade later when Apple computers were designed, Steve was the one who came up with the idea of introducing beautiful fonts in the computer, that the world is currently using.
 By this story I just mean to tell you that in your life things happen for a reason. No matter how much pain you feel when they happen to you,  just don't lose you calm. This whole universe's destiny is predestined. Some things are actually out of our control, but believe me that behind everything there is a great reason which we might rejoice in the next couple of months or years. One day we all would certainly look backward to all such things and connect the dots and I bet you would laugh at it and thank the God for doing such things with you. Just don't lose your patients. You will at last unravel the whole mystery, but just wait to be able to connect the dots.....

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Be phenomenal....

Just take a look around the people around you. Do you know why they are not super rich, super phenomenal, super exception? This is because they ran for mediocrity, but let me tell you, you are not made for mediocrity, you are not made to settle down for less because you are made to be phenomenal. Psychologists have discovered that whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve, its simple as that. Before your dreams come true, you have to code it into your mind that its possible and if you can imaging the future, if you can see the future before even the God creates it, if you can see yourself achieving greatness, before others can even get a whiff of it, then only you would become successful. Just listen to me, you are already in pain, because your life is not good. If you are happy with your life then don't read ahead, but if you still have that appetite to achieve greatness carry on. I bet there would be times when you would feel betrayed but let me tell if, if I try 1000 times and fail all the time, I would surely feel bad but if I try again, and again and again there is still a chance that one day by luck or by hard work or any other means I will make it through but if I stop today, is there any chance that I could ever get up. Listen you are already in pain, you are not happy because you are not having the things you need, not happy because you are not pursuing so don't let this pain just flow away but in fact use this pain to take you to the next level. So, no matter even the whole world stands against you but I can bet, if you really want it by heart, if you really want it as bad as you want to breathe, the whole world will conspire to hatch a plan to help you achieve your love. Always have an appetite for success. Be hungry, Be ahead, Be Phenomenal, because you are born to be so.........

Monday, 3 August 2015

Life is cruel...

In your life there will be times when you will be deceived. When those whom you trust more than anything will be the ones who will make you fall and the once whom you hate would prove to be the actual ones who could help you get up.But always keep in mind that when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Each one of us exist today in this humongous world for a unique reason, you too have something unique in yourself so rather than moaning and complaining about things, you better move on and change everything. Greatness is not an elusive quality that only special amongst us bear, its something that is produced. Talent is natural but skill is developed only by beating at your craft day and night, by wanting success more than you want to live. You yourself are one of a kind and believe me there would be hard times in your life no matter how tough you are. You would cry, weep, want to die, but keep in mind one thing, there is no happiness in gaining success if it is not hard to get. If it would have been easy, everybody, each one of your colleague, friend, classmates would have been successful. Nobody said it would be easy but yes I bet it would be worth it. You are chosen for a special reason, a special craft.
              Go Get It, and Never Take Any Day Off...
                                                                       JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT
                                                                                  JAI MA BHARTI

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Unleash your inner power......

The world has never been an easy and beautiful place to live. Life will always beat you down to your knees no matter how tough, or great or genius you are. In fact, victory would become worthless if it is attained without any challenges. So move forwards, you are the creator of your destiny, go and change it all because your life has values. Just practice your craft as much as you can. People get rewarded in public only for what they do for years in private. Geniuses are created not born. You too, yes you too have a genius in yourself, the difference is that you have not recognized it. Unleash yourself, kill the enemy without you and change it all, nor for anybody else but because you matter.