Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Unleash your inner power......

The world has never been an easy and beautiful place to live. Life will always beat you down to your knees no matter how tough, or great or genius you are. In fact, victory would become worthless if it is attained without any challenges. So move forwards, you are the creator of your destiny, go and change it all because your life has values. Just practice your craft as much as you can. People get rewarded in public only for what they do for years in private. Geniuses are created not born. You too, yes you too have a genius in yourself, the difference is that you have not recognized it. Unleash yourself, kill the enemy without you and change it all, nor for anybody else but because you matter.


Monday, 27 July 2015

Life is too short...

“Don't let other people's opinions distort your reality. Someone else's opinion of you must never become your own reality....... Life is what you make it, it's too short to cry over past or to think about the future, live your present, learn from your past and create your future the way you want it to be, rather than how others expect it to be................

Friday, 29 May 2015

Failure is the key to success.

Those out there crying due to failure,
Listen to me,
You are indeed fortunate that thee,
Has got the chance to fail,
And only this failure can hail,
The shine of success one day,
Win is in itself incomplete,
If you have never failed,
If you have never been dashed to ground,
Your goal is certainly too short if you have not screamed a losing sound,
A boat which has never seen storm can never be sailed,
You can never achieve greatness if you have never failed,
Failure is an essential part of life,
Which tells you where you lack,
And when you will fight the big bout, it will support you from back,
You can live two types of life,
Either to live a life, where you have never failed,
And such a cautious life is worthless and not a life of fame,
Or you live a life where you learn from your defeat,
In which you prepare yourself in failure’s, criticism’s heat,
In this world nobody is perfect,
Behind those great wins, there are years of perspiring and thousands of days of practice and also failure,
You burst a stone not in a single blow,
But thousands of the previous unsuccessful blow pave the way two,
To learn to face the gale,
By failure, you have to be nailed..


Monday, 25 May 2015


After coming back from his much debated international “self-introspection” trip, Rahul Gandhi seems completely changed and transformed, but unfortunately not in a good manner. After being defeated at almost every front of the politics, not even becoming the opposition minister, he somewhat turned himself into a recluse politician but after coming from his trip he blatantly speaks against Narendra Modi and his government, but the problem is he himself doesn’t know what he says. He quotes completely rubbish facts and just beat about the bush about the Modi government. And as now he has not got any new fresh topic against Mr. Modi, he has resorted to just saying that Modi’s government is only the government of businessmen and not of poor people. He repeats this cliché in his speech much more times than he even breathe.

After hearing so much from Rahul Gandhi about the faults of NDA government I just browsed the facts and in just a few minutes, I found that all his claims stand quashed. In January 2014, when opinion polls signaling Modi’s victory were published out, Sensex was at around 21,140 points. Since then Sensex has risen around 32% while Adani Enterprises has risen to about 190% but it would be completely tomfoolery to look on to just one company (the act which Rahul Gandhi performed). If we look on to some bigger enterprises, which are much bigger than the Adanis, we would find that they have also fallen to a much lower level. Reliance industries have just risen by only 1% since the start of the financial year 2014 and this proves the fact that Modi government doesn’t follow any policy of favoritism.

Mr. Modi is always accused by his antagonists that his government just revolves around Ambanis and Adanis but if we look at the trends of stock market since his becoming the Prime Minster, Ashok Leyland is up by 308%, Bharat forge is up by 278% and these certainly are not Modi’s cronies.

The gainers are certainly small to medium group companies. Bajaj finance (192%), Waterbase (320%), Global offshore (469%). All these facts clearly prove that Mr. Modi has not followed any policy of favoritism. In fact many businessmen complain of his being inaccessible to them many a times. And one more thing that I would like to add is that if business in a nation surges up, that means that the nation is succeeding on the economic front and it doesn’t mean that the government is favoring anyone. I hope that one day the opposition would surely unravel that Mr. Modi is just doing what they didn’t do in their own regime of a decade.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

South Korea:A reliable partner...

Just as the Indian Prime Minister set his feet on the soil of South Korea, he started a new epoch of bilateral cooperation between two heavyweight nations of the world which is slated to become one of the best and biggest cooperation between any two nations.

Indeed Indian Prime Minister has made a very crucial decision to take up South Korea as one of his biggest priorities because there is hardly any other nation out there which can assist India and strike up a great partnership as much extensively as South Korea.

If we talk about the period of 1960s then South Korea was one of the poorest nations of the world but as the “Miracle of Han River” unfolded the world just saw this great nation with an open mouth and today India stands on the same side of the history. Though India’s condition today is still much better than the 1960’s South Korea but still we are still a long way behind the aims that we have in our mind.
Today South Korea has an overall trade of $18 billion USD with India which bilateral investments range to around $4 billion USD and around more than 450 Korean companies are completely well established in India. South Korea is now a champion in manufacturing industry. With world famous companies like Samsung, Hyundai and LG electronics it is hardly behind any other nation in terms of its manufacturing capability and as Mr. Modi wishes to transform India into a manufacturing hub, he can surely take assistance from South Korea. Moreover as South Korea has more than 85% of its total investments, in the manufacturing sector in India, this fact can be heavily exploited in order to help India see the success of “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign…. South Korea is also a master in vocation training and skill development programs and hence can be a great source of mentor for India which has just started out on this venture in order to produce a well-qualified workforce in the nation.
The other thing is “Digital India” program. South Korea can help our this program too immensely. Today South Korea is a completely tech-savvy nation with around 97% people having broadband connections and also having world’s highest number of internet subscribers and hence this nation can amount very significantly in filliping India’s “Digital India” program sans any doubt.

Mr. Modi’s third plan of smart cities can also find South Korea as a reliable partner because Songdo, world’s first smart city is in South Korea only. South Korea’s rich experience in maintenance and construction of smart cities can be certainly of huge benefit for India.

All in all we can’t find a better partner than South Korea if we want to move up and transform India into a vibrant country. Today we just need to focus on our ties with this wonderful nation and work for the best.


Sino-Indian relationship...

Though national as well as international media has hyped Mr. Modi’s China visit very much but still in reality, it is an incontrovertible fact that there still exist many grave and impending issues on which both the nations are at loggerheads.

Mr. Modi’s recent visit to China, though expected to mark a new commencement in the Sino-Indian issues but still the bitter and exposed truth is that both the nations lack the much needed thing i.e. trust between each other and hence with such a low and diminished level of reliability between the nations lucidly signal out a weak base of the relationship between the two nations. In his own speech Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi clearly said that the lacunae of trust in between the two nations has held both the nations back from begetting a new beginning to rejuvenate and revive the Sino-Indian relationship. Various issues like that of Line of Actual Control (LAC), Tibet issues etc. still continue to mar the relationship between the two superpowers of the world.

In the decade of 1960s during which trust between both the nations was completely shattered, things were pretty different. China was no better than India. In fact in the year 1964 China had an overall GDP of 59 billion USD and India was not pretty much behind with a GDP of 57 billion USD but things started changing from 1967 when India’s GDP plunged to 51 billion USD and Chinese GDP shooted over to 79 billion USD and now according to current statistics China has an overall GDP of 9.24 trillion USD and India has a GDP of 1.877 trillion USD. China is now a superpower of the world and even India’s best friend Russia has started drifting towards China just like the rest of the world. With world’s greatest manufacturing industry as well as many other various factors, today China boasts of being a strong as well as well established nation while on the other hand India still needs to move a long way. Hence, understanding gap between the two nations can strictly hamper the progress of both the nations. If we continue to practice the old school thought of just managing things for name sake and leaving the disastrous topics to be dealt by the future generations, it would be nearly impossible for both the neighbors to succeed.

Today, the trust deficit between both the nations continue to act as the most prominent barriers hindering the success of Sino-Indian relationship and this was also evident from Indian Prime Minister’s speech in China in which he clearly said that the two nations can never move ahead with hatred in hearts against each other. The truth is that both India and China need each other. India is the biggest market for Chinese manufacturing industry in the whole world and hence China’s collapse is inevitable if India is not there while India too depends of China for various crucial things and hence as both the nations depend on each other so much, the trust deficit must be stifle reduced and lowered down to prevent the downfall of both the two emerging powers of the world.

Today India and China need to move ahead. Rather than just praising each other in media, we need to feel the same way in our heart too and then only a strict and effective change can be infused in the overall system in order to renovate the laggard relationship between the two nations.

Either we do it today or it will not happen at all. Today the choice lies in our hand. Both the nations need each other extensively and moreover the two share boundaries with each other. Therefore just snubbing the reality is not an option and now something must be done.



Friday, 24 April 2015

MOVE ON.....

Sometimes its better to let things go,

Rather than crying in vain,

Sometimes its better to move one,

Rather than moaning in pain,

Sometimes we must learn to let go,

Sometimes we must learn to live alone,

And accept that something which we have always loved has gone,

Sometimes its better to not peep in the past,

Sometimes its better to tell yourself that opportunities are still vast,

We all must one day lose everything with which we have been rewarded,

Tell yourself that it was nothing but that day of yours,

Sometimes to live happy in life,

We need to let go of thing that made our problems nil from rife,

Sometimes its better to cry out once rather lamenting day and night,

I know its hard but just try to stop your inner fight,

Just believe in God, he must have done it right,

Life has not ended without it,

Stop crying and living in bits,

When one door closes, many more open up,

Whatever is good for you must one day wear you up,

Just wait for the day when you get what you deserved,

Just hope and one day your life will be revered,

So move on today if you think it is right,

One day you will surely win that consciousness' fight....