Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sweat more in peace, bleed less in war...


When we are in the battle field, something that will demarcate the difference between the loser and winner will never be any subtleties but a very uninvolved thing i.e. who actually toiled hard.
One of the greatest champions in the boxing history of the world, my own favorite, Muhammad Ali, once acclaimed, “I hated every minute of training, but I said- Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” What separates the winners and losers is just one inch of a difference, the winner, in almost all cases, just perspire one more drop of sweat and they are far ahead than anybody else in the world. The one whole toils hardest in the practice session bleeds least in the actual battlefield.

In life, we all get what we deserve, nothing more and nothing less. While preparing everybody is same. We all had the same time, the same energy and almost everything matches up but the sole thing that will carve out a champion is who is ready to sweat more and in this world, only and only this thing count. See, there are millions of people vying for the same things. Everybody just wants to be on the top, nobody wants to be unsuccessful and impoverished. We all want to live with the best luxuries available in the world and here comes the time when results have to be decided. 

Not everybody can get everything because not everybody is ready to risk everything. Most people just leave things when they become tired, they leave things when they have to party, they abandon things when they don’t want to wake up earlier than anybody else, they leave things when they have a better option of spending the day with friends, families and hence most of these people go nowhere. While on the other hand, there are a few handful of people who continue even when they are hurt, who don’t leave things just because they are not having a good day, they continue on things despite of being hurt, injured or bruised; they continue notwithstanding so many failures, they continue despite of having plethora of debacles, they continue in spite of all the slanderous things the world say to them, they carry on sans letting them be flummoxed by what others think about them, they continue despite of having lost their loved ones, they continue despite of having huge pain and depression in their lives, the continue even when the gloomy hoary clouds engulf them, they continue despite of having the worst cast of bad luck and they carry on until the last breath in their lungs.

So actually there is a very serrated edge difference between the two. The first one forsake everything when they feel tired but the second one start the stop watch when they are out of their comfort zones and at last I needn’t mention who takes away everything.

 We all love great people, their passion, their style, their attitude, we try to emulate them in almost everything, but we just forget that there was a time when they were truly nothing.  Nobody knew them, nobody cared for their existence and they had thousand of competitors.  These people swore to change their destiny and they did. Behind their exceptional charismatic attitudes, there is a great penchant and proclivity for what these people do. When they do, what they are famous for, they are so much enthralled as if they are in another world, when they start doing the things they love, they don’t care what the people are doing, what the people are thinking about them; they just do their work.

I recently studied about the greatest scientist ever born, Sir Isaac Newton. Most of us believe that he was kind of a prodigy, who was just born to be great in Physics and Mathematics and he just knew everything by birth and didn’t have to work hard. Even I used to follow the suit, but after actually studying him I discovered a shocking thing. Sir Isaac Newton used to study for more than 18 hours per day. During his time at Cambridge, young boys were indulged in various kind of immoral vices and hence to not let him become addicted to any such things, Sir Issac Newton used to get himself locked in room and study at a stretch for more than eighteen hours every day. Today, the whole world undermines his hard work by considering him someone out of the world, but actually the truth is different. He worked harder than anybody else and hence today is more famous than any other scientist in the world. And this is, what separated him from the world.

On the same note, all the great people you know today, had a past when they were not great, but they worked hard and got their way through. Today, they are great just because they perspired more than anybody else. To sum up what I want to tell you, at last I would just say

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”



Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Either you win, or you lose.....

In life whenever you play any game, the most important factor of the game is nothing but the last stage of the game. Sometimes, we practice so hard, we do so many things in order to win but at last just due to some mistakes, we end up losing the game. For example. lets assume that you have studied for a test very well, you are very intuitive and intelligent but at last, two or three days before the exam, rather than revising the subject, you hop onto some new intricate concepts which are out of your syllabus. I bet, no matter how much you have prepared, you won't be able to produce your 100% in the exam. The same things goes true with the life. No matter how much you prepare for something, if you don't take care of the last days you are bound to fail. Just for one more instance to make the point clear, lets say somebody is great athlete, the fastest runner and has qualified for olympics. Its almost hundred percent sure that this guy is going to win the medal, but just the day before the D-day he gets his leg broken due to some negligence. Now what! The guy was most probably best in the world, but still he couldn't even participate in the race just because of the negligence on his part on the penultimate day of the game. 

Similarly, almost anything can happen before you win the ultimate game. No matter how much you prepared, no matter how much passion you had but the last time error can lead to almost complete disaster and hence you must do each and everything in order to prevent that thing. In actuality, life is in toto practical. We need to think in practical terms. Keep in mind history is written by those who win. I have already told you that persistence is the key to success and persistence indeed follow till the last second of the game. A great philosopher once quoted that, "There are only two things, either you win or you fail and the winners take everything." The same concept applies over everything that you do. Even if you were completely deserving to be on the top but you just make a small mistake, the world will only recognize you as a failure and nothing more than that because other people don't know that whole story and they will never know the whole story, the story that will remain after you defeat is that you are a failure and other person who wins and takes away the title is actually a winner. This is actually the truth of the life. Even if at the last stage, when everything had gone right, you commit a mistake, things will go away and you would end up losing everything you had and hence take no days off till you win. Take no days off until you clinch the title, never rest until you actually create what you always wanted to because even if you fail in the slightest and smallest thing possible, as a whole you would fail and then you could never get the first position. If you are happy with second or third, this thing is not for you but if you want the first only, then you need to continue doing everything with complete passion and fervor until the last moment comes otherwise, even if you would deserve the best, you would fail getting nothing.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016


One of the biggest disaster of the world is tour expectations. Shakespeare, the biggest play writer, poet of the world and also the father of modern literature once stated that, "Expectations are the root of all heartaches". In this world, we all expect too much from almost everyone and when the reality unfolds. We are left with almost nothing but a vexing sense of failure. In life we all get what we deserve, nobody in the world is going to get what he wants, but everybody would get what they deserve and hence expectations surely are nothing except mere pretenses developed by us. The reality will always hold true and in our hearts we all are aware of reality. Miracles don't happen in this real world. 

The most important thing is not to expect. We, the human beings are bound to work but not to expect. There is no reason to expect things from anybody in the world. Why should anybody come and help you? Nobody in the world would ever come and take you up, nobody would ever try to come and help you out. There could be many people around you who promise to be you great friends, caretakers etc. but in actuality when you fall down or you fail at something, nobody would come ahead to help you because the pain of your failure is only yours. Nobody else can come and allay your pains. No matter how many good friends you have, how many people actually care for you but at last nobody can assuage the pain of failure that one day you will fail and hence expectations from anybody else in the world and completely fruitless.

Next comes the expectations from God. Don't expect anything from the God itself. If you believe in God and his existence, then also you should never expect anything from him. See, thousands or may be millions of people want to achieve one single thing, when it comes to choice, God would always rank the best people first. And its quite reasonable that those who have worked harder than you would take away the price. We all get what we deserve, nothing less than that, nothing more than that. There are times in our life when things would seem to go out of control, and you would just expect God to come and do a miracle for you like giving you the first position in an exam you have never studied for. This is your expectation. But just do one thing for me, assume that you are the God and there is a person in front of you begging and imploring you, the day before exam to do something and make him stand first in the exam, and on the other side, there is guy who has been working for years on the subject, has undergone many failures but has still worked hard. Whom would go give the first rank? The one who worked hard or the one who came to pray the day before exam. The answer is quite obvious.

Hence in this world, expecting things from other is itself a sin, because this is actually a form of self punishment. Rather than expecting things from the world, work hard on things you want and just do your part of the work and everything would itself get arranged in the most optimum way.


Monday, 2 May 2016

The little things in life...

There are many times in life when we all feel pretty dull, life would seem and tragic hell and everything around would be obscure and you would feel that life has become a disaster but such things are actually common in life. Its a natural human tendency that we start forgetting the values of things which we have got for free, the same concept we apply to our lives. There are times in our lives, when we actually start undermining our lives. Despite of having the greatest gift of the world i.e. life, we start snubbing it our as if it is just useless. Similarly when we start getting good at things, we start neglecting their worth in our lives and we just kind of become very proud of our things and then we start falling down. Whatever we get easily just become mediocre for us and ahead of that we stop working and that's the reason why we fall down. 

In our life, everything is important. One of the best story that I have ever encounter depicts how much important is this life. There used to be a rich guy who was very much upset of his life, he used to curse his life everyday and just wanted to just go somewhere leaving away everything. As he had bequeathed all his wealth from his millionaire father, he never understood the real worth of money. One day this guy just got out of house and went far away towards the countryside, miles ahead where his lavish bungalow was located. On the way he encountered a small child, may be 10 years old, selling balloons but there was nobody out there to buy the balloons, but the small boy continued standing where he was with great expectations in his eyes that somebody would come and buy his balloons so as to provide him with enough money that he could help his family with food for the day. After watching the small boy for some time, the rich guy went there and bought all the balloons. The little boy was very happy and he just took all the money and ran towards home. Being mesmerized by how much struggle these people have to do to earn the bread and butter for one day, the rich guy followed the small children secretively to his house. The child was very happy that day. After running for around half a kilometer, the child stops in front of small, filthy and  gloomy hut. The rich guy followed the boy till there and then hid himself behind a tree which was just next to the hut. The small boy entered the hut and with happiness and pride in his eyes, he hugged his mom sitting in the hut cooking food for the boy. The mother on watching her child was very happy as the boy has returned after the work for a complete day and sans any delay brought a frugal meal for his son wrapped over in leaves. The boy readily ate the food and asked for some more. The rich guy watched the mother coming towards the corner of the cut (visible from the tree) and the mother took the only two chapatis that were left, and served to the boy. The boy readily ate the two chapatis and then asked his mom, whether food is available for her or not, the mother replied that there is plenty but the rich guy knew could easily from behind the tree that there was nothing. On watching the great plight of these people who didn't even get meals for two times per day, this guy understood the actual worth of life as well as money. 

Just like the rich guy sometimes we all become complacent towards things in our life. Those who have a lot of money, start taking money for money while those have a lot of happiness start taking happiness for granted and this is where we all start failing. Everything in our life is precious. Each and everything in our life is actually a thing of beauty which must always be pampered as a great treasure of life. We all must look forward but we must never leave away things granted to us by the world. We all must think of moving ahead, becoming great but must never leave the small things in our life and remember, only those people who can maintain the small things  in their life are the ones who get the chance to get the bigger ones.....


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Make the Moment Perfect...

Throughout your life, hitherto, how many predictions have been thrown on you? How many people have hurled their opinion about you, that you will never amount too much? How many people around you consider you a failure who is actually a trouble for every one else and would never do anything significant in life? How many people have insulted you by calling you a moron or the most stupid person they have ever seen?

Most of you would have encountered innumerable people of such kind who have always believed that your failure is inevitable, but actually I don't care how many people of suck kind exist because you can't put a limit to them, but what i really care about is, what have you done to prove them wrong.

A wise man once remarked, one of the most significant difference between the winners and losers is not who between both of them is more powerful but who makes the things happen. People continue to wait for the right moment throughout their life and ultimately fail badly while the ones who succeed the those who actually create that right moment. In this world, you would never achieve anything if you wait for other people to come and prepare the whole platform for you to perform, you yourselves have to prepare everything, you yourselves have to perform and you yourselves would by the sole person responsible for yourself.

The biggest thing about life is that nobody would even try to help you out. Life is not so much easy. People will make promises to you, they would show you so many dreams but at last they will abandon you and this is what life is all about. In this world, everybody, wants to move ahead themselves, so how can you expect them to come and redeem you from your problems and even if some good people come, their time in your life would be temporary. One day, you have to leave them and hence life is all about doing each and everything yourself.

They say that the whole world is a stage, at which you have to perform but most important of all, they forgot to tell you that even before performing you have to set your own stage. 

There is no perfect moment for anything in the world, perfect moments are not gifted, they are created. If you continue waiting for the perfect moment in your life, you would never get that moment at which you suppose you would perform best, because the world doesn't run on your term and hence nobody would ever think of your convenience. Assume you are a very good student who is exceptional at some subject, but you can only solve test papers during night. No matter how much great you would be, people would consider you a fool and surely would never start taking tests at night just because you are best at it during night only and no matter how good you are, for the world you would always be a failure. Similarly in almost all the other cases, nobody would ever ask you how you would like something to be (until and unless you become that much important), hence acclimatize yourself according to things the way they are. You have to go through a particular system and have to be accustomed with that way only otherwise the perfect moment would never come.

As I told you, the perfect moments have to be created and they would never come themselves and hence keep setting your stage and working hard, once day the moment will stand right in front of you.


Saturday, 30 April 2016


Simple living and high thinking...

The greatest people in the world who have ever achieved anything beyond our imaginations have always followed a pretty simple and frugal lifestyle and this in fact is one of the biggest reasons behind their success, because to reach the top, you have to sacrifice a lot of things. I have seen a lot of people who have been talented, who have been exceptionally good at something they used to do but when they just started tasting success, they became so much enamored by small things that they just couldn't step out of its glamour and they continued winding up in such traps that they could never come out and reach the top but those who don't deter from their path and continue doing what they love rather than being tangled into the perks of the world, at last reach the top.

It is a human tendency that we have a great proclivity for so many things around us that we actually don't do what we must do for ourselves. We confine ourselves to so many stupid things(which the world considers as pretty good etc.) that we stop doing what's good for us and start doing what pleases others. Even before achieving great things, just after getting a small success, people become completely replenished with ego, pride etc. that they stop learning. Even if they fail, they try to hide their failure owning to their excessive ego and the who process of learning from the mistakes is eradicated and at last the person goes nowhere, because the person who thinks he knows the most is the one who actually knows that least.

Vishwanathan Anand, the famous Indian chess grand master, once said ," Never think that you have learnt more, because when you start thinking that you have learnt so much, you stop learning and you get confined to a limited knowledge which is in itself a disaster."

The Greatest Indian political analyst and kingmaker Kautilya wrote in his great book Chanakya Neeti, "Our life is not that much great that we do all the mistakes ourselves and learn from them and hence its necessary to learn from other's mistake." But actually a person who believes he knows the most turn a blind eye onto things which he could have learnt from others (because he believes that he knows more than anybody else and hence nobody else could teach him anything new), at last falls in the trap of one of the those things that he could have learnt before and passes away.

Haughtiness is one of the greatest disaster that a person can commit. This is the deadliest blow that a person can fire on himself and its a common trait of all the successful people to be simple in their attitude, appearance and nature and this quality which others think is a normal character trait is actually the reason behind their success.....


Friday, 29 April 2016

Work Hard, Dream Big.

We all cherish some great people, we emulate them and in every sense we want to be like them. We love the way our idols do things, think differently, do almost everything they are given in a sort of new view and we just love such things so much that the biggest wish that we ever have would be to be a replica of our idols, but let me tell you a deeper truth, beneath the great popularity that they hold, beneath the greatness that emanates out of them, beneath their great, ingenious and genuine pondering of each and every situation they combat with, beneath the craft at which they are termed great by the world, there is so much hard work and sweat that others can hardly imagine. We undermine their hard work by calling them pure god gifted geniuses but actually they are the best hard workers you can ever get in the world.
Let me give you the example of one of the greatest football players who have ever existed, Cristiano Ronaldo. Today so many people want to be like him, play like him and they just love his greatness. Some call him god-gifted while some just believe he was born to play football. But the truth is that he had to go away abroad, leaving his family to learn to play well. All the other players called him too much "skinny", made fun of him and tried to demotivate him. But this guy kept on playing, he carried on doing the thing he loved and today we all know who this guy is, world's greatest soccer player.

Every great person on this earth is just a product of great hard work and talent actually doesn't work for anybody in the world. The word "god-gifted" has been adopted by those who couldn't do something themselves and wanted to find a reason for their own defeat and in actuality the god-gifted people are not created, they are carved out of many years of hard work, hundreds of hours of perspiration and then more than tons of motivation which actually lead to the formation of great people and this actually makes the difference between the losers as well as the winners.

Remember, that greatness is not a god given, elusive gift that only a few amongst us can have, it is actually a common thing that we all have in our heart, the only thing is how we ignite that greatness and that can only be done through hard work and dedication.

So keep doing that things you love, one day you will defeat everybody else to get what you have always wanted......