Saturday, 19 April 2014

The endangered youth.

Contemporarily the whole India is experiencing a resplendent deluge of youths. In fact you can say that more than half of the nation is youth. Now a question must arrive in your mind that when the whole nation is having such a plethora of young minds then why the nation’s progress has been stagnant over years? Why the GDP decreasing and poverty increasing? All these questions must have been rattling you a lot but let’s today adopt a proactive approach and try to excavate out the covert truth behind such severe facts. 

Presently around 814 million citizens are eligible to vote in the Lok Sabha elections which commenced from 7th of April and one amusing thing is that around 150 million who are going to vote this time, are the first time voters who have never experienced voting in a ballot before. Nearly two-thirds of Indians are under 35; half are under 25. By 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world, with a median age of 29 years, compared with a median age of 37 years in China at that point. India’s large youth population, often called a “demographic dividend,” could potentially make India the biggest consumer market and the biggest labour force in the world.

No one can repudiate the fact that this time India is experience a youth deluge. Young generations, which are termed as the real assets of the nation are present in the nation excessively but still so many problems continue to swallow nation’s progress and lever up the enigma behind our failures at different levels.
If we go on to try to decipher this abstruse mystery then we would find that these problems carry their genes from the dirty politics that the whole nation is witnessing contemporarily.

Nowadays politics is not being placed on the basis of development, employment or works done by the servants for the welfare of the society, these days people tend to play a vote bank politics.

Casteism and communalism have been one of the most debated topics in the whole nation. Some political parties which just don’t want to lose their jobs of sitting idle in power and amassing public money just take advantage out of these nightmares of the nation. When such political parties recognize that their end is near then they try to threaten minorities that the other person or party concerned in not secular. For them secularism truly means appeasement policy or divide and rule politics. Those who call others non-secular should first look at themselves. Have they done anything for the betterment of the minorities? Have they done anything for the betterment of the society? Definitely not! But still these people hold the placard and monopoly of secularism.

It’s not a hidden fact that all the religions of the whole nation are being exploited these days. Hindu youth, Muslim youth, Christian youth and Sikh youth all of them are facing problems of unemployment, lack of education and many others. Today you could observe thousands of youth with handsome IQ and intelligence doing menial jobs and many of those who deserve nothing are in the top position and those who call themselves secular continue again come fearless demanding five years more to befool the nation. In this global epoch it’s not a hidden fact that when a Muslim youth and a Hindu youth search for jobs they face the same problems and no so-called secular party or leader does them anything. But still we continue to make a moron of us by voting on the appeasement politics despite of the fact that we need an eligible and bold person rather than a timid and so-called secular leader.

This time the youth of the nation need to vote, not as a Hindu, not as a Muslim but as a responsible Indian who will vote for a better economy, better lifestyle and improved life standards rather than giving corrupts of the nation any more chances.

The choice is clear. If you want jobs, you need a good economy and if you want a good economy, then choose a tough, robust and bold leader who is ready to uplift the nation and save it’s youth from extinction.



Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wake up (dedicated to Narendra Modi)

Wake up listen to God’s call,

Wake up or yours dreams may fall,

Wake up its time to think,

Even one careless blink,

Can make your entire labour sink,

Wake up as the time wasted doesn’t come,

Wake up to be one of those some,

Who get out of queue to fight,

Who eventually come into limelight,

Never consider yourself unworthy or below a certain height,

Today tell yourself that you are an aberration,

From now on put your vices and failures to cessation,

Your biggest enemy is within you,

Kill the enemy which destroys your charm,

Wake up to win the day,

Wake up to carve out a new way,

Wake up to heed to the call of defeat,

Wake up to learn a new feat

Wake up to beat the fears you see,

Wake up to know that you are the only one,

No matter, if today, other get your voice shunned,

Wake up to get your voice heard,

Wake up to become a free bird,

A time will come when people will say that you are a someone,

Only then your work would be done,

Wake up to know that you are the best,

But never rest,

Until and unless you win,

And if you stop in between,

You would go on to commit a sin,

Wake up to know your task,

Wake up to move fast,

Wake up to work hard,

Notwithstanding being a laggard,

Wake up to know you are dear to God,

Wake up to realize that you are having, on your shoulders, a heavy load,

Wake up to become a pioneer,

Wake up to tell yourself that your strengths are mightier than your fear,

Wake up to make the world come,

And count you in those some,

Who do things differently,

Who follow their dreams fervently,

Wake up to fight the deadly competition,
Wake up to realise your ambition.

By-Harsh Sharma

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Its time for change...

When the election fervour is up,

The whole nation feels snug,

When politicians bout to the hilt,

And pass on angry word’s silt,

Tilted is their brain,

As once in every five years they become insane,

But this time there seems to be a change,

The voter has sprung up his range,

Because now the time is different,

And voter has sent,

A straight message to all,

Whosoever works will get the golden ball,

The matter now is not of religion and caste,

As this time, such matters are not going to last,

Wake up! The time is changing fast,

Vote this time on development,

Not on bogus promises and old laments,

We have been divided to a great extent,

Which has allocated us only undignified dent,

Let’s this time smell the scent,

Of brotherhood and unity,

Despite of just boasting of diversity,

This time lets choose a tough leader,

Who is fearless, daunting and courteous,

It’s time for change,

Let’s get sane………



Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The battered secularism of India....

Recently I got a whiff of the fact the Varanasi is secular. I knew this authentic fact before too but this time I was amazed to hear about this mundane fact. I was bewildered by this fact this time because Rashid Alvi, an acclaimed Congress leader. Rashid Alvi recently wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi, party supremo of Indian National Congress, urging her to give him the Varanasi Lok Sabha ticket and an opportunity to fight against BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi, so that he could teach Narendra Modi, a lesson on secularism.

I am just not trying to point out on any party but the thing about which I am going to write about is “Secularism”. I recently wrote a post on the respective topic but when the term secularism was again insulted, I couldn’t resist myself to pen down this one.

The concept of Secularism is very much misconstrued in the whole nation. Our politicians think that Muslim Appeasement is the key to secularism, but that’s completely contradictor to what’s the real secularism. Today all the citizens too deliberately obviate the concept of secularism and this sows the seed of distrust and communal violence.

But is Muslim appeasement known as secularism? Is promoting communal distrust secularism?

 For some secularism does mean the same, but actually secularism is the key to development, which promotes no religion and adopts no religion.

For some politicians and political parties secularism means the vote bank and also an easy way to blame anyone who comes in their way.
Let’s first take a quick review of Malappuram. Malappuram is in complete hold of the jihadist forces. But tensions occurred when some, not all started promoting “Jihad” against Hindus. Condition has become so much bad that, contemporarily, a Hindu can’t sell his home or any piece of land to anyone except a Muslim. Jihad is being promoted to such a hilt that around two years back, a pregnant cow, which is considered as a form of God for Hindus, was slaughtered in front of a Hindu Sasatha temple in Peumbavoor and moreover an RSS activist was killed by jihadists, having links with Gulf countries and Pakistan.  In the last three years more than 100(hundred) Hindu activists have been killed and more than 2000 Hindu girls have been abducted by the jihadists.

Another incident involves chopping of right hand of an innocent professor. TJ Joseph, a professor at the New Man College, Thodupuzha- a victim of the Islamists, was chopped off by fanatic jihadists for setting a controversial question paper for an exam.

 We are living in a nation where the government just wants to garner as much votes it can, no matter how many people are mowed down, no matter how many women are widowed, how many parents are left childless.

Today politicians use heavy and significant words like Secularism, communal harmony etc. but has anyone thought about those who are being killed in Kerala or other parts of India by jihadists and other fanatics? Definitely not! Because if government thinks about them, then it would have to abandon the powers, positions and most importantly votes.

There is another instance which expounds how secularism is being promoted in India. There is an All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). AIMPLB vehemently objects Right of Children for Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 and supports Child Marriage. You would be thinking that this organization would have been proscribed but one great thing to note here is that, this organisation is running all the Sharia courts in India and is legally established.

Isn’t that ridiculous? That’s definitely something that needs to be despised and detested. But because our politicians get votes from these people, it is not going to act against such obnoxious organisation and because our government is secular.

The above mentioned examples truly manifest the meaning of secularism of India.

Now it’s on the people of the nation whether we want such secularism or not.

This time let’s change…..



Saturday, 29 March 2014

A scary night to think about.....

A dreadful night to sleep by,

It’s just like apocalypse, when the world is going to die,

As I woke up,

I saw my sleep had me snubbed,

That time even my heart had me bluffed,

My clock ticked again and again,

I said to it, you are just screaming in vain,

Everyone was sleeping,

And my heart roaring as it was pretty boring,

Suddenly I was startled,

I heard a stray dog’s bark,

I thought what this moron is doing in such dark,

Then I heard a baby's cry,

That was definitely a dreadful night to sleep by,

I came out of bed to see here and there,

Obviously it was pitch dark everywhere,

Then I listened to the voice of sky,

Even the sky said,

My dear, it’s a dreadful night to sleep by……

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Jai ma Bharti

Sinking Indian Waters....

Recent accidents in Indian waters involving the submerging of INS Sindhurakshak, leading to death of around 18 crew members and other incidents propelled the ongoing resentment against the country’s government and evoked the feeling that our navy is not as developed as it should be to fight the challenging superpowers of the nation and to tackle the ongoing geographical pressures being exerted by countries like Pakistan and China.

But why is so that we are experiencing such a plethora of problems here in our Navy which is one of the most crucial parts of the whole Indian military services?

 So let’s again turn about to dug out the reason behind so many debacles.

Indian Navy is one of the strongest military forces of the nation. It has around 58,350 personnel. In the Defence Budget 2013-14, Indian Navy had a share of around 18%. All these figures are absolutely propitious. Government of India had allocated 1,93,407.29 crores to Indian Military forces in the session 2012-2013, but in 2013-14  the government incremented the budget to allocated around 2,03,672.12 crores which is a good stimulant for the growth of the defence sector.

But the main problem that the whole navy or you can say all the Indian Military forces face is that they don't acquire technology and if they have, they just don’t know all the aspects of the available technology.

Indian Navy presently has around 250 aircrafts and 179 ships in its account but what’s disgusting is that most of them have been bought from either United Kingdom or Russia. Till now India has hardly ever made any progress in developing its own aircrafts or ships. Still now erecting own warships continue to be a distant dream.

Inability to develop its own warships or aircrafts acts the main impediment in the way of progress that Indian Navy needs to make in order to prove itself in the competition. The Indian government now needs to take some stiff steps in order to ensure that development takes place in the Indian defence sector and that indispensable institutions like Indian Navy don’t lag behind.

The first step that Indian Government needs to take is to privatize the harbours. These days due to no competition and zero maintenance, Indian harbours are being in toto neglected by the authorities. If government privatizes the harbours and permit entrepreneurship, so as to induce healthy competition which would lead to good maintenance of the Navy harbours and would definitely ameliorate the condition of Indian Navy.  
Contemporarily Indian navy is having no innovative technology. The condition is so much worse that even for repairing or refurbishment the aircraft or ships have to be sent to nations like UK, US and Russia.

Now the time has come when the Indian Navy invests in international defence equipment companies excessively. Today in nations like Russia and United States, thousands of innovative companies are there which are struggling for funds. If Indian navy pioneers funding them then, there would be a huge inflow of technology in the whole nation and this would also act as an incentive for other forces. If the government and navy invest in foreign companies, then Indian companies would also endeavor to invent new technologies and this would lead to humongous benefit of the whole navy as well as other military services.

The other thing that the government needs to do is to establish an institution in India with an aim to devise the country’s own aircrafts and ships. It can be done with the assistance of foreign experts. Today equipment from countries like Russia, USA and UK are not up to the mark. In order to set up such institution India can take help from defence analysts from countries like Russia who were unemployed after the disintegration of USSR, just like America which took help of around 500 German scientists in order to establish the NASA.

The government should also set up an institution which should be there in order to repair the unused aircrafts or ships. We can learn this from Russia. Russia refurbished the whole of Admiral Gorshkov (now INS Vikramaditya) which it had decommissioned back in the year 1996. India needs to learn that too. Today the condition of Indian Navy has plunged to such a low level that as I mentioned earlier, India has to send its out of order ships or aircrafts to other countries for repairing. For instance- INS Viraat had to be sent to UK for refurbishment.

If we set up institutions here, then such problems and delay in refurbishment could definitely be snubbed off.
If the Indian government follows the above mentioned ways and forsake its dilatory attitude then it can definitely revive the Indian military forces.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Why we gave up??

Recent revelations of the Henderson Brook-P.S. Bhagat report have put many people, including the then Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the dock with many allegations which are pretty serious. As far as I am concerned I believe that the whole ware was a bureaucratic, strategic and political defeat which was banged on our face. It’s intoto true that at that time India was not having enough ammunitions and arms but authentically speaking war was more a strategic failure rather than being a defeat due to non-availability of ammunitions and arms. The war in itself was an unfortunate setback for the whole nation which made the whole nation fall into despair. This war made the whole nation cry, weep and lament the demise of those soldiers who made themselves immortal by dying for the welfare of the motherland. The war also shattered the excessively robust confidence that Pt. Nehru had in China and still today the war continues to be serve as a paradigm of why we should not confide in others and still edifies us to maintain some parameters to restrain ourselves from transcending the limits of confidence as whenever there is excess of something, an astoundingly sever accident takes place which mutates our life to a detestable grief.

It was the year 1950 when India had its first tryst with China when Kavalam Madhava Panikkar was appointed as the first Indian ambassador to People’s Republic of China. For the next five years, India and China enjoyed a peaceful and tranquil relationship but India committed an egregious blunder during these years. At that time Pt. Nehru followed the principle of “Give and forgive” and erected a relationship with China which nevertheless being mutually beneficial bore fruits for China only. India, under the leadership of Pt. Nehru helped China increment and ameliorate its horizons as a significant panjandrum in world politics and demanded nothing as government at that time thought that China as a promising nation which could help India strengthen its foundation and leadership role in the world politics in the long run but haplessly that time never came when China bolstered India in doing anything.
India assisted China in different ways and proved to be a worthy and dependable friend. India opposed the United Nations resolution which blamed China of being an aggressor in Korean War and further helped China by advocating its United Nations membership. Afterwards too India helped Beijing relentlessly. Delhi even acknowledged Taiwan as a faction of Beijing. In these years everything went well. China was just exploiting India to its full hardiness and India was finding a China and reliable friend.

The deterioration of the relationship of both the nations commenced in the year 1955 when China started deeming India as an inferior and timid partner. The first clash originated when India vociferously protest against China’s act of including a part of Northeastern India in its own map as a Chinese province. After this one, some more clashed came into existence which further led to the devastation of the ties between the two nations.

The dragon again vexed the tiger after three years, i.e. in 1958 when it again flouted the rules of peaceful coexistence when China showed some parts of NEFA and Assam as its own territory in its pictorial map. Then again in the year 1959, Zhou Enlai, the then Chinese Premier, claimed 40,000 sq. Km of Indian territory as Chinese territory.

China and India had got the boundary dispute in legacy. Britishers went away but bequeathed us with the despicable boundary conflict with China. British rule and Tibet regime had conceded to consider the McMahon line as the line of control(LoC) but when China took over Tibet, it proclaimed that McMahon line is not correct and China would not follow it and cited and Tibet had no rights to take decision on its boundary matters as it was inferior to China. The tensions hiked further when India granted asylum to Dalai Lama.

Finally in the year 1960, India adopted an astringent stance towards China when it promulgated the “Forward Policy”. Under the forward policy India troops were directed to patrol, show the flags and establish posts as far forward possible from the then existing posts. Forward policy had two sides just like a coin. A good one as well as a bad one!

Forward policy was a good plan as it tried to curb the Chinese influence and attempts to declare Indian land as its own. For a long time Chinese soldiers had been making regular excursion in the Indian Territory and forward policy was aimed at mitigating the Chinese pressure and influence at the border.
The main problem with Forward Policy was that it was not an ingenious plan. It was just an unplanned measure taken up sans considering the consequences that were going to ensue it. It was a completely based on flawed premises. Intelligence Bureau (IB) director chief of that time B.N. Mullick said very foolishly that Chinese would not react to the forward policy and that they were not liable to use the military force against any of Indian posts entrenched under the forward policy, even if the Chinese were in a position to.

The army also didn’t function smoothly and intellectually at that time and didn’t pay heed to the needs of that time. To implement the forward policy, NEFA wanted an additional 12,000 troops but army believing on IB and deeming Chinese forces as blind didn’t fulfill the requirement. Around 60 posts were established under the Forward Policy and astonishingly there were even less than 10 soldiers on each post and when Chinese invaded with more than 30 soldiers attacking on one post, all the posts were shattered to the ground, many soldiers were mowed down while some were made prisoners of war.
All this explicitly shows the lack of concern that the whole system showed at that time and afterwards the whole nation had to suffer the consequences. India’s vulnerability was exposed in the whole world.

We talk about our great victory in the 1971 war but

Its fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

We still have learnt cipher from our previous goof-ups. Still there has been no progress at the border. Still the regions of north-east and Ladakh observe the illegitimate excursion of Chinese forces. Still a lot more needs to be done.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Jai Ma Bharti