Thursday, 5 March 2015

Future of Democracy in India

Future of Democracy in India

“Democracy must in essence … mean the art and science of mobilizing the entire physical, economic and spiritual resources of all the various sections of the people in the service of the common good of all.”-Mahatma Gandhi

The worthiest minds ever been born to this earth have described democracy as the best and optimum form of government even invented. In the simplest terms, democracy is described as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. The only form of government which establishes people’s participation in all its dimensions. The only form of government which gives the voters the right to ask questions and raise their voice against anything that appears unjust to their perspective. In democratic institutions, the members have complete say in making decisions, choosing their leaders and fighting for their rights. In fact, if we look on to the histories then we find no other form of government but democracy which has ever taken into consideration the principle of parity for all and this principle is in itself the flagship of democracy. It would not be a spurious thing to mention that democracy is currently the most revered and favoured form of government around the world. Today no matter how much progressive a nation is, but if it is not a democratic nation, it is sure to observe detrimental unrest which may even lead to its complete annihilation. A good example of this can be People’s Republic of China. Despite of being world’s second largest economy, only after the United States of America, the nation still deals with humongous disappointment of citizens over the government’s officious attitude and lack of basic fundamental rights etc. being given to them. The “Umbrella Revolution” is Hong Kong also defines the case very well. A huge mob came on road to protest against infringement in their basic fundamental rights (especially the right to choose their representative). The recent revolutions in nations like Egypt and Libya also signify a ground hunger around the world for democracy because with the dawn of literacy, technical and industrial revolutions, people are no longer interested in being dumb listeners but are showing a proclivity to be agile debaters and this is all what defines democracy.


Despite of being a Greek concept, the first traces of democracy is found in India. In Rigveda, one of the most pious documents of Hinduism and probably the oldest piece of literature ever found, states the existence of republican bodies like Sabhas and Samities and even give description of concepts like Panchayat in the state of Magadha. Democracy was indeed embedded into India even before the invention of word “India”.
In India democracy plays an indispensable role. In fact, democracy is that revered concept which has equipped all the denizens of the nation with unbiased laws and statutes, fundamental rights like right to education, right to food etc. Today from a small panchayat election to Lok Sabha elections, every eligible voter has the right to cast his ballot in favour of whosoever he wants and this practice has inculcated a great sense of optimism and positivity in the hearts of the citizens of the nation and has given the denizens a sense of importance and propriety over their own nation.
India is today world’s largest democracy but the journey of the nation to achieve this milestone has never been easy. As I mentioned earlier, the principles of democracy existed in India even thousands of years back, but during the medieval period, when monarchies dominated the nation, people of the nation lost the sense of democracy and this ultimately led to the entry of britishers into the nation. Watching a lack of interest among the people in the decision making processes and weak rulers of the established dynasties, Britishers subdued the nation easily and for 200 more years we bore the brunt of British rule.
After 200 years of fight for freedom, when finally the British rule came to a halt and India was freed from its shackles, the dawn of independence brought with itself the much needed respite of “Democracy” to the Indian citizens and since then we never looked back.

Contemporarily democracy is nothing less than a boon for the denizens of the nation. Democracy in a nation like India, with a population of 1.252 billion, more than 780 languages; proves to be a binding thread for all the people around the nation. Today people of all castes and religions have the right to vote for their representative and even contest the election themselves, leading to participation of people in the political processes from different facets of life. The democracy in India has enabled us to have a Sikh Prime Minister, Muslim President and this is in itself a matter of pride for the whole nation.

Democracy has also led to assimilation of backward people into the main stream. Backward as well as impoverished people today get all those rights that the richest person in the nation holds. This is clear from the fact that our current Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, who himself hails from a poor family and worked as a tea vendor during his childhood years, stands today as one of the most loved prime minister of the nation ever.

On the other hand democracy has also filliped the process of empowerment of women in the nation. Today even women of the nation are getting tantamount chances and opportunities to be involved in the decision making process of the nation. The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment in 1992-93 paved the way for the grassroot women participation in the local bodies. In fact, it’s a thing of great pride that one of our best and toughest prime ministers has been a woman, none other than Smt. Indira Gandhi.
In India future of democracy continues to be like the two faces of the same coin. Despite of so much achievements and successes in the past, still today we have not evolved as a completely successful and developed economy. Still, a lot of factors continue to act as impediments in our way to achieve success in this field.
Though people of the nation have seen a huge participation in democratic processes and penchant for democracy itself, still there are many factors which restrain us from becoming a paradigm of democracy.
On one hand we see a pretty bright future of democracy. With a literate, technologically savvy generation, which is ready to ask questions and hold their representatives accountable, the prospects of becoming a great democracy are high. But still a large proportion of the populations continue to be unlettered and this facet of Indian populations is completely apathetic and also unaware of the rights and benefits that democracy entitles them. India still continues to fare low in the net literacy rate. A large portion of the nation’s populations is still illiterate and doesn’t know the real value of democracy, and unfortunately the problems like corruption, nepotism, inequitable distribution of resources has exacerbated the problem my making this portion of populations unhappy and vexed at the current system of government in the nation.
This illiterate portion of the populations needs to be mended. Such people need to be told about their rights, their privileges which are guaranteed to them by democracy and these people should also be made about the virtues of democracy which gives them equal opportunities as others and also give them the right to rise their voice against an injustice done to them.
Besides this some candidates misuse their power. Huge sums of money are disbursed out by rich candidate to win elections. Large sums of money are shelled out in order to buy people’s vote and to win elections. Poor people are enticed to vote for one particular candidate by giving them money and this leads to huge cheating in the overall electioneering.
Through such processes rich candidates win elections unfairly thereby killing the spirit of democracy in the nation. Such processes need to be restrained with stiff actions.
Communalism too is a big problem in the elections. People are much like to vote for a person of their own caste rather than a person who can actually carry out progressive work in the area. Due to this factor, many parties have developed their vote banks and these parties take many unjust steps just to make their vote bank happy. Such practices lead to huge polarisation of vote to candidates who don’t deserve to win the elections. Some parties even wrongfully scare people of other parties on the issues of secularism and caste and this too yield huge problems in our way to achieve complete success in the field of democracy.
But still the torch of hope continues to remain alight. Huge participation of people in the recent elections of Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir notwithstanding threats from Maoists and terrorists lucidly exhibit that a large part of our populations has embraced democracy for good. Most of the people in the nation today are enjoy the perks of democracy but we need to still go a long way in order to take the benefits of democracy to each and every citizen of the nation. Though we have been able to prepare a paradigm hardware model of democracy, but our software still remains infected with a number of viruses which if not removed can allocate formidable problems, but still all in all Indian democracy has been, till now a successful experiment and has all the powers needed to emerge as one of the best democratic experiments in the world. What it needs is just some repair work.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

AAP's internal turmoil.

Just as the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) sprung back to power after the much awaited Delhi election with an unprecedented voting tally, the party has once again sank into internal turmoil. Rather than focusing on the huge dreams they have restored in the eyes of Delhiites and fulfilling the promises like free public Wi-Fi to all, free water supply, electricity bills slashed to 50%, new universities, better infrastructure and an advanced city, the party men are busy accusing each others and defending their stand.
Just before the elections were to take place, Shanti Bhushan in a public interview accused Kejriwal of transforming the party to a one-man show and also endorsed BJP’s Chief Minister Candidate Kiran Bedi. Though everybody smelled the rat that time too, but in the hustle of elections, no attention was given to the matter, but now again a much more developed campaign against party supremo Arvind Kejriwal has commenced with much more furore.
All the pandemonium started when Prashant Bhushan’s letter to party’s National Executive went public. The letter complained that Kejriwal has himself moulded the party in order to make it a one man party. The letter questioned the necessity of having the Chief Minister as the party chief too. Besides this Mr. Bhushan accused that the party has distorted away from its real path. The party just makes the donations given to it transparent but doesn’t talk about the party’s expenditures on various products. Moreover Mr. Bhushan also expressed his displeasure over party’s way of choosing candidates. He cited the example of Naresh Balyan, AAP’s Uttam Nagar constituency candidate who was caught with huge amount of liquor stored in his house during elections. Despite of this the party leadership took no steps in order to deal with the matter. He also gave example of another party worker who was caught in a video saying that it was right to lure people to vote for the party through unfair means like distributing liquor. Notwithstanding knowing everything Mr. Kejriwal made the person a “Constituency Prabhari”. One of the biggest allegations that came in public’s eye is that the party’s leadership was well aware of the fact that the Rs. 2 crore donations they took were completely bogus. Party’s prominent leader Mr. Yogendra Yadav accused the party leadership of having all the ins and outs of the illegitimate donations made to the party, but still the party went forward to accept the donations.
Just as these allegations were made public, Kejriwal’s loyalists came up in support of Kejriwal by saying that the father son duo of Shanti-Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav have hatched this conspiracy in order to malign the image of Arvind Kejriwal. Dilip Pandey, AAP leader, accused the three of making false and unjust accusations and said that the trio wants to hold the top places in the party and  that’s why had made these allegations.
Now a party meeting has been called up in order to decide the fate of Shanti-Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav but if we look at the gravity of the charges leveled by them on AAP’s leaders, the matter is pretty grave. If we go according to them, the party has seriously flouted all the principles which it boasts about and has surely duped the citizens of Delhi.


Friday, 27 February 2015


Just keep in mind,
In life you have to leave many things behind,
No one is there to live with you forever in your life,
It's painful but you have to thrive,
Till last you have to fight....
Many a times there are people and things we have loved even more than ourselves,
For them we had left everything else,
Things sans which we couldn't imagine the way ahead,
Absence of which could make us extremely sad,
Things for which we were ready to die,
People who could make us laugh without any reason,
Those who could make our face fleam in life's any season,
Those whom we deemed as God's perfect creation,
But there are time in life,
When life becomes pretty tough,
The situations leave you completely bluffed,
When things don't remain the same,
When changed is life's game,
When people depart away,
When things don't remain with us anyway,
We have to let go of things,
But we have to learn to live in their absence,
Because we would no longer enjoy their presence,
At time there are things for which you risked whatever you had,
Things for which you perspired relentless,
But somethings you have to let it all go,
But remember,
Life will reward you with a morning,
IF you are ready to let go of the night,
Surely moving on, you would discover for you,
What is actually in fact right,
May be things made for us are waiting ahead,
Just follow your heart and don't let its voice fade,
You just need to move on,
As far ahead, for you there is surely a new dawn.


Friday, 6 February 2015


Just as the campaigning gets over for the Delhi 2015 assembly elections, the voters face a grave situation in which they have to decide the future course of action of the government, the elections in which the Delhi voter has to decide whether his state will perish or whether it will touch new grounds of success and hence in the elections tomorrow, the fate of the whole of the Delhi state remains sealed and hence the voters carry a great onus on their shoulders, which is not pertinent to them only but to their whole society, to their whole generations.
The battle this time is pretty tough and its hard to speculate who would be victorious in these elections. Now it’s the duty of Delhiites to see who would wear the crown of victory and hence rather than focusing on who to vote for, I would like to focus on a whole different issues.
Aam Aadmi Party has always astounded, but not for something good that they have done but through their own ways of acquiring the copyrights of honesty. Here are some things which I really find amusing and somehow vexing too.
Whenever leaders of other parties are accused of something and even their guilt has not been proved, Arvind Kejriwal the “most honest person in the world” comes out and asks the leader to resign at the moment but when the same took place with his own party in the case of Somnath Bharti, he formed a “so-called” internal committee which never gave a report. Where did Mr. Kejriwal’s honesty go when his own party leader was accused? What had happened to him when his own party leader was accused of wrongly alleging African women of carryout out illicit activites?
Then during his own tenure, when he was busy fasting (that too for no reason) and discarding Republic day function as worthless, various crimes including even rapes took place in Delhi and when confronted with media, rather than talking about women empowerment, he talked about the greatness he had portrayed by fasting. When a media person asked him about the rape case, he blurted out, “so what, the government is not responsible”. What a great reply from the most honest person of the world.
Then let’s talk about some recent events. Mr. Kejriwal left no stone unturned in calling BJP an unsecular party, but he also did everything in order to make caste an issue of these elections. When BJP posted a cartoon calling AAP party of anarchist clan, Kejriwal moulded everything to turn things to his advantage and said that this was a personal assault on Kejriwal’s caste. But two important things to note here are that BJP accused the AAP of being of anarchist clan an second, Kejriwal’s caste had nothing to do with it at all. So, when Kejriwal said that the comments were meant on his own caste, he meant that AAP is nothing without Kejriwal and second he himself sans anything just dragged the matter of casteism into Delhi’s politics. And moreover the Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid has also asked all the muslims to vote for AAP against BJP. Now you can easily deduce who is secular and who is not!!
Talking about the wrong transaction done in AAP account regarding the Rs. 2 crore donations, he said we don’t know who donated the amount and if it is from some illegitimate source then also we are not accountable and culpable. So, if next day Dawood Ibrahim donated him money or even some terrorist organizations give him money, Mr. Kejriwal will accept it and when asked for answer he would say go and arrest Dawood Ibrahim, not me. What a great standing of counterfeit!
Such things clearly show that current stature of the Aam Aadmi Party. The promises that the party has made can not be fulfilled because the state doesn’t have the requisite amount of budget and hence wouldn’t be able to disburse money on such ambitious projects.
Today, Delhi’s vote indeed has a choice between anarchy and development. Choose better, choose wisely.



Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Delhi's fate in your hand.

The recent Delhi elections have surely transformed into a fierce battleground in which Indian National Congress (INC), Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) are scrambling to emerge out victorious.

In these elections also, Congress is surely not going to perform well because of its inability to make Delhi as progressive as Delhiites wanted it to be in the last 15 years, and the remaining two parties AAP and BJP are giving each other a tough competition.

AAP in this election has been basing all its agenda on cutting electricity bills, transforming Delhi into a complete WiFi zone, abating the water bills of people even up to half. The party is trying to establish an honest image in front of Delhiites and has been basing all its arguments on the work it did in Delhi in its 49 days stint in power in order to woo the voters.
But are the arguments of AAP really able to withstand all the electoral polling? Lets see what the actual truth is..

First of all during the previous stint of party in power the party hardly did anything but protesting against the central government. In fact party supremo Arvind Kejriwal, even called himself an anarchist, and was silent on the issue of women safety when a rape took place in Delhi during his period as the Chief Minister of the state. Another incident that came up was of his government’s law minister Somnath Bharti. Somnath Bharti, without any warrant or proof, accused some African women of running illegitimate works and threatened the police officials to apprehend the women and that too without any warrant.  Afterward, people of state felt a huge respite when they came to know that Mr. Kejriwal was really going to cut their electricity bills by half and water upto 700L consumption would be completely free. But just as Mr. Kejriwal resigned and Delhi was left with President’s rule, Supreme Court issued a judgment that the state was not having enough budget to accommodate the plans of Mr. Kejriwal. Isn't this amusing that the Chief Minister of the state avers that he will do something that can not be even incorporated in the state’s budget and due to such reckless decisions by Mr. Kejriwal, denizens of Delhi were made to pay extra money on their electricity and water bills.

Talking about the party’s credibility, Mr. Kejriwal even swore by his own children that he would never take support from Congress or BJP to form his government, but in the previous elections, Kejriwal formed government by stepping on the shoulders of Congress only. During the whole electoral campaign, he cursed the Indian National Congress for its low progress and corruption but astonishingly he took support from Congress only.
Before elections Mr. Kejriwal boasted of having complete proofs against the Delhi Congress government which ruled for 15 years, but just as his government was formed, he did nothing to bring the perpetrators to justice and said that he had lost the documents regarding proofs against congress leaders. Does Kejriwal think that the people of Delhi are mad enough to believe on such things? Moreover, a party which came into power just on its assurance of progress and its credibility showed its true color proving it had nothing to give to the Delhiites.

Same thing happened again when the real face of Mr. Kejriwal came out. His party has taken donations of upto 2 Crores and that too from fraud and bogus companies which have neither done any transaction, have never made any profit and have wrong addresses of their offices and their proprietors don’t even exist in the world. On being asked about how such things took place, Kejriwal said, “we just take donations and what can we do if it comes from fraud companies.” His own party worker Yogendra Yadav had previously said that donations of more than Rs. 10 Lakh are taken after complete discussion in the party board meetings; this means that Mr. Kejriwal was well aware of all the wrongdoings in the donations being granted to his party. The money donated can be from any illegal work, black money etc. On being confronted with the question, the party leaders said that they will move to Supreme Court to form SIT to probe the matters, but in reality Supreme Court never forms an SIT over such matters. Its only does so in matters in which rights of people are violated. This means that AAP is just befooling the people of the state on this issue also.
On the other side is Bhartiya Janata Party. BJP has proved its worth at the Centre. In just less than one year at the helm, BJP’s government has been able to strike crucial deals with foreign neighbors and has surely performed really well by reducing inflation, petrol diesel prices. The other thing is that party is having a renowned personality Mrs. Kiran Bedi as its CM candidate. Mrs. Kiran Bedi has previously done a great job in Delhi and has been an acclaimed social worker.
Now its in the hands of Delhiites whom they choose to be their leader. Just choose wisely.



Monday, 12 January 2015


I accept it is never easy,

This life will surely drive you crazy,

You always don't get, for what you have lived,

Sorrows may sometimes left you bereaved,

Those whom you love will depart away far,

Between happiness and you may arise thousands of bars,

You might have things you hate,

But you might never get the thing for which you wait,

Life is a lousy teacher,

Its an extraordinary examiner,

It tests your skill first,

Gives you punishment then,

And afterwards quenches your thirst,

By teaching the moral of the plot,

Its sure that things might not turn up as you would have sought,

But live the moment now, as it is a thing you could have never 

In this journey to life, things might run out of hand,

Things you adore will vanish out like sand,

But my friend this is life,

And you have to certainly live it by,

You may cry,

It may seem as you are about to die,

Others will condemn and decry,

But you have to live it by,

Your aim may seem impossible to achieve,

You will feel as if you have been breached,

Happiness and joy may elude,

At times you may feel duped,

You would discard yourself as unlucky,

Life would appear murky,

But remember after all this may come,

The light of success,

Clear sky will arise after haze,

But you need to thrive,

To achieve your goal you have to strive,

No matter how many storms rip you apart,

No matter how many gales stop your sail,

But you have to defeat them all,

You have to love what you do through your soul...


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Modi Wand works again

It has now been proven again that BJP (Bharitya Janata Party) is still on its winning streak and that Modi Magic continues to haunt its foes. As the party gets a clear cut majority in Jharkhand and come up as the second biggest party in a state like Jammu and Kashmir where others used to laugh at the prospects of BJP forming government there, it has been clearly proved that the Modi Magic along  with Amit Shah’s sagaciousness will continue to work like a nightmare for others.

For a very long time other parties especially Indian National Congress, Janata Dal United, RJD and Samajwadi Party. and their leaders like Lalu Prasad, Nitish Kumar and Mulayam Singh Yadav were averring that Modi magic is over and that Mr. Modi has not fulfilled his promises made to the people of the nation during the 2014 Prime Ministerial campaign. They even united under the banner of Janata party which was actually a union of non-Congress parties, formed during the time of Indira Gandhi, in order to defeat the Congress after the  emergency goof up. These people teamed up in Delhi in order to challenge Mr. Modi and quoted that his tenure as the Prime Minister has been unworthy, but now the results prove it all.

In Jharkhand BJP and its allies have a total of 42 seats out of the total 81 and has experienced an increment of +19 while in Jammu and Kashmir the party clinched a total of 25 seats out of 87 and getting an overwhelming increment of +14 seats, meaning a complete doubling of the party’s performance in the previous elections of the state.

If we look on the figures, then surely it would not be wrong to say that the whole nation today has a  pro-BJP mood. Jharkhand has always been in complete pandemonium due to unstable governments which have existed in the state. The state of Jharkhand didn’t see any ray of progress just because of apathy of party  towards the  people and avarice to just be in power. For long time, people of Jharkhand have been devoid of the benefits they are entitled too. The state is today a backward state, with huge illiteracy and unemployment. The youth of the state is now disgusted with false promises and therefore wants progress and development and today in India Modi government has evolved to be a synonym of development. Due to Mr. Modi’s charismatic leadership qualities and his proclivity towards doing works for the benefit of people is surely popular among the youths of today and his tenure as the prime minister which has seen good diplomatic ties and many other successful schemes for the welfare of people surely amount much to BJP’s success in the state.

Talking about Jammu and Kashmir, the state has experienced huge progress; but not in terms of advancement, literacy and employment but in terms of separatist movements, terrorist activities, riots and many other disgusting things. The political parties in Kashmir have never paid heed to things like separatist activities etc. just to safeguard their vote bank. Terrorism activities in the state are today on full rise, but the previous government hardly took a look at such things. Due to these things, state’s tourism has depreciated by a large fraction leading to huge unemployment adding more fuel to the fire. The turmoil that the state has experienced has now ripped the state apart completely with literally no progress and advancement. At a time when other states continue to progress by leaps and bounds, Jammu and Kashmir have experienced nothing but bloodshed.

But now the time has changed, the era has changed. The youth has come up as the greater force which doesn’t vote on caste, creed, religions, sex etc. but prefers progress to anything and hence Modi government has also got the center stage in this state.
Today the people of the states have voted for BJP in order to see the dawn of progress and developments. Hope that Mr. Modi will fulfill all his promises.