Wednesday, 20 May 2015

South Korea:A reliable partner...

Just as the Indian Prime Minister set his feet on the soil of South Korea, he started a new epoch of bilateral cooperation between two heavyweight nations of the world which is slated to become one of the best and biggest cooperation between any two nations.

Indeed Indian Prime Minister has made a very crucial decision to take up South Korea as one of his biggest priorities because there is hardly any other nation out there which can assist India and strike up a great partnership as much extensively as South Korea.

If we talk about the period of 1960s then South Korea was one of the poorest nations of the world but as the “Miracle of Han River” unfolded the world just saw this great nation with an open mouth and today India stands on the same side of the history. Though India’s condition today is still much better than the 1960’s South Korea but still we are still a long way behind the aims that we have in our mind.
Today South Korea has an overall trade of $18 billion USD with India which bilateral investments range to around $4 billion USD and around more than 450 Korean companies are completely well established in India. South Korea is now a champion in manufacturing industry. With world famous companies like Samsung, Hyundai and LG electronics it is hardly behind any other nation in terms of its manufacturing capability and as Mr. Modi wishes to transform India into a manufacturing hub, he can surely take assistance from South Korea. Moreover as South Korea has more than 85% of its total investments, in the manufacturing sector in India, this fact can be heavily exploited in order to help India see the success of “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign…. South Korea is also a master in vocation training and skill development programs and hence can be a great source of mentor for India which has just started out on this venture in order to produce a well-qualified workforce in the nation.
The other thing is “Digital India” program. South Korea can help our this program too immensely. Today South Korea is a completely tech-savvy nation with around 97% people having broadband connections and also having world’s highest number of internet subscribers and hence this nation can amount very significantly in filliping India’s “Digital India” program sans any doubt.

Mr. Modi’s third plan of smart cities can also find South Korea as a reliable partner because Songdo, world’s first smart city is in South Korea only. South Korea’s rich experience in maintenance and construction of smart cities can be certainly of huge benefit for India.

All in all we can’t find a better partner than South Korea if we want to move up and transform India into a vibrant country. Today we just need to focus on our ties with this wonderful nation and work for the best.


Sino-Indian relationship...

Though national as well as international media has hyped Mr. Modi’s China visit very much but still in reality, it is an incontrovertible fact that there still exist many grave and impending issues on which both the nations are at loggerheads.

Mr. Modi’s recent visit to China, though expected to mark a new commencement in the Sino-Indian issues but still the bitter and exposed truth is that both the nations lack the much needed thing i.e. trust between each other and hence with such a low and diminished level of reliability between the nations lucidly signal out a weak base of the relationship between the two nations. In his own speech Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi clearly said that the lacunae of trust in between the two nations has held both the nations back from begetting a new beginning to rejuvenate and revive the Sino-Indian relationship. Various issues like that of Line of Actual Control (LAC), Tibet issues etc. still continue to mar the relationship between the two superpowers of the world.

In the decade of 1960s during which trust between both the nations was completely shattered, things were pretty different. China was no better than India. In fact in the year 1964 China had an overall GDP of 59 billion USD and India was not pretty much behind with a GDP of 57 billion USD but things started changing from 1967 when India’s GDP plunged to 51 billion USD and Chinese GDP shooted over to 79 billion USD and now according to current statistics China has an overall GDP of 9.24 trillion USD and India has a GDP of 1.877 trillion USD. China is now a superpower of the world and even India’s best friend Russia has started drifting towards China just like the rest of the world. With world’s greatest manufacturing industry as well as many other various factors, today China boasts of being a strong as well as well established nation while on the other hand India still needs to move a long way. Hence, understanding gap between the two nations can strictly hamper the progress of both the nations. If we continue to practice the old school thought of just managing things for name sake and leaving the disastrous topics to be dealt by the future generations, it would be nearly impossible for both the neighbors to succeed.

Today, the trust deficit between both the nations continue to act as the most prominent barriers hindering the success of Sino-Indian relationship and this was also evident from Indian Prime Minister’s speech in China in which he clearly said that the two nations can never move ahead with hatred in hearts against each other. The truth is that both India and China need each other. India is the biggest market for Chinese manufacturing industry in the whole world and hence China’s collapse is inevitable if India is not there while India too depends of China for various crucial things and hence as both the nations depend on each other so much, the trust deficit must be stifle reduced and lowered down to prevent the downfall of both the two emerging powers of the world.

Today India and China need to move ahead. Rather than just praising each other in media, we need to feel the same way in our heart too and then only a strict and effective change can be infused in the overall system in order to renovate the laggard relationship between the two nations.

Either we do it today or it will not happen at all. Today the choice lies in our hand. Both the nations need each other extensively and moreover the two share boundaries with each other. Therefore just snubbing the reality is not an option and now something must be done.



Friday, 24 April 2015

MOVE ON.....

Sometimes its better to let things go,

Rather than crying in vain,

Sometimes its better to move one,

Rather than moaning in pain,

Sometimes we must learn to let go,

Sometimes we must learn to live alone,

And accept that something which we have always loved has gone,

Sometimes its better to not peep in the past,

Sometimes its better to tell yourself that opportunities are still vast,

We all must one day lose everything with which we have been rewarded,

Tell yourself that it was nothing but that day of yours,

Sometimes to live happy in life,

We need to let go of thing that made our problems nil from rife,

Sometimes its better to cry out once rather lamenting day and night,

I know its hard but just try to stop your inner fight,

Just believe in God, he must have done it right,

Life has not ended without it,

Stop crying and living in bits,

When one door closes, many more open up,

Whatever is good for you must one day wear you up,

Just wait for the day when you get what you deserved,

Just hope and one day your life will be revered,

So move on today if you think it is right,

One day you will surely win that consciousness' fight....


Friday, 10 April 2015

Pakistan's true colour.

Pakistan has again shown its true colors to the world. On one hand, it shows its pseudo-penchant and alacrity to end terrorism around the world and on the other hand it has released one of the masterminds behind the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

Pakistan has indeed never wanted to put a halt of terrorism and has in actuality used it as an instrument of its policy. After being crushed to victory and being abashed in the world due to its vexing things, Pakistan could find solace in nothing except terrorism and hence it resorted to giving full support and assistance to terrorism in order to hurt other nations especially India. Today the whole Pakistani army is in itself nothing but a camp of terrorists, its intelligence agency ISI holds relation with the terrorist groups in Pakistan and even the whole government is afraid of being routed up if its speaks anything against the terror groups out there. After such things, we can very well fathom the actual condition of Pakistan. Pakistan is currently a safe haven for terrorists and this thing can be easily proved from the recent incident of bail of 26/11 mastermind Lakhvi.
Though there are complete and ample proofs against Lakhvi, in not only 26/11 Mumbar terror attacks but also in many other bombings but still Pakistani courts let this terrorist out quoting that the court lacked sufficient proofs to prove Lakhvi guilty.

Actually terrorism is rampant around the world just because of nations like Pakistan. When the whole world is afflicted with the terrorism named pest, Pakistan is using it as a measure to terrorize its neighbors. In fact, even Pakistan has not been able to come out unwounded. Recent Peshawar attack on an army school and many other bombings there prove the things, but still this nation wants to promote terrorism. Isn't this disgusting!! Despite of being wounded so many times, this nation still wants to use terrorism just as a measure to give pain to India. There are so many proofs today, that Pakistan in running terrorists camps to prepare terrorists against India, there are so many evidences that almost all of the terrorists attacks taking place in India are hatched out on the land of Pakistan but still Pakistan is using terrorism in order to terrorize India and amusingly after so many things, it comes back and complains that India is the one which doesn’t want to move further on issues through diplomatic talk. Isn't this something utterly unacceptable!

Today when the whole world is bearing pain afflicted by terrorism and on the other hand there are nations like Pakistan which are busy in promoting nasty things like Pakistan. Pakistan should be ashamed on itself and must stop using this detestable activity as an instrument of policy.



Thursday, 9 April 2015

Why is India lagging behind others??

Science is in itself a miracle. The thing that can create everything out of nothing and can make anything assimilate in nothing. It’s a marvelous thing that can transform anything from rags to riches, make a mother talk to his sitting miles away from her, make people sitting abroad see their families. But actually science is a creation of innovation, innovation comes when provided a stimulus and India gives everything to the budding generation except stimulus, thus killing their innovation, no innovation leaders to no invention at all and hence we still export brilliant students, scientists and doctors but lack them here in our country.

According to 2011-12 statistics, there is much to moan and lament about the condition of science in India. The United States of America and South Korea invested 2.76% and 4.04% of their GDP respectively in their R&D industry as compared to 0.88% spent on the R&D by India. If we look at purchasing power parity too, we lagged behind the world superpowers with whom we compare ourselves regularly. India invested $36.2 Billion whereas China, the United States and South Korea had invested $205.4 billion, $429.1 billion and $58.4 billion respectively in their scientific researches, and the results too are in front of us. Previously the US dominated the world's science, but its share of publication of scientific articles dropped from 26% to 21%. China's share rose from 4.4% to 10.2%. The UK's share declined from 7.1% to 6.5% of the world's papers.
Projecting beyond 2011, the Royal Society said that the landscape would change "dramatically". "China has already overtaken the UK as the second leading producer of research publications, but some time before 2020 it is expected to surpass the US.
Today one of the biggest problems with India is that we have failed at managing our money. In things like science, where investment is a must we focused least while on some petty issues we just disburse out a deluge of money. Even after so many years of independence we people are importing outdated American, French and Russian military equipments, machines, medicines etc. and amusingly these nations have even stopped using the artilleries which we are importing. Such an appalling condition is there with our nation and still we aim at being a super power in the world. If we take a glance at all the superpowers of the world, then actually they all are product of nothing but their scientific advancements.

Today we need to make a clear choice, whether we just want to build castles in the air or are we actually determined and tenacious to become a major world power. Today is the time to think.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Jai Ma Bharti

Monday, 6 April 2015

Degrading environment...

Today, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated a two day conference on environmental issues in Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi and during his speech there, he certainly gave an outright message to the whole world that rather than finding the problems with the system, we should rather focus on solving the ones which exist. “That is because the world is looking at peripheral issues. I have always said the root of the problem lies in changing our lifestyles, in moving away from consumerism. A higher degree of consumerism brings with it greater exploitation of nature. Till we focus on our lifestyles, we will not be able to deal with the problem effectively, despite our best efforts”, Mr. Modi added.
Actually the problem that has devastated the whole of mother earth is of attitude of people regarding the situation that we are facing. If we look on to the past statistics (of ancient India), then we would certainly observe that the problems which we are facing today like global warming, ozone layer depletion etc. never ever existed at that time. There are basically two reasons behind all the notorious transformation through which mother earth has undergone during past 100 years or so.

The first and foremost reason is of attitude. Though most of the activist groups do quote that people are not aware of the situation or about the current condition of but actually the problem lies in attitude, because even those who are well aware of the situation still make no efforts in order to assist mother earth out of the trouble in which it is in and that too just due to we people. If we look on the statistics around the world then disappointingly only 1% of Chinese people today breathe air that is considered “good” by the standards of European Union and from this figure we can surely infer the condition of the world currently. Previously we never encountered such problems because of the attitude only. Our forefathers considered mother earth as even more crucial than any other thing, even Gods and hence they worshipped earth more than anything thereby things like degradation of soil and deforestation but today the attitude of people is just nasty and they consider earth as nothing except something that must be destroyed and nothing else must be done to it and hence today humanity stands on the verge of biggest disaster that is day by day becoming inevitable.

The next thing is of technology. Today advancement and technology are the trademark of this century and flagship of mankind, but somebody has said it correctly that nothing is constant except change. Though we have surely changed, but change has not been complete. We changed things but we never found a substitute to them. We changed ourselves in terms of technology but never thought about environment and how to upgrade it too. We changed but not for good or you can say it has been a suicidal change and surely we need to change, change not for change’s sake but change to endure.

Today we stand on the verge of the greatest disaster the whole humanity has ever seen and hence if we can’t change today then we can’t do it any other time. So just digest this inconvenient truth that now is the time to undergo overhauling.



Saturday, 4 April 2015

India's lagging school education system...

Recently  I wrote about why higher education system in India is turning day by day into a fiasco, but if we look at all the aspects then the school’s education system is in a no better situation.
India’s school education system is currently one of the worst in the whole world where students are not taught to dream or experiment but actually are taught to become a rote machine and just feed all the data of their textbooks in their mind.
There are many reasons why the Indian school education system is one of the worst education systems of the world.
Let me give you an example. Currently JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) Advanced is one of the toughest entrance tests in the whole world to get admission in an engineering institute and every year more than a million students take the test. But the main problem is that nowadays, it has become a must to take coachings for the test because in our school system the level of difficulty is almost nil while JEE Advanced is, as I mentioned, one of the toughest engineering entrance tests around the world. Today, that’s why so many coaching institutes have become famous and rich too. These institutes demand lakhs for just around one year of coaching and poor students are just not able to get coaching from these coaching institutes and thereby our school system which never endeavors to induce hard topics, calculations etc. in its syllabus is completely responsible for such deplorable condition of those students who can’t afford to pay for the coaching classes.
The next thing that is eating up whole of the system is of the lack of “good and qualified” teachers. Today India has a lot of teachers but pretty less good teachers. In fact qualified science and mathematics teachers are hard to be found all over the country. The private schools out there don’t want teachers who are good at teaching but rather have a penchant for teachers who demand less salary. Due to such scoundrel practices, the future of thousands of students is destroyed every year. It is actually a teacher who can either make you or break you, and these people just for money are ready to break and tarnish the bright future of thousands of children who are just demanding nothing except education.
Such practices are just annihilating our education system day by day and if things continue like this only then eventually, our lagging education system might be one of the biggest causes behind the downfall of this great nation. Isn’t it embarrassing that once we had Takshila University which was world’s biggest centre of learning and now we are in such a pathos condition.
 Today its high time when we realize that compromising with education is nothing short of compromising with the future of the nation and hence today we need to stand up against our poor and ineligible education system.