Thursday, 24 July 2014

Is cricket eating our heritage???

As the Glasgow 2014 Common Wealth Games start up, there is hardly any fervour seen in India related to world’s second biggest all in one sports gala after the Olympics. Notwithstanding having various exceptional players, expected to bag medals in these CWG, a large proportion of the populations seems to be hardly aware of the fact that any such even is being organized in the world and that India is taking part in it and this clearly reveals the true condition of sports as well as that of sports players in India.
India has been a country of cricketers. Hardly has there been any game other than cricket which is played in all the parts of the nation with enthusiasm and zeal. Cricket has reached to such a depth in Indian sports that today Indians have forgotten their national game, which is in fact hockey not cricket. Great games like football and tennis, remain confined to only some states West Bengal, Goa and Kerala while significant sports like hockey hardly hold on to any significance in the real India and that’s the main reason why we continue to show up a very bad tally of medals in Olympics. Till now a nation of 2.137 billion has been able to grab only 26 medals which are not far more than the tally of 22 medals of the American swimmer Michael Phelps. With this all the sports in the nation continue to bear the brunt of the apathy of the whole nation. Sports like football, hockey etc. continue to suffer and lot and sports players much than the sports themselves and that’s the reason why today parents don’t want to make their children sports players thus overall producing a generation which is either good in Cricket or at nothing else thus marking the doom of all the other sports in the nation.
Today Indian sports continue to be at their nadir. Today the Indian hockey which accounts for 11 medals out of the 26 Olympic medals continues to experience its worst period in the history of the game. Today the players of our national sports are even such a financial state that they can’t even afford to buy hockey kits for themselves while on the other hand, cricket players continue to ear crores from IPLs, T20s, ODIs etc.

 The condition of athletic in India also continues to be pitiable. This great nation doesn’t even have more than ten to twenty athletes who have made any significance at the international level. In sports like swimming and diving, India continues to be a failure while in sports like sprinting etc. Indian athletes are not even able to qualify to participate at the Olympic levels while on the other hand small nations like Kenya and Jamaica continue to produce world class record holders.

If we talk about tennis then there has been no player which has been able to win the Wimbledon cup in singles. No player except Leander Paes has been able to grab up a medal at the Olympics. Today India continues to perform a poor show in grand slams, having no great player currently who can make his presence felt at the international level tennis competitions.

Lets now move on to the world’s greatest sports i.e football. It would not be a wrong act to proclaim India as an underperformer in the football world. Indian national football team has a ranking of 151 in the FIFA list which is even lower than that of nations like Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Despite of having a pool of wonderful players in the states of West Bengal, Kerala and Goa, the nation has not been able to completely exploit its talent to the hilt because of reluctance by the authorities to take the game forward.

Today the condition of sports in India is so much disgusting that even one medal at Olympics comes as an unexpected serendipitous gift for the nation. We continue to be counted among the worst performers at the international gala but we continue to forget it all up and engage ourselves into the matches of cricket. Today so many exceptional players are there, but just because of no scope of different games in India, these players have to do pitiable works day and night in order to make both ends meet. This ultimately demoralizes other budding sports talent who want to play games other than cricket thus forming a cloud of despair over other games.

Today we need to revise our spots strategy and need to incentivize other sports too in order to entice the new talents to come up rather than remaining hidden doing unworthy works or the future of Indian sports will be lost forever.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

History repeating.(USA and Russia)

Recently a great catastrophe struck the whole world as the flight MH17 was dashed down into bits and pieces due to an inhumane act by some horrifying people. As the MH17 was gunned down, 289 benign souls were made to leave this world. Those who were dreaming of a good future were made to get the whole of their life devastated. Those who dreamt of moving ahead were ravaged completely. The Boeing 777-200ER airliner went down debilitated near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine at a distance of about 40km from the Ukraine-Russia border, slaying down all of the passengers just due to international animosity arising out of the Crimea issue.

The Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was scheduled international passenger flight flying from Amsterdam to Kaula Lampur that crashed on 17 July near the Ukraine-Russia border. The calamity that struck the travellers was in itself a huge shock to the whole world, but now the results which are going to ensue this incident can be much more horrifying.

To understand the profoundness of the matters that just took place, we need to plunge back in time, to know about the Crimean disaster. The Crimean crisis which recently came into the limelight involved Russia and Ukraine over the control of Crimean Peninsula until its annexation by the Russia. This move of Russia was unwelcomed by various powerful heavyweights of the world like United States of America, France and Germany and then these nations decries Russia for intimidating Ukraine and forcefully annexing Crimea which was actually a part of Ukraine while on the other side Russia remained stern on its position and thrived on its stance by citing the result of the Crimean referendum in which people residing in the Crimean region were asked to vote in a referendum on whether they wanted to join Russia or if they wanted to restore Crimea’s status as a part of Ukraine. In the referendum 96.77% of the voters voted in favour of assimilation of Crimea in Russia. Russia officially recognized the results of the Crimean referendum and claims that unilateral Kosovo declaration of independence has set a precedent, which allows secession of Crimea from Ukraine. Such parallels are disputed by Western scholars, however.
 Russia put, in its favour, this argument against the condemnation of countries like Germany, United States and France and European Union. While later thirteen members of the United Nations Security Council voted against the referendum quoting it invalid and Russia vetoed it.

After than EU, USA, UK etc. came ahead to snap various embargoes on Russia citing the problem with Russia on the Crimean issue but the Russia refuted to abandon its stance and therefore continued to take Crimea as a part of Russia. This suddenly led to the polarisation of the whole of the world into two half just like the condition of cold war. One side of the world which has some contention issues with the Unites States accumulated in the side of Russia and the rest went to the Unites States. Again the issue went silent on the international forum as EU imports many things from Russia and didn’t want to break up from Russia snapping up the supply of various commodities.
Till now the tensions had not even been abated and yet another problem arose in front of the world. The recent airliner crash! Now the US and its allies are blaming Russia, calling it culprit of the recent crash while Russia says that the Ukraine government needs to take up the responsibility of the attack as it took place over the territory of Ukraine.

At this time, when all of the nations in the conflict are equipped with nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction, neither USA nor Russia would want to enter into a state of cold war but tensions can definitely trigger between the two old enemies. USA wants to minimize Russian influence on previous USSR nations and nations neighbouring Russia while on the other hand Russia wants to regain its influence on various neighbouring nation and when the beliefs of these two world powers collide, something bad can happen at any point of time.

Therefore the world today needs to be careful about the results that can follow the current problems rising between Unites States and Russia  and hence something needs to be done on the matter. Today various international organisations like UN should intervene in the matter in order to help the countries make a settlement rather than condemning one another.

Hope that the peace will be maintained and nothing bad like Cold War would once again shroud the whole world.



Monday, 21 July 2014

Indian future jeopardised.

The new budget which came as a respite in a major way for all the India had far more delighting things than were expected. Contemporarily it is not a covert fact that India is treading behind many other developing nations in terms of science and according to some new reports published, India notwithstanding carrying a population of 2.137 Billion invests much less in science than needed and ultimately all such thins ultimately amalgamate together to constrain the real talent of the nation from being unleashed.

But as the new budget was announced, the new Finance Minister of India, it seemed that Mr. Arun Jaitely, truly comprehended the gravity of this issues and therefore the Finance Minister also rolled out plans to erect five IITs and IIMs and four AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Vidarbha and Purvanchal regions.

Although without scepticism, it seems truly correct that the current laggard situation of our medical research would have goaded Mr. Jaitely up to announce the decision of opening four more AIIMS, but what’s needed more is to learn from our past failures first rather than going on committing the same mistakes in the future. Though Mr. Jaitley’s decision is heartily welcomed by me and probably by whole of the nation but the new government should also go one to learn from the previous fiascos due to which we continue to be beaten up behind.

AIIMS continue to be India’s most prestigious medical hospital and college which is attributed of conduction the best medical operations and researches all over the nation with the best faculty of doctors and specialists and the thing holds true till a large extent. AIIMS came up in the year 1956, with an initial endowment from New Zealand of a million US dollars. At that time AIIMS was just a tentative experiment and nobody was sure of its future but today resplendently, AIIMS treats 10,000 satisfied patients everyday thus becoming country’s lifeline hospital which operates the rich as well as the poor with the same precision and care. But there is also a truth behind the real image of India’s this marvellous institution.

Today AIIMS continue to be engulfed by various problems. Some of them are here.

The first problem continues to be of the whole nation. Lacks of doctors predominantly scares the whole of AIIMS. Today AIIMS is operating on just two-third of its required strength falling short of more than 200 doctors. According to some recent reports on the AIIMS College, around 53% of the graduates from AIIMS immigrate to various other developed nations in order to practise medicine. This problem arises due to, lack of incentives to doctors, lack of funds for research, lack of proper instruments in order to treat the patients and poor working conditions. All these problems sum up in order to be converted in the problem of brain drain which leads to loss of huge talent pool of the whole nation.

The other thing is that the previous governments completely overlooked the real need in order to reform this crucial institution which works nor only to save the life of people but also to save the hopes of hundreds of others associated with the patient. Paucity of beds at AIIMS continues to horrify thousands of patients from around the country who come to be treated at AIIMS. According to one estimate, more than 7000 people visit AIIMS OPDs everyday but even AIIMS reception counter is not able to hold such a large capacity of people, what about the beds in the hospital. Many patients continue to be there in open hoping for the attention of the life giver doctor.

One more thing that continues to jeopardise a bright future of AIIMS is the pay and working conditions at this institution. It takes more than five years in order to get an MBBS degree and even longer in order to become a specialist in a particular field. After spending around a decade of their life focussing on become a good doctor, the graduates also want to be reciprocated for their struggle and hard work that they had put in their studies but at the end they get a minimal salary of Rs. 51,600 a month. Today engineers earn more than lakhs per month which doctors who gave away so many years of their life in order to achieve the dream of their life get such a minimal amount which doesn’t even let them make both ends meet and at last these doctors are forced to settle in some other country. Imagine that your parents spent a large portion of their salary in order to arrange coaching for you to clear the medical test, then they spent a lion’s share of their salary in order to get you enrolled in a medical college, then they spent money for over a decade in order to let you complete your medical studies and at last when you earn such a less amount of money then, it just hurts everyone and therefore our doctors go on to move to countries like United States where medical profession is much more revered than in India.

According to some statistics in the year 2020, India would need an additional workforce of more than 4 lakh doctors and around fifty thousand new medical centres in order to successfully treat a large portion of the nation’s population, but according to the current circumstances it seems that it’s pretty difficult to reach upto the target, but we can surely help ourselves out of the problem if we pay heed to these problems plaguing our system for such a long period of time. If such problems like lack of incentive to doctors, poor working conditions etc. continue to hover over our medical workforce then a lot of people would be made to lose their life just due to our negligence and inability in tackling the problem and therefore a lot needs to be done.



Sunday, 20 July 2014


Recently the whole of India witnessed two huge celebrations back to back with humongous fervour and zeal. First one was the Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup and the second one was the BRICS summit, in Brazil’s Fortaleza. Although the football aficionados were not quite happy with the result of the coveted FIFA World Cup as Indians’ two most favoured teams Brazil and Argentina could not grab the chance to hold the world cup trophy but this season gave the nation yet another surprise, the surprise of the relishing success of the BRICS summit 2014, Brazil that just carved out history with golden world and gave the world a signal that the BRICS houses world’s upcoming leaders in every field.

This 6th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) can be declared as the best of all its previous versions concluded. Despite of being haunted by the situation of dead lock when nations like China continuously refute to change their stance, this summit was marked by the alacrity of the members of the summit to help each other move forwards and to provide a helping hand in the development of the whole planet. The BRICS forum which was till now considered just as a talking forum transmuted its reputation around the whole in this 6th summit after the announcement of decisions to erect New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA).
BRICS nation account for almost half of the world’s population but still was not able to take up desired results due to the reluctance of its members to expedite the work of upliftment of this vital summit but now as the gravity of different members towards the group aggravated, the summit has not started retaining enormous importance and the blooming results which were rolled out were the fruition of the tenacity being shown by the members of the group in this 6th summit.

The group discussed and pondered many issues of world security, United Nation, conflicts between its members and the talks this time produced marvellous and unprecedented results. One of the most prominent of them is the decision to set up New Development Bank. Although the proposal was there, pending in front of the BRICS nation, but this time no stone was unturned in making this dream come true and finally the BRICS group reached the consensus. Compromise on the size of capital was also reached. $50 billion are to be tentatively allocated to the bank and subsequently the money would be doubled up to $100 billion and Shanghai was chosen as the bank’s location. The bank will help the developing economies in infrastructural and development projects and will help needy countries to cope with the liquidity pressure.

After so many futile summits which resulted in no major breakthroughs, finally the BRICS summit has commenced evolving into a major world powerhouse and the proclamation of new decisions marks the will to mull over various issues with constructive help to each other.

This is the first time in the BRICS summit when the vision of the elite group remains clear. This time this world’s powerhouse seems to be taking a real initiative to effect an overhaul completely transforming the image of the BRICS group which was till now considered to be just like a group which convened to waste each other’s time making no significant decision but now after such stern decision by these BRICS nation, the probability of BRICS turning into a major world powerhouse has incremented by manifold proving the whole of the BRICS a robust support base to grow up and metamorphose itself into a reputed institution.

This is also a very good omen for the new BJP government at the Centre and I believe that Mr Narendra Modi deserves his credit also in representing India at this important world forum.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

We can't choose our neighbours.

Recently a survey was conducted by Pew Research Centre, in around 44 countries in order to know the perception of people of one country towards the people of the other countries and the results which came out lucidly expound all the ins and outs of the Indian relationship with the other countries.
According to the results, around 50% of the Indians watch in Unites States of America, their country’s biggest ally which on the other hand 29% denizens of India deem Russia as a dependable ally and around 26% Indians think that Japan is a reliable nation. And in a pretty well manner about 70 per cent of Bangladeshis polled approve of India. Some other countries with favourable approval rating for India are Japan (63%), Vietnam (57%) and the US (55%). So far the results were pretty good and optimistic. India according to the results mentioned by me so far seems to carry a very robust and wonderful reputation around the world.

But let’s now move geographically closer to our borders. Moving closer in proximity to our neighbours we come to exhume a very grave truth. Almost 72 per cent Indians believe that border disputes with China could lead to a military conflict, according to a new survey. While a majority of Indians (62 per cent) see Pakistan as a big threat. While nations like China and Pakistan also carry with them a very bad perspective towards our motherland India. 70% Chinese hold a not-so-favourable attitude towards India while a humongous number of people (87%) of the Pakistanis view India as a constant threat.
Today the most momentous problem that India faces is of its neighbour. What continues to prove to be a fetter in the overall growth of the nation is just the problem that India is having with its neighbours. Our greatest strategic failure in the whole of the nation’s history from independence to hitherto, is our inability to successfully manage our neighbours.

Pakistan, today continues to pose serious problems with issues like border conflicts and terrorism, on the other hand China has never been at peace with India. Due to neglect, reluctance and bad judgements made by the previous leaders of the nation, China has never been a friendly neighbour for the nation. On the extreme south if we move to Sri Lanka, contemporarily Sri Lanka is also at odds with the whole nation due to various issues. India’s procrastination to solve the Tamil matter with Sri Lanka has also contributed to this serious problem. Moving to the east, India is also not having a good relationship with Bangladesh. Despite of receiving a good answer from Bangladeshis in the above mentioned survey, India still continues to have many problems with the nation of Bangladesh which need to be mooted and discussed but due to delaying of many matters from our own side, we continue to face such problems.

According to Gilbert K. Chesterton, “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbour”. The quote seems to hold true in almost all of the cases regarding India. The root cause of all the problems and grudges that our neighbours continue to hold towards us is our own reluctance in dealing with our partners and also bad decisions made in the past. For example India has never had a good relationship with China because of a stint of careless decisions being made our predecessors during the war of 1962, and the two nations still continue to bear the harsh consequences of what happened so many years ago. With nations like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, we on ourselves have never commenced a constructive initiative in order to advance further. We continue to increment our problems with these nations rather than trying to cut the problems off. We still have not reached a consensus with Sri Lanka on the issue of Tamils and have never made substantial efforts in checking the terrorism and water issues with the nation of Bangladesh. Our, such kind of approach continues to mar the perception that others hold toward us.

It’s now high time that we mend our business with our neighbours because, we can choose our friend; we can choose our enemy but not our next door neighbour.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Earn more to spend more.

Recently, budget which was to make sure the smooth functioning of the new government was tabled in the parliament. Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India and Mr. Arun Jaitely, moved into the parliament with the burden of fulfilling their promises to India and with the budget which was going to anticipate the condition of the nation in this upcoming year. The thumping victory also added much pressure and load on the backs of the duo, but fortunately both Mr. Modi and Mr. Jaitley handled the pressure well, making this budget an affordable budget for the whole of India when fiscal deficit continues to ride high at 4.8% of the total GDP being valued at $88 Billion.

But one thing that needs to be continued is that here in India supply is less and with soaring population the demand is very much high. Today the number of consumers in India have outshined number of producers of various commodities and this phenomenon has paved the root of many evils like inflation, price rise etc. which ultimately shrouds the whole nation in despair. This problem only continues to be the root of various problems which appear out to impede the overall progress of the nation and mars all the achievements achieved by the nation.

The expenditure now has been hiked up from the total availability of funds due to the increasing number of consumers and this leads to increment in the nation’s fiscal deficit which then creates numerous problems and ultimately accumulating a humongous pile of problems.
So the big question here is what needs to be done? India is presently not in a situation to cut its expenditures. The subsidies in various sectors that the government has been providing cannot be rolled back immediately. Sincerely speaking, the nation still continues to have a large number of its population below poverty line and therefore removing subsidies can be a bed of thorns for the government and therefore something else should be done. 

Something else that needs to be done is raising the income. If you can’t cut on expenditures then simply raise the income and that’s what the contemporary government needs to do. Today rather than focussing on abating subsidies the government should rather ponder on improving the business conditions in the nation. Foreign investment and business is one of the most enticing income generating ways. The business doing procedures continue to be the harshest in the whole world. Red tapes corruption etc. tarnish the overall capability of the Indian soil and that’s why today many companies are shifting their destinations from India to countries like China and Brazil and this continues to be a big problem for the whole nation and this ultimately leads to a huge loss of overall money in the possession of the government and now if the new government really wants to ameliorate the condition of India then the government should definitely do something about reducing the red tapes and improving the business doing ease in India.



Thursday, 10 July 2014

The best is yet to come.

Germany and India have been bonding under a mutually beneficial relationship for a very long time. Both the nations share a very harmonious and wonderfully great relationship which definitely needs to be taken up ahead.
Now as Mr Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of the nation, is supposed to portray amicability and sophistication towards India’s current partners, Germany can be a great spot for Mr. Modi. Due to lack of attention being provided in the past by the previous government, the exemplary pace at which the relationship between the two countries was progress forwards was unfortunately slowed down but now with the new government in centre, which has already started it’s international campaign, it is now expected that Mr. Modi will leave no stone unturned in consoling one of the best friends India has ever had in its history, for good.

Germany for a very long has been a resplendent partner of India in many operations around the world. For machines to military both India and Germany have helped each other a lot and this is pellucid from the profound relationship that both the countries share. Even today, Germany continues to be of great help to India and vice versa. There are many marvellous achievements that both the nations have secured and I believe that the best is yet to come.    

The bilateral relationship between the two countries has achieved a lot in the past. The beautiful relationship that these two countries, Republic of India and Federal Republic of Germany share is truly prepossessing, envy for nations around the world. To understand the deepness and proximity in the feelings of both the nations, we need to jump back to the time of World War II. India was the first nation to end war against Germany and for better, unlike all the other nations, India waived all of its rights to give punishment to Germany and asking for compensation and this led to the foundation of the Indo-German relationships. From then on India became trade partner to the East Germany and West Germany and was one the staunchest supporters of the unification of Berlin in the year 1990 and from the saga of the beautifully crafted relationship between both the great countries with rich civilization and heritage continues.

Contemporarily Germany continues to be biggest trading partner of India in the whole of Europe. Germany is currently the eighth largest foreign investor in India and during the period 2000-2012 it’s FDI totalled 5.2 Billion USD comprising of 3% of the total FDI of whole of the nation. Germany is also a prominent supporter of India in various other fields too.  Germany contributed much to the development in the erection of IIT, Madras after governments of both the nation signed a treaty to help each other advance further in the field of science and technology.  Germany also continues to be the 5th largest trade partner of India. In the year 2010, the trade volume between the two countries scaled up to 30 billion. Both the countries also enjoy huge cooperation from each other in engineering, telecommunication, food processing, pharmaceuticals and environment technology. Currently Germany and India both, are helping each other in fighting against terrorism and Germany has also supported India’s waiver from Nuclear Suppliers Group to trade nuclear materials and energy.  In 2008, the Indian Navy and the German Navy conducted joint exercises for the first time, following a defence co-operation agreement between the two nations signed in 2006.  India has so far launched seven German satellites into Polar orbits since 1999.

All this shows the depth of the relationship between the two countries and also expresses the need to move ahead taking this relationship forward with great power and prowess and now I can expect that Mr. Modi can do it all for better.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Jai Ma Bharti