Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Crony Capitalism-A poison

Contemporarily, one of the toughest problems which Modi government has encountered is of “crony capitalism”. Crony capitalism continues to confront the Modi government and has been an uneasy hurdle in the way of the success of Indian economy.

Today India faces a very deadly and illegitimate combination of politics combined with business which continues to eat up most of the progress of Indian economy. This collusion between the politics of the nation with some big corporates houses of the country is conducive to complete domination of the whole of Indian market by some old players leading to in-toto death of entrepreneurship and innovation.

After India got independence, many of the famous businessmen of that time had previously worked as freedom fighters but on gaining independence and opening their respective industries, these people parted away from the government and the government too didn’t feel it requisite to erect a cozy relationship with them. But soon this layout of the relations of Government and corporate houses changes its course, leading to complete overhaul of the government policies. When Rajiv Gandhi came to power in the year 1984, the relationship between the government and private enterprises made a transition. The liberalization agenda of Rajiv Gandhi demanded a fillip from the corporate houses and in order to do that Rajiv Gandhi reduced the distance between corporate houses and government thereby increasing proximity between the two leading to crony capitalism.

After the demise of Rajiv Gandhi, though the new relationship continued but with slower pace and halved interest. But the history repeated itself again, when UPA-1 rose to power and made a redux of the time of Rajiv Gandhi, again renovating the relationship between the government and business houses and this led to the formation of a complete labyrinthine of crony capitalism and thereby begetting an epoch of depreciation of Indian economy.

The crony capitalism has led to complete monopoly of only some businesses over the whole of Indian economy. Some big corporate houses, took cover of whole of the Indian market finally leading to completely suppression of the new enterprises and thereby becoming the cause of decline of innovations and new competitors in the Indian market.

Now the Modi government surely needs to take some stiff steps in order to restrain this crony capitalism.

The first thing that the government needs to do is to go beyond the famous companies like top 100 etc. in order to promote competition in the market and the birth of some new companies. If the government sticks to this principle rather than always choosing the same players, surely huge changes can be inculcated in the system.

Second thing is to promote FDI in export industries. This step could lead to entry of some new players in the field and can surely give rise to a healthy competition putting a full stop to the monopoly of only a few power corporate houses and giving birth to new blood and technology in the field.

The third thing is to promote the ease of doing business. India is currently considered one of the worst place to do business and this leads to the burial of many companies which have not even been founded. The red tapes in the procedures to get clearances for various projects, industries etc. eventually kill the alacrity of the companies to start their project here, again giving the reins to the previously entrenched companies, again leading to the transfer of power back to the same hands.

Crony Capitalism has long been a venom for the whole nation, which has always lead to demise of entrepreneurship and innovation thereby abating the growth of the Indian economy.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014


You crave for what you never got,

And what God gifted you, you never found that hot,

Its our tendency to run behind a lucrative thing,

But as time goes by we throw our passion for that in the bin,

Everything in this world has a unique importance,

Everything around you has a great sense and essence,

But you are always crazy about that,

Which you have never got,

We do it with everything in life,

What ever it may be,

When you finally realize you love, passion,

When you replenish your obsession,

We take that thing for which we were once ready to die,

As simply unworthy and satisfying,

But go and ask those, who have not even got a bit,

Of what you have been rewarded with,

But surely a day will come,

When everything will be gone,

You would be left unsatiated,

You life would become eluded,

Then you would cry,

Then you would shout,

You would curse yourself,

You would miss that time,

And say, "Oh! God, why is not that mine",

But unfortunately life necessarily, not always gives a second chance,

That thing would go to someone else sans having any glance,

At you.

Therefore I say,

Wait for a moment,

Before making a success plan for a new achievement,

First secure what you have got,

Love what you have, a lot,

Because everything you have got is in itself, hot.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Modi wave still breathing.

Yet again, Mr. Narendra Modi has shown all his antagonists that, still now there is a tsunami waiting for them to be drowned. Just as the Lok Sabha elections were over, everybody although reluctantly conceded that yes they sank into the Modi wave, but just after some days, when BJP lost in some by polls of states, some said that Modi wave is lost but yet again Mr. Modi has shown them the way.

With the outcomes of the assembly elections of Maharashtra and Haryana, people have again exhibited their humongous desire for a change in the Congress regime which was in plenitude with scams and with this Mr. Narendra Modi has also enhanced the horizons of his mission of India without Congress.
For a long time, people have been pitching their voices for a change in their government which have been clad in the shroud of scams and notorious acts and the inability of the previous governments of the state of Haryana and Maharashtra in fulfilling their promises towards the citizens of the states was also a major factor which made people raise their voice their votes to show the people in the government that they are indeed the servants of the people and if they think of deceiving them, they are surely going to be at a loss.

In Haryana, BJP smashed all its previous records. BJP ameliorated itself with a +43 margin, reaching on top of the ladder as the single largest party with complete majority in hand. The transition of people from others to BJP happened due a lot of reasons. First of all, the government in Haryana was engulfed with allegation of scams and many other cases including the case of Robert Vadra and accusations made on him by Ashok Khemka. All this summed up to change the mood of people and at last we all know the consequence. People voted for a change, a transformation from a corruption bounded state to a full-fledged developed state with technology and advancement. Mr. Narendra Modi also played a key role in the victory of BJP with his splendid rallies gathering a huge support base for the BJP in order to boost the morale of the workers and with all this combined with the tireless effort of the workers of the party, BJP clinched a clear cut victory, trumping others back.
The next state which observed a resounding victory for the BJP was Maharashtra. In Maharashtra the faults of the Congress-NCP government combined with the charisma of BJP and at last the votes fell into the basket of BJP. The Adarsh scam which even resulted in the resignation of Ashok Chavan, former CM of Maharashtra proved to be a poison for the Congress party again and led to complete devastation of the party in the state.

One more reason behind BJP’s getting a lion’s share in the vote share of the state is the business friendly personality of the Prime Minister of India. Just after getting so many investment offers from Japan, China and especially United States of America, and also improving upon the foreign policies of the country especially with neighbors which need excessive investment from India, Modi has been able to woo the business families of the state and Mumbai being the financial capital of the country, voted in plethora for the BJP which has been able to establish itself as a pro-development party and this image credited votes to the account of BJP.

All this proves that Modi wave or NaMonia is still alive and the desire among the people to change is also humongous which has led to the flowing of votes to BJP and at last BJP won it all.


Saturday, 18 October 2014


If people deem you insane behind your passion,

If they consider, "nugatory" your obsession,

You are on the right path,

When you leave the flock,

When your ship sets sail and leaves the dock,

Other might throw stones in jealousy and pain,

But at last only those who have the courage to leave the shore, win the game,

Others might never want you to succeed,

They would never want you to leave their breed,

Being genius for them is a sin,

If you try to pursue your aim,

They would try to sabotage your game,

First even the God tries to get you barred,

The lord himself would try to get your respect marred,

Some might call you haughty,

The others proud and unworthy,

The invective may flow in deluge,

But keep in mind your aim is also very humongous and huge,

Never be fearful of such circumstances,

A stone fearful of hammer's beating,

Might never be able to mould itself according to a sculptor's feeling,

If you think about such people,

You might never be able to scramble up the ladder,

If you believe you can,

You can surely put a dent in the universe, then,

Start believing you talent and hard work,

It might take some beating, lots of pains and sacrifice,

But the success always feels nice,

One day they might realize that you are born to win,

They will then discard their prospects against you in the bin,

The rising son will be worshipped,

Your name, fame and everything will be relished,

But never ever stop in between,

If you do, you will go on to commit a sin,

Annihilate your vices and ameliorate your virtues,

One day you might rise up to rule.

Become a paradigm for others to follow,

To get a caravan, first you need to walk solo.


Friday, 17 October 2014


Today a great day was observed around the day. A day to reinforce the need for a poverty-free planet, the day to again commemorate the principles against poverty which we need to take forward, today on 17-october-2014, International Day for Eradication of Poverty with the theme “Leave no one behind- think, decide and act together against extreme poverty.” The 2014 theme of the day clearly underscored the need as well as the exigency to help the upliftment of impoverished people from extreme poverty condition and to induce them in the actual world by allocating them requisite and basic facilities.

The international day for eradication of poverty was celebrated for the first time in the year 1993. In 1993, this day was deputed was the United Nations as a day to encourage people to help the paupers and destitute countries around the map of the world and to accouter them with the basic things that are indeed the right of every human being. This year too, the commemoration was done in the United Nations, New York in partnership with the International Movement ATD fourth world, the NGO Sub-committee for the Eradication of Poverty and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, supported by the Missions of France and Burkina Faso to the UN. 

Poverty is surely a reprehensible thing around the world, which leads to the slaying down of expectations, emotions, feelings and even the desire to live, of millions of people around the world. It would not be a wrong thing to quote here that poverty is actually a mass slaughterer which every year mows down million. 

The World Bank states that those living on less than $1.25 (per person) are stricken by extreme poverty and surprisingly more than a sixth of the world’s population doesn't even earn this much money per day. More than 1.4 billion of the world’s population live under this poverty line and this shows how much we need to work today.

In nations of African continent the situation of much worse. With no potable water supply and harsh diseases like AIDS and Ebola conditions of such nations have been exacerbated. With such a low income, people can’t even earn a three times meal for themselves and can hardly ever think of living even one day of their life peacefully.

On one side we have stepped on the Mars, but just like the other face of the coin, we also have people who would consider their life heaven if they just get two times meals for just one day. Though we have covered a long way, in around three decades we have helped uplifting around 15% of the world’s population out of poverty, and this surely is a great achievement. But rather than limiting or restraining ourselves, we should focus on a greater role. We should have a dream to bring about a day, where everyone would have perfect basic facilities, good education and poverty would be something primitive in this world. With advancements in technologies, we can surely cover a long distance, by helping the paupers out and to give every citizen of the world a good place to live because on this planet earth everyone has right for equitable distribution of resources and also the right to live.



Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hudhud-Devastating lives

India, just recently felt the tremors of a disastrous calamity once again which jolted the whole nation in grief and pain. The cyclone Hudhud made the whole of Vishakhapatnam slip into pain and devastation summing up to cause a huge loss of property, land and lives.

Vizag has always been known as a city of destiny. After coming out of the annihilating effects of 2004 tsunami and the 1977 cyclone, the city has again been forced in the shackles of devastation. The cyclone Hudhud, completely ruptured the city’s electricity supply, also stopping the functioning of its airport an unfortunately also the stoppage of its steel industry.

More than 22 lakh people in the city had to face the humongously scaring effects of the Hudhud disaster thereby sending the denizens of the port city to complete darkness, with no electricity at homes and working area thereby forcing all to live like primitive humans. Even till Wednesday, only 5000 households were accommodated with the electricity supply.

One more inauspicious thing is that Visakhapatnam’s most important steel plant giving occupations and livelihood to thousands of the citizens of the city has been closed and there is no probability of its opening in the near four to six months. The whole of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant is in complete ravages. Main reason behind such condition is that when the disaster struck the area, the blast furnaces were operating at full blast and just as the cyclone hit and electricity was snapped the steel was left in the furnaces only, and now it is next to impossible to extract the steel out of it. The closing of the steel plant has not only led to destruction of steel but also of the livelihood of so many people who have been dependent on the plant for such a long time for all of their money, thereby also hiking the danger of complete loss of occupation of many people.

The airport facility of this important city has also been disturbed due to damages sustained by the Visakhapatnam airport. The airport authorities have said nothing about the reopening of the airports after the required renovation but have signaled that restoration of airport will surely take some time due to the heavy damages incurred.

One more hapless thing that took place was the demise of more than 20 people in the cyclone which shook the whole nation. According to the government records, the death toll reached around 24 in the Andhra Pradesh coast.

This is surely a time for pain for the whole nation but now we need to stand united to support each other in this difficult time. I am really sad to see such a huge ruin of property and lives and my condolences go to the family of bereaved and I would like to assure them that the whole nation stands with them in this difficult hour.



Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Look for light,

Even if you are counting the last breath of your life,

Complacency and solipsism may be rife,

Troubles would be numerous and high,

But never stop looking for light,

Everyone might leave you,

People might hate you,

Problems might hate you,

Problems might abate you,

But you need to move on,

At times hate and defeat would shroud,

You would be engulfed by haughtiness' cloud,

But keep in your heart,

No success is success without touching the highest bar,

If you ever stop in between,

Be ready to live with,

A humongous stigma and scar,

Never stop even when darkness prevails,

You can be the one to light the knowledge's grail,

Just be different from the world,

At first, the world might hate,

But calm down and wait,

Compel others to acknowledge that you are great,

Even in the harshest adversities of life,

Never stop trying,

Try to trek the success' mountain even one inch high,

Keep in mind never shirk,

Be the best in your field and work.