Friday, 28 November 2014

Side-effects of media.

Its is said that the fourth pillar of democracy is “Media” and there is no skepticism at all that media plays a vital role in making people aware of the what’s happening in and around the world.

But as the aphorism says, “With great power, come great responsibility”  I believe that now media needs to understand it pretty well for a better future of the nation.

The first and foremost things that I would like to point out is that sometimes media coverage on terrorist attacks etc. done to increase the TRP have affected the nation pretty drastically. During the 26/11 attack media person were showing each and every aspect of the Taj Hotel and other places of assaults by terrorists, and the terrorists were able to see the reports of deployment of army, arrival of NSGs etc. and due to this the victims incurred huge loss, leading to a void in their life, which can never be filled again. Due to such excessive coverage, many lives were gone; many people were mowed down by merciless terrorists. Therefore I believe that now the government needs to take a stiff step against all such actions in order to stop the demonizing of this fourth pillar of democracy.
The other thing is that today, in Indian news industry, the custom of debates has taken up huge speed. Every singly news channel organizes debates on various topics (mostly political) and this in itself violated the basic fundamental principle of Media. The media is required to notify people about things not to impose its views of people. Debates on news channels are partial and discriminatory, some parties don’t even get a chance to speak on television and hence no debate is in itself complete. The second thing is that dog-cat fight between people in debates is nowadays used to increase the viewership of the media channels, such debates are also completely useless too. For eg. Recently in a new debate, I saw a Congress’ spokesperson accusing BJP of being a hypocrite by trying to fix a meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and even condemned Mr. Modi for the same, when the next day no meeting took place, the same spokesperson said that Modi is doing it all wrong, SAARC can see no progress without Pakistan. Will such things be used to make people aware of the current events? I don’t think so. The last but not the lease thing in this respect is that today the news anchors also try to overpower the people from other parties. They start giving their own opinions and sum up with the same and hence the conclusion of the debate is also pretty discriminatory.

The next thing is many a times such debates lead to leaking of our internal policies to the outer world. For example, the government, till now has not said anything about the 40 Indian workers who were stranded in Iraq but yesterday a news channel aired a report that they have been killed. Can such moron acts be condoned for such a respected institution? Such detrimental things cast a huge shadow of vulnerability on our government’s policies and thinking and therefore such things must be banned.

Excessive use of anything is bad. Today the government of India, needs to make stiff plans and rules to limit the power of this important institution or it will wreak havoc on the nation itself.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Its an unwritten rule of life,

That whatever is born,

Must always die,

Whatever goes up,

Must always come down,

Whoever takes the flight,

Will one day come to the ground,

In this life time is limited; make haste,

Whatever you do for selfish means is in itself a waste,

Nothing in this world has ever lasted,

On everyone death has been casted,

To set up an example,

Even almighty lords left the land,

Even their incarnations had to leave humanity’s hand,

Avarice and greed are therefore bound to be dumped into the sand,

Therefore two things matter in life,

Your aims and virtues,

The goals you pursue,

Living life is living for others,

If life is fugacious,

Isn't it sagacious,

To give what you have to those who need,

Who are less privileged and less potent indeed,

You cannot take away your money and abode,

When you die and meet lord,

No matter how much rich you have been,

No matter how many good times you has seen,

If you don’t live your life for others,

In humanity’s clan you will be like an oblivious brother,

But even if you are a pauper,

But still if your acts are upright and proper,

The humanity might feel a void when you go,

When you die everyone around will bow,

Rather than dying accumulating wealth,

Maintain yourself and your health,

Do good unto others,

Share happiness and joy,

Life’s true synonym is “To enjoy”.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

India and US-Renewed friendship

Just as new government sprang to power six months back, lots of things were destined to change and one of them is the whole of the course of action of Indian foreign policy.

After been freed from the shackles of British rule, the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru never got the nation assigned any side in the cold war but it was also not a hidden fact that India was a robust and stringent ally of USSR and afterwards Russia took the place of USSR in India’s foreign policy heart. Due to such proclivity of Pt. Nehru, USA was itself distance away from us and on the other hand some diplomatic failures of Pt. Nehru with former United States of America’s President John F. Kennedy deteriorated the further possibilities of better diplomatic relationships between the two nations. JFK even went ahead to describe his meeting with Nehru as the worst diplomatic meeting he had ever attained. Such things marred the relationships of both the nation while rapidly became cold and were left uncared for the upcoming 67 years.
But someone has rightly said that there is nothing permanent except change. Today Russia’s crisis with western heavyweights is day by day making it weak and due to the reluctance of its own Prime Minister and the world leaders to discuss the issues of Ukraine etc. the relationship between them has most probably reached a stalemate and the main thing is Russia is not USSR. India bonded with USSR for a mutually beneficial relationship and following our principles we still today share a mutually beneficial relationship with Russia. But in the advanced 21st century we can also not let our relationship with the United States go into the ditch.

US from the very beginning has been a world superpower exceeding all other nations in terms of everything, economy, military etc. But both the nations were never able to work with each other owning to the differences that were created before in the starting of post-independence area. But today I believe we can’t sit around and continue to watch others proceed further. Today India and America need each other excessively and as times have changed, India is also one of the world’s most remarkable nations, US must respect this relation too.

Mr. Modi’s decision to invite Mr. Obama as the Chief guest of the Republic day function must be lauded. Through Republic day function’s meetings surely, leaders from both the countries would get time to take their dialogue process further and the friendship between the leaders of the two nation which is a result of Modi’s previous visit to the United States can also add up to the virtues of these relations.

India and US can help each other humongously. India possesses what US years for and vice versa and if these two nations strike a perfect balance then no world power can ever hinder their progress.
The first thing is that recently Mr. Modi has launched the “Make in India” campaign which needs both workforce and investment. Today companies in United States have an excess of capital but a lack of workforce and space to carry out their function and India is certainly today the best place where all their requirements can be easily filled. Thereby ease of doing business is also being promoted in the nation which adds up to more accessibility of Indian soil to foreign companies and US recently had promised a $40 billion investment in India. The prospects of the two countries helping each other are amazing and can surely be wonderful.

The other thing is education sector. Today a large proportion of Indian students has been there in United States pursuing various studies and courses in world famous universities, if the relationship between both the nation strengthens then United States can surely make some crucial agreements with India in the education sector.
Talking about defence, today India is having one of the world’s biggest army and US is having world’s most advanced army, if these things combine with each other we would make world’s strongest army and I believe through mutual cooperation this is possible and if that happens then both the nations can surely help the world advance further.

Talking about science NASA of USA is world’s biggest space research organization, the first to send humans to moon but now India’s ISRO has also shocked the whole world with its exemplary Mangalyaan. If there is a better understanding between the two nations, the space agencies of both the countries can add up more to the scientific horizons of the two nations.

Today India and US need each other splendidly in all the facets of work, what we need is a just a better understanding between the two nations and I believe that can be possible in the coming future.



Monday, 24 November 2014


No matter how many things are gone,

But you always need to move on,

Heartaches, pains may be prevalent,

In deluge may come malady and ailment,

In the course of being successful thousands of things may come or go,

But you have to subjugate them and make them bow,

No matter how much are you alone,

But you have to move on,

Time gone might never come back,

If you waste it, charm may sack,

You from its proprietors,

World will never count you among great creators,

But from the time you take your aim,

And go on to finish the game,

Things want happen to you,

Which may make you curious to pursue,

Your heart may be shattered,

Your life may be battered,

You may lose the loved ones,

But no matter how much you bemoan,

A day will come when you will be made to move on,

I ask you to move one not because I don’t want you to love or enjoy,

But because I want you to enjoy life’s greatest joy,

You need to hang on by fingernails,

To achieve success you have to set the daring sail,

So whenever you are in dilemma,

Imagine yourself becoming what you wanted,

Will that joy be greater than this,

What will give you more bliss?

Believe me heart never lies.



Sunday, 23 November 2014

Elections in Jharkhand

The next state going to elections after Jammu and Kashmir if the state of Jharkhand.

With 82 assembly seats, the future course of the state lies in the hands of the denizens of the state. Parties to watch out for in the election is Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party.

Congress has a huge chance of being discarded away too in the upcoming elections of the state while on the other hand BJP and JMM share a tough competition, in which BJP is most like to win the election through the Modi wave.

But rather than discussing the winner of the state’s election I would like to discuss here some key issues which need to be taken into the notice of the people before voting.

The first and foremost thing is the Maoist activities in the state. The state of Jharkhand has been a grave victim of the terrorist activities for such a long time. Heavy attacks and bombardments have shaken the whole state’s belief in democracy and government completely. Every year, thousands of police officers are mowed down, many village men are abducted and high ranking officers are killed by these Maoists. Another major issue is Maoist abducting the young boys in the villages in order to recruit them to their army. All such things have exacerbated the situation aggrandizing the fear in the minds of people. Even when people go out to vote in the ballot, they are engulfed by the fear of Maoists who always threaten to stop the elections and of killing those who go to vote in the same. Despite of being world’s biggest democracy, India is facing such heart rending problem in the state which threatens to annihilate the whole of the democratic processes in the state hence the people of the state must keep in mind what the parties contesting the elections can actually do to check this problem and then only they should vote for the contesting parties.

One more issue which needs to be discussed with utter meticulousness in the economic progress of the state. The state has been receiving vitriolic criticism over the current standards of poverty in the state. Despite of having highly flourished cities like Jamshedpur, Bokaro and Dhanbad, about 40% of the state’s population fall below poverty line and more than half of the children below the age of three are badly malnourished. Due to tumultuous governments, Naxalism and inequitable distribution of resources, exploitation of tribesmen has led to huge destruction of the state and also into an increased population of poor people. This problem must be seriously dealt with in order to check the suffering of the people of the state.

The other thing is about the tribal groups in the state. The state of Jharkhand has a huge population of tribesmen but for a very long time, these people are being exploited for the vested interests of the governments and some scoundrels around there. Every party contesting elections talk at length about giving security, education and jobs to them but when it comes to doing the actual task, nobody wants to answer at all.

This time the state’s citizens need to vote for their self-respect, progress and well-being, the time has come when people reign the state rather than letting the politicians rule the same and I believe the denizens of the state would do it rightly.



Saturday, 22 November 2014

J&K: The battleground.

Just as the polls come up in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand, parties are leaving no stone unturned in move ahead to clinch victory in the states. These elections surely mean a lot to every party contesting the election. For BJP, winning these states could mean it holds a lion’s share of people’s confidence while on the other hand Congress and other regional parties would fight for their mere existence.

In this blog I would discuss about the election ground of Jammu and Kashmir which has always been a heated debate for the whole nation.

J&K is not an ordinary state like other states of our nation. Its government and its land is accredited with special powers and the state has its own rules limiting the power of central government in the state. Geographically too, this is one of the most significant state in India’s foreign affairs with its boundaries connected with Pakistan which continuously threatens the state’s sovereignty.
Winning in this election, can only mean to be a matter for existence for regional parties and INC but still states means a lot much to BJP.

During recent times Pakistan has been breaking the ceasefire agreement, leading to firing from Pakistani side in the state which has terrified the people of the state. Moreover, intrusion of terrorists from the Pakistani side has also led to many blasts and attacks on the state’s security and now the people of the state have become completely fed up of such things and have left ever hope of ever observing a redux. The main task of the BJP here would be to control the terrorist activities in the state and to discuss the issue of state with Pakistan and being in center can also help the government’s plan of action.

The next thing would be of Kashmiri Pandits. These are the real inhibitors of the land of Kashmir but due to unworthy and merciless policies of previous governments they were ousted from their own place. During the election campaign PM. Narendra Modi promised to rehabilitate them into the state, now if BJP gets a government in state too, then it would be very much easy to execute this plan.
The other thing is the prevalent riots in the state. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir there is always a situation of riots and fights and as the previous governments were complete inefficient in putting a halt to all such things in state.

One more thing is the separatists and those who want the assimilation of Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. As Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, no individual must be allowed to do anything that denigrates its integrity.

One more important thing is the curse of article 370 which prevents the state from being absorbed into the mainstream India. This article has led to huge problems in the state but other political parties just for their political gains; don’t want to get it discarded. BJP can surely work for this.

Hope that the right party for the state clinch the victory the state of Kashmir prosper.



Friday, 21 November 2014

Why Swacch Bharat mission can fail?

Sanitation and cleanliness are surely a society’s greatest priority. These are indeed the things that define a civilization. Even Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, averred that sanitation and cleanliness are even more crucial than a society’s independence and its individuals’ privacy.

Keeping all these things in mind and pondering over the current dismal standards of sanitation in the whole nation, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi launched the “Swacch Bharat Mission” aimed at cleaning the whole nation and spreading awareness among people and stimulating others not to make their nation a filthy place. Swacch Bharat mission till now has garnered a lot of support and galvanized people into action. Many big politicians including our own Prime Minister went to various places cleaning the garbage or filth themselves; many big sports players and film stars came on street to do the same and to create awareness among the campaign.
But still the chances of the success of this campaign remain dramatically low. Though the campaign in itself has become a big name with school children, office employees etc. participating in the same but despite of this fact the program still needs to evolve a lot to fit to Indian standards.

One of the main reasons behind a probable failure of this campaign is encroachment. In today’s era, if you go to grassroot level and visit colonies or districts (even of big metropolitan areas) you could see that more than half of the area of the lane has been encroached by cars parked illegally. This leads to complete malfunction of the traffic there and the encroachment also leads to inefficaciousness in sanitation of the area, thereby making the lives of people there much more difficult.

The other thing is the reluctance of grass root level leaders to effect a change. When the campaign was started, MLAs, MPs rushed to their constituencies to make one or two arrangements in order to impress the government and the people but today, just as the popularity of the program is going down, these people are also shifting back to their previous disposition. These authorities are reluctant to make arrangements in their own area in order to institute complete cleanliness of the area.

One more thing to be noticed is the lax given by sanitation authorities to check the sanitation of the area. Workers here are much more indifferent towards filth and anything, and don’t even come on regular basis, the authorities show an attitude of complete apathy to all things, exaggerating the condition. Recently I visited a park and saw a small garbage bin. Just as I saw it, I also saw some waste dumped just adjacent to it and thought how much stupid are those people who did it, if our own PM can go and clean an area, can’t they people contribute that much; but just as I moved ahead out of the shades of trees, I noticed that the whole bin was replenished in garbage and that’s why those people had put their garbage there so that workers could easily take it out. This surely signifies two things. One that there is remarkable lax in the sanitation department and its workers and second is that people really want to change.

Some people really want to change and through these people the whole nation can be changed, we just need to put in our best efforts.