Monday, 26 September 2016


Many a times life takes different turns. There are moments when you goal appears impossible to be attained and you are lost in the maze of the world. It happens that so many times we just can't recount our path and we fall into the ditch of gloominess, despair and an ultimate sense of failure. These things certainly allocate us with an inexplicable impatience. We just want to stand up and change things but unfortunately, it's like we have been caught with shackles in our legs. Life seems completely worthless since you can't envisage the future and the present is of no good either. 

Actually, these moments appear in every person's life. When you are trying to change things the way they have been gifted to you, when you are trying to move up your surrounding since the people around don't match up your visions; life tries to push us back. Every action you do would follow a negative reaction from life since life is ultimately a formidable test. If life would have always given a positive reaction, each and every person around you would have been successful and there would have been no need to do anything. Remember, when the aeroplane takes off, it has to defeat the winds, the air drag that's trying to put it down to the ground, but the greats have their destinations in new heights, the aeroplane doesn't stop. The same is the case with you contemporarily. You are trying to achieve things which people around you can't even think about. You are being derided and belittled just because you visions are more than their capabilities. If you put a restraint on yourself not to get out of the ditch, one day you would end up being like them, but if you choose to gather all your courage and make a perennial change, one day they would end up working for you. It depends on you whether you want to become a man of limited vision just like them or whether you want to make it large. Remember, the difference between these things is just a small inch. The once who accumulated the strength to take the stride ahead of the small inch would emerge victorious while those who are not brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and take that step would continue to remain, where they are.  


Saturday, 24 September 2016

A soldier's soul.

You went away leaving us bereft,

Till your last breath, you portrayed uttermost deft,

When we were all sleeping with serenity on our countenance,

Till the last blink of your eye,

You held the enemies of motherland discountenanced,

Though I know that the pain,

The pain the struck you hard, was immense,

But I know when the question was of motherland,

For you "Impossible" and "hard" made no sense,

Though your body is not extant,

But I promise you,

That your courage, bravery and audacity can never be latent,

With tears in my eye,

I bade adieu to you all,

With a wish in my mind,

That reincarnation must take place of such pious souls,

What you did for motherland can never be compared to any other feat,

The vision you had, came from an extraordinary breed, 

The posterity will recount what you gave,

We shall never forget, how many lives you saved.


Friday, 23 September 2016


As the American elections are approaching fast near to the deadline, both the president nominees Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are soon to face one of the biggest troubles regarding matters pertinent to their vision for the United States. The contemporarily most vital topic in the United States is that of the Asian region. With an enormously rapid transition of the whole of the Asia to bigger a bigger economically, militarily and technologically empowered region, world powers like the United States can never overlook to debate over the issue of maintaining peace in this strategically advanced region.

Currently the biggest bone of contention in the Asian region is unskeptically the Kashmir issue. After the attainment of independence a lion's share of Kashmir merged up with India while some of the area was illegitimately encroached by Pakistan known as Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) and since then Kashmir has always been a tough issue for India, Pakistan and superpowers around the world. 

There is no denying in the fact that Pakistan is indeed a terrorist nation. The recent Uri attacks on Indian army base as well as Nawaz Sharif's addressing of Burhan Wani, the self-proclaimed terrorist who was killed by Indian forces a few months back, itself portray that whole of the Pakistan's government is involved in all the cross-border terrorist activities. Actually, it all started primarly after the Kargil war. Pakistan's former dictator Parvez Musharraf has himself said on record that since Pakistan has always been incapable of waging and winning a direct war against India, it recruited terrorist organizations which abetted Pakistan in Kargil's war and since then terrorism has become Pakistan's sole instrument of policy in dealing with India. As Pakistan can not afford to be a part of direct fall-out or war with India, it started engendering terrorist organisations in order to attack India from within. Osama Bin-Laden's presence in Abbottabad too confirmed the fact leaving no suspicion behind. In Pakistan terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and Massod Azhar, who are truly stigmas on humanity and Islam, are treated with great respect by Pakistan's miliatry as well as intelligence service because Pakistan's whole structure of foreign policy is actually decided by such people. 
Pakistan's intervention in Kasmir has always been a headache for our nation. It has been conducting various terrorist operation around the Kashmir valley, continuously fuelling the tensions around the region by taking advantage of Kashmiri youths. 

As a matter of fact, nations like Pakistan are a threat to the whole world. Not only India but other nations like Afghanistan. too are the victims of Pakistan's malpractices and terrorist activites. And now is the time for the US presidential nominees to open their cards. Though the whole world is now aware of Pakistan's corrupt and uncordonable behaviour but still just snubbing off Pakistan is not of much help since this terrorist state now demands a wide scale action against it. Pakistan's continued terrorist activities have been a concern for the whole India since issues regarding Pakistan involve two hotspots of the asian regions i.e. India and Afghanistan and both the regions are of great significance to the United States. Today even Pakistan's own regions are not happy with Paksitan's administration. Recent reports of the atrocities conducted by Pakistan in the regions of Balochistan and the PoK clearly signify how this barbarically nation is functioning. Moreover, its continuous installment of terrorist camps around the PoK and Line of Control (LoC) has added fuel to the fire by escalating the problems of the common people residing in the nations of PoK who are now being continuously harassed by these terrorist organisations. 

Today is the time to give a crushing reply to the terrorist state of Pakistan and both the president nominees can never dispense with the issue of Pakistan. Firstly, because its a major world issue concerning the strategically crucial Asian regions involving India, Afghanistan and Pakistan directily and nations like China indirectly and hence this issue stands as a much need one to be addressed by the US president nominees and secondly the Indian diaspora too has been really hurt over the gruesome acts continuously conducted by this terrorist state and hence today is the need to address this issue of global concern since this can be a gamechanger in the upcoming US elections. 

Now, we have to see what the future US president has, to contribute to the world peace and extirpate the global terrorist states like Pakistan.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016


The peace in me has gone a wrong way out,
I walk around in despair's shroud,
I want to scream out loud,
But unfortunately,
The pharynx has lost its courage,
All that is left is a silent rage,
I don't condemn the world for being too rash,
For sailors can't rebuke the water that comes to splash,
So, it's my own blunder that I took the world for honesty,
All that the world didn't carry was nothing but chastity,
The silent noises inside me can find no noise,
Maybe my soul has lost its voice,
Though I have the feathers to fly around,
But since the courage has passed away,
I know I will be dashed to the ground,
But still there exists something that asks me to stand up again,
There exists a spirit that says,
Nothing was made in vain,
Maybe the spirit is in-toto right,
Or is it by dying soul's final rite.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The traveler in you

Life may hurl you to many sides,
Sometimes, there could be invincible strides,
When the problems around are rife,
And you don’t know how to strive,
Take your bike and go on a ride,
When the passion in you becomes latent,
When the looser in you becomes blatant,
 When you think you will fail,
No matter how much you try,
Take your bike and go on a ride,
Seeing the world can expound an enigma,
When on ride, nobody can talk about your weakness or stigma,
From the wonderful meadows on the forest side,
To the rising of a new sunshine,
You only have to
Take your bike and go on a ride,
Go ahead and fall in the lap of nature,
From Kerala’s beauty to Himalayan glaciers,
The beauty of Taj will get you heart melt,
Nowhere can be found, the creatures of the Western Ghats belt,
Go in the east and spend some days in Gujarat,
 When done with the fields of Kucch,
Go to the cities of south,
    Where a new Silicon Valley is playing another bout,
Don’t forget to visit the Kashmir down the map,
     Do go to Chintapalli Mandal, to take a nap,
How can you forget to come back to north?
You cannot dispense with Rajasthan’s forts,
Bihar’s countryside will introduce to a countryside,
Go to the seven sisters engulfed in Lord Buddha’s pride,
Endless is the beauty of India, the nature’s bride,
But still
Take your bike and go on a ride,


Thursday, 15 September 2016


Just lately the Russian authorities have come up with an unprecedented plan to induce UNIVERSITY 3.0 round their national universities in order to make them more competitive. Developed by Russia’s National Technology Initiative, the UNIVERSITY 3.0 is going to open to doors of a new entrepreneurship in the education system also in order to take up the Russian educational institutes to a whole new level globally. The report has analyzed some of the problems with the Russian education system and found out that since the Russian system has seen research and education as two different facets of working, the system has perished a lot and hence today is the need for the Russians to come up with an approach to merge both the things to come up with a more sophisticated system.

Till the time of the disintegration of USSR, Russians were at the helm of world’s education system. Their Moscow Physics Olympiads were an envy for the students around the world and moreover their huge scientific and research community bolstered their scientific education system too, taking up everything to a whole new level. In the Cold war too, Russian education system filliped up to its maximum extent. The need to encounter US space programs and also to establish its worldly dominance in the scientific fields led to increment in the nation’s education base but unfortunately the disintegration of USSR finally led to the downfall of a system which was once the best and one of its kind.
Though Russian system is not at all that good but still it fares much better than Indian education system. Indian education system till the high school level was adopted directly from the Russian one (going according to the exact level of questions as well as same curriculum in science subjects) but unfortunately the think-tanks of the nation could not comprehend that India at that time was not at all USSR and this ultimately lead to piling of one of the worst education systems around the world in a country which once hosted Takshshila Univesity, the first ever university in the world. Indian education system has failed till now due to various reasons.

1. Lack of teachers is the predominant reason behind the failure of our education system, to a very large extent. Qualified teachers are not at all available since school only care about spending less money and hence don’t want to afford good teachers and talking about colleges, reservation has safely placed teachers in the system who themselves need to be taught about their own subject. Various annual reports regarding the “illiteracy” of our teachers continue to come up from all corners of the nation and due to this fact only, the nation has actually lost faith in its education system.

2. Lack of research has also left no stone unturned in extirpating our education system. Our central universities too, don’t focus on any research for students, what to say about our schools. And it is very easy to envisage what would come out of a system that offers no research capabilities. Our central universities have now just become a home for politics in which teachers as well as students are busy in their own frenzy of jumping into the politics arena and nobody is thinking about what would happen to the students who really want to study and research. Now only IITs remain as the lone colleges which guarantee a better research foundation but unluckily, even there, problems like brain drain continue to haunt the nation and we continue to lose up on important assets of the nation.

3. The third thing is the lack of entrepreneurship in the university and school section. Today our government schools and universities are facing such a dearth of funds that they can’t construct even small buildings. Though in most of the places this is due to the rampant corruption on the part of the authorities but in some cases, the government is actually falling short of allocating funds to various educational institutes. Hence, it is surely better to opt for an entrepreneurship model. This would lead to inflow of more investment as well as a kibosh on the various authorities. If entrepreneurs take up the education system, then first of all it would fillip up a sense of entrepreneurship and business round the nation, second the budding entrepreneurs would be able to run the education system with a more progressive view as well as with more efficacy and above all corruption would itself be left out since the entrepreneurs investing in this field would never let the authorities to swindle the money out.

The contemporary education system is truly a stigma on the whole nation and this fact can be verified actually by all the students studying in the nation currently. Today we need to bring about an everlasting change or a country with the highest working age population would be annihilated despite of having the best resources available.



Sunday, 11 September 2016


Today has been a day of infamy. Today is the day when more than two thousands mothers saw their children for the very last time, today is the day when more than two thousands dads patted their sons last time, today is the day when more than thousands wives hugged their spouse for the last time. The September 11 attacks were not only an assault over the world’s oldest democracy but were in actuality a deadly ambush over all the cosmopolitans of the world who believed in democratic principles, on all the citizens of the world who shared a common vision of emancipation of the common people. It was not only the world’s most powerful nation that was struck in the heart but indeed the whole world faced trembling tremors of what we call the actual day of infamy.
Terrorism has been the concern of the whole world for a long time now. Extremist groups raging war over the innocuous people in the name of religion not only defame the brotherhood between different countries but also their own community too. When one group of people are attacked for no fault, the destruction is certain for both sides and now with the increment in so many deadly attacks on the security of the world, destruction of so many nations around the globe has also not been unseen. Notwithstanding being brought up in a country where science pervades and technology prevails, even today there are people from some corners of the world preparing for war against peace and attacks on integrity of world and its serenity. Even today there exist nations who breach and dupe their own people in order to use terrorism as an instrument of policy against other nations which ultimately leads to huge losses on both sides. Every year millions of citizens of the world are slayed down and we all continue to behave as mute spectators but this can’t continue for long because no matter how much dark the tunnel is, one day the light would be perennial throughout. Today is the time, when the nations around the world realize that living in an epoch of cooperation renders us with the sense of onus to protect each other. Today the nations round the globe need to come together, honour those who support peace and punish those who support massacres. Today, the world needs to bind up together to forget the differences in religions to destroy the differences in thoughts. Today the young generation must curve out a world shining in peace and glittering with the rhythm of security and peace.
Terrorism can never be used as a way to encounter other nations because one day or the other it would backfire. Only the youth of the world can now come forward to link up and protect their motherland as well as the world. So, let us all, on this day of infamy, swear the fight the infamous terrorism leaving no stone unturned.